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Who will you cheer for tonight?



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I'm hoping for a rebound effect from the UF/UM game ---

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Asteroid is only at 55%?! That's much much much much much lower than I would expect/hope for this poll on this site.

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Asteroid! Asteroid! Asteroid!

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This proves we have a lot of closet UM fans on this site.  The Taliban could have been the third option and it would still win.  

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I don't want Michigan to be gone, that doesn't mean I am a fan. 
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"You're a crook Captain Hook. Judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate!"

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I never "cheer" for either team. I wish they could both lose. It would be better for the B1G and the Buckeyes strength of schedule if ttun wins, but I always love the taste of wolverine tears. Leprechaun tears are pretty tasty too. 
But I can't cheer, root, or pull for either of these enemies. 

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Dear Mr Asteroid:  Please hurtle into the middle of that cesspool up north and save us from the self-righteous dillweeds that will be filling up that hell hole.  It's already a crater in the ground, just make it bigger!.   And if it's not asking too much, if you could break off a piece as you enter earth's atmospher and wipe out Notre Dame's shithole as well, that would be great! Thanks for your consideration.  You would be doing all of America a favor.

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Yes....Please land in the middle of the cesspool with ReTard Robinson making a spoon feed gesture.....give it to him hard! Thank you Mr. Asteroid....oh and if you see Santa, please tell him that I've been a good boy this year and I would like a Ford Mustang Shelby GT...doesn't matter what year...just please bring it fast...oh and make it black with black tinted windows...Thanks again Mr. Asteroid! On second thought, killing ReTard Robinson is reward enough! 

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Let's put it this way(in a very, very sexy voice): Seeing Notre Dame beat Michelin would bring me great pleasure. So therefore, ND is the team I want to win, I guess.
"Cheering" for ND? No. I just can't get on board with all of this "Go B1G" craziness. Let Delany cheer for them all. I understand it would help OSU's SOS, but I don't give a shit. I hate Michelin, and there are more of them in Toledo than OSU fans, so f$%k 'em. I hope they lose.



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Best possible outcome they play multiple OTs and the game is called a tie at 5 am.  Hurts both and sets them up for a long week.....or asteroid.  

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I usually see this as my favorite (non-OSU) game of the year. It's win-win. If Notre Dame wins, Michigan lost. If Michigan wins, Notre Dame lost. Either way, the glass is half-full. I just sit back and enjoy. 

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We have the chance to beat one of them. We don't the other. Not to mention SOS and more importance to The Game. I won't cheer for them but I'd prefer they win

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The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I hope scUM wins (only to help our strength of schedule), but cheer  for them I cannot.  Voted for asteroid.  If the question was worded differently I would have voted for ttun. 

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Remember you heard it here!  I'll take 2-0, in 3OT, with 5 players ejected and a Hoke/Kelly fight when they should have shook hands.  At this point  I don't care who gets the safety.

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For those who talk about the effect of SOS, look at what ND has done for the last 10+ years.  Bottom line, beating ND does nothing to help your SOS in most years.
97 7-6
98 9-3
99 5-7
00 9-3
01 5-6
02 10-3
03 5-7
04 6-6
05 9-3
06 10-3
07 3-9
08 7-6
09 6-6
10 8-5
11 8-5
12 12-1
You also have to consider how many games are played against less than elite opponents as part of their schedule every year.  The service academies are played, as well as MSU and Purdue.  Not exactly a gauntlet of a schedule each year.  Sure, they are ranked high at the beginning of each season, then reality sets in.  Kinda like winning a September Heisman, lot's of hype and that's about it.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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You're looking at this the wrong way, though... When TTUN beats the Golden Domers, it's a "quality win" for the skunk weasels in the eyes of the voters, and since that still matters this year, it matters to us... We want to disassemble a ranked M*ch*g*n squad, not a team that finished 8-5.

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Maybe you do, but I want them to lose all the time.  It brings me great joy.  Also, it will take a whole lot more than just beating a ranked team at the end of the season with the way the rest of B1G is looking.  One quality win (or perhaps 2 if it works out that way and there is a rematch in Indy) will not be enough to offset the rest of the schedule, and a win over ND will not count for much later in the season based on recent history.  I said it earlier and I'll say it again, if 3 teams all have the same record at the end of the season, OSU will not get an invite for the NC. 

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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"I want them to lose all the time.  It brings me great joy."   Precisely.
SOS won't matter if we run the table.  There is no way an OSU team on a 25-0 run with Urban-done-it-twice-Meyer on the sideline is left behind for the BCS championship.  That's the goal.  The SEC will only be able to produce a single undefeated team if they can even manage to do that.

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I'm rooting for Ohio State making the national championship- meaning we need a good S.O.S. I'm not rooting for UM- but I sure am rooting against Notre Dame. 

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Seriously... don't root for Michigan b/c you think it will help our SoS. Oh, good, UM beat ND now our SoS has skyrocketed from 190th to 180th. Stop it. 

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There is no pleasure in watching Michigan win, and the benefits are abstract, theoretical, and uncertain.  The pleasure of watching Michigan lose is guaranteed and visceral. 

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I wouldn't wish an asteroid on "innocent" people, but a nasty intestinal virus for everyone present would do the trick. Leave that place looking and smelling like a disabled cruise ship.

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Is there any way we can have meteor storm with the small pieces landing on the field and avoiding the crowd?

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I voted with the majority,seems like a no win situation,can't stand either team,brother roots for noter shame,brother in law roots for wishagain,they're both pitiful!


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Totally wipe out those dinosaurs.

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We need TTUN to ... er ... um ... not lose, for our strength of schedule.
Then we'll drop the asteroid on them in the giant cess pool in A** Arbor.  They won't know what hit them!

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