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Who's the better running back?



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Beanie was very exciting to watch, but Hyde is obviously much more durable.  I'll take durability any day.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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This is exactly why I picked Hyde. 
I would say at this point in Hyde's career it's fairly even between the two, but Hyde has proven more durable so I will go with him.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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Beanie was an awesome back and when healthy was dangerous, but Hyde runs with such anger and IMO reads blocks better and can find holes with pace. Also IMO, Hyde may be more athletic for his size than Beanie was (not a hit on Beanie at all).

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Beanie was pretty agile for a Big Man

ONE Not Done!

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An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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This might be the toughest 11W poll question I've answered yet.

Took a few moments, and voted El Guapo. Nothing against Beanie, he turned in some great performances as a Buckeye.

Hyde just runs fluid, violent and God help you if you're in his way. Have to acknowledge
his durability and receiving skills as well.

Tough question....#Buckeyeproblems

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I thought the Raising Canes question was the toughest.  There were two definite sides on the question (no pun intended) and people were taking the responses seriously.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Took me a few minutes to answer this one and i went with Bennie because with out Bennie we don't win the NC that year. But i looked at what Bennie could have been had he not listened to Jim Brown and his Mother and keep a level head.
Between the two of those feeding him with out great he was and pushing him to talking him into taking on the NFL rule was one of the main reasons for his down fall. I think had he stayed and played he would have been like another back i think would have matched Archie and won two Hiseman awards because they both had that kind of talent.
But that is all on both of them for thinking they were to good to stay and finish school and going for the payday to early and falling short well not so much Robert Smith because he did play for the Vikings. But i think had he stayed he would have had a bigger payday then he was getting.

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Ummmmmm what

Michigan Sucks!

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I don't think Maurice Clarett was a choice

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Ground control to MAJ Tom....

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I think Airbuck got a little too much air on that one!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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Houston, we have a problem......

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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What? That was a totally valid comparison between Bennie Wells and Carl Hyde.

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Guess this makes me kind of special to be the only person to get a down vote on this poll and my view points i had or someone as a hair up their ass about either Bennie or Robert Smith statement i make and i say oh well to you i say have a great day.

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B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets!

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ok, nothing against you, but your viewpoints are confusing. I DO know Beanie didn't win a National Championship, right? This has nothing to do with hairs or asses, just facts and people trying to figure out what the hell you're on about. Did you confuse Beanie with Mo Clarett, or...???

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One rule about downvotes is you don't talk about downvotes.
btw, didn't DV you. And people are probably getting on you because you confused MoC w/Beanie Wells.

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You can't say the rule is "don't talk about downvotes" and then say this...

btw, didn't DV you.

"Anything less than flagrant is just playing grab ass!"

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OSUFORLIFE? is that you?

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Airbuckeyes original post, then subsequent defense of that post are my favorites in a long time.
Bath salts, banana peels, whatever it impressed.

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If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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Great Question, I'll enjoy seeing the reasons for everyone's choice.  I choose Beanie, but I may have done so with an Akron bias. The knock against him was staying healthy, but when he was he was a beast. (as is El Guapo) Bottom line, I could probably make a case to support either choice. 

ONE Not Done!

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Oy. I was not expecting to think this hard this early in the morning.
Went with Beanie ultimately, and my reasoning was the offensive lines that each respective back played for. Not to take away from Hyde, but he has the luxury of a unit that is hand-down the strength of this team. Beanie ran behind a line that was coached by the Walrus and still punished teams. Knowing just how more effective the O-line is now, it gives me great respect for what the Akron Anvil did in his time in Columbus.
Both, however, are similar in how they just take over games. I love that both have a mentality of "Just give me the damn ball. I will pick up the tough yards we need."
Hov mentioned it above. #buckeyeproblems. We are spoiled.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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I voted for Beanie and came here to say this about the offensive line. To add, I think Beanie was also more exposive/had more break away speed. Images like this come to mind:


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I voted Beanie despite seeing both of these guys as very similar. Kinda blows my mind that El Guapo hasnt broken off a run of over 29 yards since 2011 because we know he has speed too...

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Wow, this is a much closer decision when I think about it then I thought it would be.
I went with Hyde.
Beanie was more explosive than Hyde. Both are strong, powerful runners. Both find the hole very well (Hyde is remarkably shifty).
I went with Hyde on duarabiliity. Beanie was out a lot. 

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At the end of his Buckeye career we will not hear Mr. Hyde say: "OSU fans never saw my best."
El Guapo isn't saving anything, he lays it all out there every Saturday when he smashes through defenses like the 235 pound rampaging beast that he is.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

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Clearly Beanie saved it all for Arizona.

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I went with El Guapo b/c he runs with a style that punishes defenders. He constantly moves the pile.

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I'm sure this is echoed by other posters above....but I chose Beanie. I looked at it from a "when healthy, who is/was better?" and I couldn't justify choosing Hyde. If the question was "which running back would you want on your team?" I would choose Hyde though.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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But isn't the ability to stay healthy, especially for a RB, one of the more important factors?

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I'm really shocked that the poll doesn't heavily favor Wells.  I wonder how much of it has to do with him struggling in the NFL.

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And also that Hyde is still playing right now. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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When I think of all the long TD runs from Wells, it has to be him. He had the speed to get to the house. Not knocking Carlos, the tackle breaking long TD runs just seldom happen as they did with Beanie. Wells played from the moment he arrived too. Carlos has had less time to shine which goes into the comparison as well. Love them both.

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Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised this weekend against the PSU kitties, hmm <foreshadowing>?

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

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This is like trying to pick between two children. Not much separates these two guys as far as ability in my opinion. However, since I could only pick one, I went with Wells. When I read the question the first thought that popped into my head was The Game 2006. Wells came in and had a huge impact as a freshman and put up solid numbers during his whole career. Only wish he would have stayed for 2009.

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Wow, this was a really good question.  I voted Hyde in the end though.  I think Beanie had as much talent as anyone but it was all small nagging injuries.   He was also unique because he was more of a finesse back at over 230 lbs but I loved his stiff arm.
I just love watching Carlos Hyde run the football.  He runs every single carry like he is mad at the world.  He has to be one of the most underrated players in the country.  We all know how good he is, but it just doesn't seem like he gets much media attention.  He will get a lot more as a starting RB in the NFL next year.

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I believe Beanie was the more talented back, but he is seemingly made of glass. El Guapo is a Mack truck.

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Definitely Wells.  Wells was a lock for the Heisman in 2008 before he got hurt.  He ran for almost 6 yards per carry during the 2 seasons he started, and despite his 3 missed games in 2008 he still went for over 1100 yards on the year.  Hyde doesn't have the same speed as Wells, either.  Every time Wells touched the ball, there was a threat he'd take it to the house.
I can't believe the vote is this close.  Seems a lot of people are either prisoners of the moment, or (and I hate agreeing with Hail2Victors) think he's not as good because he didn't have a great NFL career.

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Every time Hyde gets the ball somebody on the defense will have a near-death experience.


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I said Hyde because 1. He's almost always good for at least 4-5 yards. 2. You can run him 30 times and while he might be exhausted, he'll just keep trucking people.

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Carlos Hyde is more on the level of Antonio Pittman than Beanie in my opinion. (Pittman was mostly unheralded, but was an incredibly durable, consistent performer - ultimately drafted into the NFL in the 4th round.) Neither guy ever showed much ability to make a tackler miss, but was absolultely capable of running a lot of defenders over, and seem to relish the opportunity to deal out punishment on would be tacklers.
Beanie was a once or twice in a generation type talent who unfortunately has had some significant issues with injury over his career - like Greg Oden. He not only had size and strength to run a defender over, he also had break away speed. What puts him ahead of Hyde and Pittman in my book was his god given ability to make defenders miss (spin move, stiff arm, hurdle, etc.).
No contest. #Beanie
P.S. I love me some El Guapo. I predict he is a round 2-4 NFL pick and will have a solid career in an NFL environment where 2-3 RB's routinely sharing the load is the norm. He is not however an NFL ready "game changer" like an Adrian Peterson. Let's be real.

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Pittman was a very underrated back. He had a lot of power for a guy who was not a tall guy. It was a shame he did not catch on at the next level. In hindsight, he made a mistake leaving early. Yes, he was going to have Wells taking carries from him in 2007. I still believe, this is my personal opinion, Pittman was upset with the coaching staff for how they handled the running game in the national title game. Pittman was running well and got the Buckeyes within 7. The defense finally stop the Gators. Buckeyes get the ball back. Tressel calls 3 straight passes for a 3 and out. It was a big mistake by the coaching staff and I think it pissed off Pittman. 

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If Beanie had THIS offensive line... oh man. 

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I guess I must post this video AGAIN! for all you out there who say beanie was not as hard of a hitter as Hyde, was soft and couldn't run like Hyde. Beanie was by far the more talented running back, just sit back and watch it AGAIN!

but the question is who is the better running back, not who is the more talented running back. I chose Hyde because he does the one thing I think more teams should covet...he doesn't lose yards at all. If someone wants to show me a stat, how many plays has Hyde had a negative yard play on a run? A bad run for him is 1 yard positive! I loved Beanie and think he was something special but I can't ignore the injuries in this debate.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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Damn, Beanie was a beast.

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I picked Wells... but it wasn't an easy choice. Hyde is so much more durable than Beanie that he almost surpasses Wells IMO. Wells' athleticism is the differentiator though, for me. If I could physically design a running back Beanie Wells would be the prototype. 

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They are both BAD ASS!

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To those who knock Beanie's "durability" (which I take as criticism of his time at Ohio State, not to include his NFL career) I suggest you consult the official records kept by OSU and check yourselves. Beanie is #4 in OSU history for yards rushing (3,382) and carried the rock 585 times in his three year OSU career. Carlos by comparison has produced a fraction of Beanie's totals and has undergone far less punishment.
If one is being fair and honest, and measuring these two Buckeyes on the same scale (rather than holding one to mythical expectations) there is no contest.

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+1. Had the same basic idea in my post a few comments down. 

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Love the one you're with.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Beanie more talent, El Guapo more attitude and heart! Beanie delivered my 2nd favorite win vs scUM in the 14-3 beat down that left the scUM defense totally broken. Hyde has been the workhorse to carry the offense the last 2 years. I love them both but I would have loved to have seen what Beanie could have been like if he would have played for Urban.

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I haven't read the rest of the comments so this has probably already been covered but to me...
Beanie is/was more talented

Hyde more dependable

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Love Hyde and the player he's become, but I had to pick Beanie, and I'm not sure it's really that close. I think some are remembering Beanie being injured a lot just because he missed that USC game in 2008, and he has obviously struggled with injuries as a pro. He only missed 3 games in three years at OSU, all during that same stretch in 2008 (for comparisons sake, Hyde missed 2 games last year with an injury, so if you think about it in terms of injuries per carry, Beanie was actually more durable than Hyde). To me, Beanie was a more explosive runner than Hyde, and he was just as capable of running through someone. Rooting for El Guapo to break that 1,000 yard barrier this year though!

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Thank you - I completely agree about the durability issue.

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Hyde has the better nickname by a wide margin, but Wells could simply do things that Carlos cannot.  He had a rare combination of power, speed, vision, and elusiveness.  Love me some Guapo, but give me Beanie.

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I voted for Beanie only because I think he may have been a slightly more explosive runner. But Carlos is much more dependable (health-wise). One gripe I always heard about Beanie, was how after (seemingly) every play he waited for one of his teammates to come over and offer a hand to help him up. That said, there was no denying just how much of a beast he was. Beanie was such a great running back. Carlos Hyde is capable of the same level of beast-mode, maybe I voted for Beanie because there was more hype surrounding him.
Can I switch my vote? I don't know. They're both really high on my list of top OSU running backs. #BuckeyeProblems
EDIT: I watched this, and 2:53 is all I'm going to say.


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Love Hyde but this one to me is pretty easy: Beanie. Despite being injury plagued, Beanie was just a beast. The big difference for me between El Guapo & Beanie is that Beanie always had the ability to break one off for 75 yards. We have yet (key word: yet) to see that from Carlos.

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All I know is Beanie never got caught from behind, and that stiff arm...COTDAMNNN.

I would've sent a check but I already sealed up the envelope...

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This is a case of depending on when you ask this questions. Roles reversed and Beanie comes along a few years later and you ask it, different results. People have a short memory. They go with what is most immediately familiar. El Guapo is good, but I don't agree that he's better than Beanie. Beanie struggled with "turf toe" and such and has had his ups and mostly downs in the NFL, but El Guapo would be lucky to earn the chances Beanie got. I think Hyde has a chance to start in the NFL, Beanie already has. Someone said Beanie was made of glass, psshh, you need to re-watch some SAOJ videos.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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I think Beanie Wells was a more talented running back and more explosive than Hyde. However, Hyde has just won me over with some of his performances in the 4th quarter putting away game. On top of that, Hyde is much more durable than Beanie and doesn't get injured. It's very close but I would take Hyde. 

BuckeyeTrappedInSouth's picture

I voted for Beanie for two basic reasons.  First, in Beanies final year, there were pre-season discussions about Beanie possibly earning the Heisman trophy.  I believe turf toe ruined that but Hyde has never received such considerations which tells you how good Beanie was viewed.  Secondly, I still remember a 50 some yard run against TTUN in 2006.  Hyde has never had a big run that I can remember.  While Hyde is very good, Beanie was the better running back in my opinion.

In Urban We Trust

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I voted Wells, but by a very small margin.  Beanie has better top end speed, power and he played behind a worse offensive line and probably overall has more athletic ability.  Hyde has better cutting ability, pass catching and killer instinct.  
If I had to pick a guy for the NFL it would be Carlos Hyde; not using hind sight on Wells, just basing it on what their college careers look like.  Hyde has been a Buckeye Battering Ram for the last two seasons.  He simply gets it done.  He can do everything from special teams to pass protection.  He is rarely injured and runs with a mean streak I haven't seen since Clarett was donning the scarlet and gray.       

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Beanie had the top end speed, but I'll take Carlos to get me needed yards and punish to punish the defense. Also, Beanie was good for at least one or two injuries per season. He has glass ankles.
I take Carlos over Beanie.

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No offense to the people who voted for Hyde but I feel it's an example of getting caught up in the present.
Size,speed,power, and game breaking ability all go to Beanie. 
Ask yourself this- who is a threat to take it to the house from anywhere on the field? There are more than a couple times when Hyde gets caught from behind when he has open space in front of him showing a lack of top-end speed/burst whereas Beanie took those same runs for 6.
Yes, Beanie had durability issues  but he could get you 6 from anywhere on the field
Plus this

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If you would have asked this at the beginning of the year, it would have been beanie without question for me. But with the way hyde is playing right now, I have to give it to him. He is on a whole different level right now...he's playing with power, passion and reckless abandon. Athletically, beanie has the edge. But hyde is putting this team squately on his shoulders and willing them to victory. He simply will not be denied. That's what sets him apart to me...his desire to be the horse. Beanie never could be that horse...too much time be nicked up and banged up. El Guapo lives for it.

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I will say that Hyde's offensive line this year is better than any line that Beanie played with IMO.

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The thing that I love about Hyde is his consistency.  It's the reason that I picked him over the more-talented Beanie.
While Beanie may have been faster, more athletic, and a bigger home-run threat, he also -- like most power backs -- would get stuffed his fair share of time.  But for some unearthly reason, Hyde seems to damn near always rip off four-to-six yards every time he runs the ball.  Now, perhaps he just has better blockers than Wells (I'm sure Beanie would've died to have been running through a line coached by anyone other than Jimmy Bollman), but his consistency is stunning.  
Now IH8UOFM makes a really good point:

Kinda blows my mind that El Guapo hasnt broken off a run of over 29 yards since 2011 because we know he has speed too...

Even though he lacks the "game-breaking" ability of Wells, he's still managed 6.15 yards-per-carry -- while only rushing for a long of 28 yards!  Without massive runs to buoy his average, you have to have stellar consistency to keep that average up.  I've never seen a better grind-it-out back than Hyde -- I'll take his six yard carries anyday over a home-run hitter who is more likely to get stuffed at the line.

Jack Fu's picture

To be fair, he also isn't running Dave into a stacked line 15 times a game with Todd Boeckman as his QB.

hodge's picture

Absolutely.  But it could also be argued that Eddie George owes at least half of his Heisman to Orlando Pace.  
It's generally impossible to adequately compare running backs of different teams because of all the disparate parts that affect their performance: the offensive line, the offensive coordinator, the WRs blocking downfield, the amount of weapons around him (making his job either easier or harder), and then their own abilities (vision, speed, shiftiness, cutting ability, etc).  Based upon their total performances, though, I'm taking Hyde -- even if I believe Beanie is the more talented back.

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I honestly thought this would be like 75/25.  Weird
When beanie ran it was exciting...his speed and stiff-arms were legendary
Carlos is a durable workhorse but beanie did all that and more against tougher competition (the b1g was respectable) and when the defenses basically keyed in on him exclusively and didn't have to respect the other parts of our offensive game so much.

buckeyedude's picture

Where was Beanie when we needed him vs. USC?



Buckeyevstheworld's picture

How dare he be out with an injury. So selfish.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

Adambob's picture

Beanie could make 'Dave' look like a good play call.

rdubs's picture

Umpire got destroyed on that play.

WC Buckeye's picture

I know it's not funny and everything, but I love it when that happens :)

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

Jack Fu's picture

I love Hyde. I really do. Him doing the "eating" thing at the end of the Michigan game last year nearly made me climax. But this is totally recency effect taking over. Both were huge, punishing backs, but Beanie's gamebreaking ability has to put him over the top. Hyde's longest run the last two season was 29 yards; he has one carry over 50 yards in his career. Given that I think the offensive line/system that Hyde is working with are significantly better than what Wells had, and I think it's Beanie by a significant margin.

NCBuckeye2011's picture

I voted Beanie but it was favorite part about Beanie were his stiff arms. I LOVED his stiff arms. Specifically I remember the National Championship vs LSU he threw a monster stiff arm, sucks that they lost. I remember another mean one against Akron one year, those are two that pop into my head immediately. I still love Hyde though, it was basically a toss up for me. 
^^^^ I remember his run in the 06' game like it was yesterday, ^^^^ when he hit the spin move and hit daylight my father and I jumped up yelling/waving for him to keep going like we were players on the sidelines. I got goose bumps just now thinking about it, god I love buckeye football. 

TheShookster's picture

The real question is why isn't Maurice Wells an option in this poll.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

rdubs's picture

Who would start if they were both on the team?  Easily Beanie.  Who would get more yards over the course of the season?  Maybe about even given that Hyde would be available for all of the games.
I voted for Beanie, but Hyde is a pretty good second option.

IBleedSandG's picture

I'm still going with Beanie b/c of his wicked stiff arm and he was a better athlete (broke longer runs). El Guapo is probably a tougher runner though.


Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Both are awesome running backs and both have represented tOSU to the best of their ability.  I see El Guapo having a great career in the NFL...Sadly, Beanie hasn't been able to do that.  being a Cardinals fans, I was sad when the front office got rid of him in favor of Ryan Williams.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

I love Hyde, but i'm still taking Wells. It's similar to the Braxton vs Pryor "debate". Some people forget just how good these former players were.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

Buckeye_Ryan's picture

I love Beanie and still have a Scarlet #28 jersey. However, El Guapo wins by the smallest of margins for me for his durability.

Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye, will die a Buckeye.

Buckeyeboy19's picture

Hmmm… Thats tough. Very similar styles

osuguy2008's picture

Since Beanie was the reason Antonio Pittman left after his junior year it'd be interesting to throw Pittman in this Wells v Hyde ranking 

741's picture

That is incredibly simple logic: Wells > Pittman > Hyde.

Ahh Saturday's picture

First, I love me some El Guapo.  Second, I'd take Beanie in a heartbeat.  The one knock people always have on Beanie is his durability, but that seems to be more of a received idea than anything else.  In his incredible sophomore year, Beanie toted the rock 274 times.  In his injury-plagued junior year, he still had  207 carries.  By comparison, Hyde had 185 carries last year, and will probably log a similar number for this year.  Put Beanie Wells behind this line and in this offense and stand back.

OldColumbusTown's picture

I voted for Hyde, but already want to change my vote.  The durability played a part in my mind, but on second thought Beanie wasn't really that injury-prone - he'd come out with a nick or knock here or there, but that was mostly it (save for the few games he missed, including USC).
Beanie's performances against Michigan, in the NC game against LSU, and throughout his career were legendary.  He was the one, true threat on OSU's offense most of his career.  Defenses stacked their entire box to stop him, yet he would explode for huge gains.  His combination of tough-running style along with his explosiveness and ability to hit a huge play at any time take him a step above Hyde, for me.  And I love me some El Guapo.  But Beanie was one of a kind.

andyb's picture

Beanie all the way....ElGuapo is great in his own right...but ask yourself who would be starting were they on this team?  It's Beanie

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Since we are on the topic of Hyde....Cool article about El Guapo on SI...

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

Dougger's picture

39 for 222 + 2TD AT Ann Arbor. that's it. Wells please. 
(I love you El Guapo)

I like football

AC1972's picture

Best back...MoC
But between beanie and hyde?  I'll take ElGuapo by a slim margin.  Beanie kept getting hurt, and was limited often...may not say anything about raw talent, but it influences who I take on my team...

4thandinches's picture

Beanie is my favorite Buckeye so I am biased. Beanie had it all: speed, quickness, and couldhit a defender in the mouth and keep moving. Hyde is very much like that but I think Beanie had more. I think we have to remember that Beanie was running behind a sheet we called a line whereas Hyde gets to run behind a wall. 
If only Beanie wasn't made of glass.

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

Ian Cuevas's picture

Has to be Beanie Wells. Love me some Hyde, but Beanie was simply special. Tremendous blend of power, speed, and strength. His hurdling, spin move in '06 against Michigan (legendary stuff) and his neck-breaking stiff arm was fantastic. Not to mention he played his best games on the biggest stages.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

I had to go with Beanie because of the strong performances he turned in against TTUN.  If Carlos continues on his currnet path though he could get to Beannie's level.  They are two great backs that is for sure!

WC Buckeye's picture

#Buckeyeproblems, indeed. How many other schools can have this sort of debate, really, for players from their last 8-10 years?

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

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I'll take Hyde. If I was going to war, I'm choosing Carlos. I love the guys attitude. He reminds me of "Jimmy Chitwood" from the Hoosier movie. The game is on the line and he tells the coach,"I'll make it." Hyde is that guy. Give him the rock, he's going to make it.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

buckeyedude's picture

Exactly Cajun. Especially as a coach, I bet UFM loves that he has El Guapo in the backfield and can count on him damn near every friggin time.



1stYrBuckIClub's picture

Difficult for me as well... Carlos is more durable, but he's also been banged up (see last year/reason for missing 1000 yds). He runs angry but also is not as elusive as Beanie. Carlos I believe benefits from a better line (can't say I remember the line that blocked for Beanie), but it always seemed like at any moment Beanie could break a big run for a touchdown. It's that 'big play' factor that got Beanie my vote.

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Scrolling through comments here. Gonna try and break it down..
Stop using "durability" as an argument. Beanie missed 4 games I think it was in 3 years. So stop. Secondly, you say Hyde runs hard and never goes backwards, which I agree, and it's really impressive and I LOVE Guapo, but our line is very, very, very good this year. Comparing that to the lines Beanie ran behind, meh, good, but 4 senior starters, I'll take that. Another thing, I feel like Hyde is more explosive than Beanie was, just wait until he breaks one off, I know it's coming soon. You can almost tell it's gonna happen. Beanie ran more upright and powerful. I think Hyde is a perfect mixture of both. I absolutely love them both. This question is like trying to pick between Sanzenbacher and Craft, it's just too damn hard.
So I'll go with Chralos Hydells being the better back.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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Hyde is running behind a line that is coached well, Beanie not so much. Don't forget that Hyde is older than Beanie was too, as he left as a Junior. I'll take Beanie, on the field and off.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Exactly. Don't forget the difference between BOLLRUS OLINE and Ed WARINER OLINE. Cannot be overstated enough. (Yes, OLine is traditionally the least noticed and respected unit. Undeservedly so). 

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At the comment I voted for beanie based on overall time and would like room to change that at the end of the season. Good point about beanies durability as well. Hyde carries this on and from what he did last year then I can see him as the better of the two. I think el guapo is on a mission this year.

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I think perceptions of Hyde are a bit overstated because of what we have seen from him over the last few games and the fact he is the biggest reason we won those games. 
Ultimately, I think Beanie Wells is the better of the two based on his total body of work. (Of course, maybe my perception of Beanie is overstated because of what I witnessed from the south endzone of The Game).

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Beanie Wells by a LANDSLIDE c'mon folks really? Beanie was running behind the BOLLRUS-COACHED OLINE and constant DAVE PLAYCALLS and still did what he did. The holes and blocking and playcalling Hyde has now are worlds better. No comparison. 

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I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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JT should have rode Beanie like Seabiscuit in the second half of that game and we'd have another BCS NC and a signature win over the SEC.

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Love what Hyde brings to the table this year but he would have been caught on that touchdown run. I know that it is rumored that Hyde ran a 4.3 under Meyer and Beanie ran a 4.5 at the combine but on tape, it appears Beanie has better game speed. THIS IS NOT A HATE SPEECH.

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Man this game still makes me really mad..MAN

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Hyde runs behind a better line, that is true but it doesn't diminish his talent. They are very similar and both valued Buckeyes. If I am forced to take one it would be the one that could take it to the house. I don't recall very many long touchdown runs from Hyde where as I can count several 40 yard plus runs from Beanie. Hyde is the model of consistency, fighting for every yard which I love. Beanie is the one that can put the game out of reach with another touchdown playing Tresselball. It all depends on what you value most.
(Obviously I assume the poll question considers both at their peak health)

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I love them both.  Both Buckeye greats.  Beanie was probably the better overall back.  I am a big fan of durbability though, so I chose Hyde.  When Tressel came out and said Beanie needs to play through small injuries, you know durability is a problem.  Gotta play through pain better.

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Ding Ding Ding. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. If the senator comes out and bashes you like that, and then you go to the NFL and have the same problems I've gotta give it to Hyde.

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Beanie by far.

Fr Year: 576 yards, 7 TDs
Soph Year: 1609 yards, 15 TDs.
JR Year (missing 3 games): 1197 yards,  8 TDs
He was tsun killa rushing for a buckeye record 222 against them his soph year while scoring the only 2 TDs in the game for a 14-3 win and 2nd straight apperance in the NC.


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As for durability.. Wells played in every game except 3 his last year... Hyde missed 2 1/2 last year.. so thats a toss up.

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No one has mentioned the 3 games Hyde missed for disclipinary issues in this conversation. I'm just saying. (Love me some El Guapo even though he brought that situation upon himself.)

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He made the girl....nvm. :/

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