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What part of the team are you most concerned with after the Buffalo game?



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Armani Reeves and Taylor Decker got abused that entire game. We should be fine at DB next week with Roby back and Shazier and Barnett healthy (hopefully) but Decker is a problem right now.

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The first two sacks Decker gave up, you can maybe say Kahlil Mack just J.J. Watt'ed us.  Maybe it's because he's that good.  Maybe.  But the 3rd sack (and subsequent fumble) was not given up to Mack, but rather to the MAC.  
Dayum son, you are going to have to get a lot better real fast.  


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all thee above.  many issues in most facets of the game.


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I voted other "Youth".    Looked like a bunch of young mistakes for some first time starters

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This plus 100000000.
Sure Armani Reeves wasn't great, nor was the entire defense, but we started 9 new players on D. And honestly the only O-Lineman that really didn't play well was on his first start. I think they will be good teaching points, but definitely shows that experience plays a big factor.

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I'm worried most about this defensive line by far. Hankins and Simon are missed.
Roby will is back next week, so the secondary will be much better. Reeves needs to sit the pines, IMHO.
I'll cut T. Decker a little slack because he was lined up against a future 1st round pick, Mack.



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Let's not forget those huge TD runs we had thanks to that o-line.

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Crazy that the O line is even in this discussion but they looked weak. Didnt blow people off the ball and Mack embarrassed Mewhort and Decker consistently today. Lot to work on. Defensive secondary will get better when Roby comes back next week and CJ heals up, but Reeves was in no way ready, not sure what Coombs saw in the kid to give him the start. Tackling is SOMEHOW STILL an issue. Even our d-linemen struggled. I think the biggest concern has to be the lack of intensity from this team during games like this. Letting up so early could have cost them if Buffalo didnt shoot themselves in the foot, especially that fumbled snap at the 1. 

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Pretty much all of the above! Taylor Decker stunk it up. Armani Reeves stunk it up. Really both the D-line AND the O-line didn't look good at all. The receivers and backs looked

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Am I just being the weird optimist guy today or? Because I didn't see it the way all of you guys did. Did you not see a bunch of freshman playing on defense? Or the domination that was the first quarter, both offense and defense? I'm not saying we played great, because we didn't, but lets not draw conclusions yet when half our starters were out.

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The offensive line has to improve, especially at right tackle.  Experience is key.  Decker must learn how to handle a better player and Ed Warinner will address this.

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The offensive line being filled with 4 senior veterans should have played much better. Hall had big plays but they were not dominant in the run game and Miller was under more pressure than he should have been.

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This answer is clearly the dline, their performance was embarrassing against a team like buffalo. 

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Interesting, I saw few long passes completed, and their running back averaged less than 3 ypc. That sounds like quality d-line play.
Hard to get many sacks when the most common play is a bubble screen.

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I was impressed with the d line. Hale and bennett were solid in the middle...and bosa looked like a seasoned vet out there. For a young unit with relatively little game experience, they played well. Got a lot of pressure, and put some solid hits on licata. They wanted to get it out quick, and did. Longer he held it, more dangerous it got for him. May not show up in the stat line, but they were planting him a lot.

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Taylor decker. Didnt even look like he even attempted to block mack most of the day. I know...its his first start. And mack is a legit high round pick next april. But he just ran right by him...leading to braxton gettin waylayed more than once. Not impressed at all with the efffort. Neither was meyer from the exchanges I saw between the two.

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I chose other. I'm more concerned about the hangover I'm going to have in the morning. 1st game of the year and I saw enough to stay enthusiastic. 13-0 is good enough for me.

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Taylor Decker has me a bit concerned.  I was a bit disappointed with him getting beat way too much.  Hopefully we make some adjustments to get him some help.

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I picked other as well. For me it's how we always seem to play down to lesser competition. After the fast start, they kinda went to cruise mode. It may be partially because of our youth. Maybe it was partially the coaches pulling back a bit. But one time I'd like to see us absolutely abuse an inferior opponent for three quarters, put in the 2nd string, and crush somebody 72-0. (That's right, Mark May wears women's underwear.)  with that said I'm not really worried, because we seem to play up when needed, and hey, it's week one. 

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I want to see us at full strength with Roby and Barnett in the secondary.  Next week I think will be different.

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Look if you play 12 yards off the wide outs this is what happens. No excuse for giving up the same route all game long. We have a good dline but if the qb can do 3 step drops all day we have problems.

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I think the issues I saw most were on the O-line.  Yes, Decker has a tough day, but so did the rest of the guys.  The O-line was supposed to rise up and be the dominatn part of the team this year.  They did not do that.  Braxton was under heavy pressure against Buffalo.  Think about that.  Buffalo was putting the heat on Braxton.  What would happen in B1G play or if we make it to the Rose bowl or NC game against a team like Bama or Oregon?  So I have the most concern with the O-line.  Now I do think they will get better.  I think they have the chance to still be a great O-line.  They just need to come out and dominate like they can do.  I'm hoping that the coaches review the film and see what is going on and we get it corrected in the next week.  The unit needs to work better together.  It's only game 1 so I'm not pushing the panic button yet.  The still did have many good plays during the day.  I just think they are really good unit that is capable of playing much much better! 
Go Bucks!! 

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Other. My pregame routine was out of whack. I forgot my lucky shirt. I switched the seating arrangement after the first quarter and couldn't re-claim any of the magic.
In all honesty, Coach Mick, Coach Meyer, and others are going to have a lot of teaching to do this week. For a first game, most things went according to the game plan.

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Deep breath guys (I'm with you on being a little disappointed)
a couple of things.  One - we did not open up the play book.  No diamond formation or TE utilization.
Two- the line played very well except in pass protection.  Hard to say they didn't get it done in run blocking.  
Three - It was Deckers first start and outside of those two awful plays against Mack he wasnt all bad.  
I have a feeling q1 is the norm and q2-q4 were the exception.  

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