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What B1G home game are you most excited for?



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The Buckeyes beating down Penn St in the Horseshoe. Life just doesn't get any better.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I agree.  When they joined the B1G and it was designated that they would play OSU every year it became quite a nice rivalry.  I am glad that the schedule has now switched in regards to playing PSU at home on the years that ttun is away and that is a good thing.  In the past when they were either both home or both away was brutal.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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And they've beaten us the last two times in the Shoe. Their comeuppance is due, especially after the stupid shit that they pull.


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We actually beat them in 2010 in The Shoe. I know it was vacated but the game did happen. They did beat us in '08 and '11 however.

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I voted Penn State because I am trying to get tickets to that game.  I also do agree that the Wisconsin game will be an outstanding night game!  Sure are some good ones this year!!
Go Bucks!

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I am like everyone else so far, I voted Penn State since I get to watch the good guys beat them down in the Shoe with a couple of coworkers who love Penn State.

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This was a close call between Wisky and Penn St. Both are going to be fantastic atmospheres, but I went with the Badgers because that seems to be the bigger rivalry at the moment (whereas Penn St was the bigger rival just a few years ago IMO).

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PSU since I will be there.  Can't wait.

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Voted Wisky, it's still Bert's players right? 
But the more I think about it I really cant wait to take the Hoosiers behind the woodshed.  Went to that game last year and definitely owe them one.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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There is just something about PSU that stinks to high heaven, ok it's the fans. UW is not far behind, but I am having trouble hating Wisky as much since Bert left.

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I really dislike Alvarez.  Born in PA, schooled at Nebackdoor.  Further grew into a Grade A D!@K, IMHO...


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I'd be even more excited for the Wiscy game at home if the tickets weren't 175 a piece!<SMH

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Tough choice as I will be at both the Wisky and Penn State games. I went with Wisky because it will be my mom's first game in The Shoe.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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Beating Penn St. is always great... but beating the Badgers is second only to beating TTUN.
Plus, I have a good friend who is a Badger fan... so a win over Wisconsin makes life even better for me!

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Picked Sconny. Gary Andersen seems like a nice guy, but this team still has Bert's finger prints all over it. So, naturally, I want the Bucks to dismantle them.


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Love beating up the badgers... It's like taking down the wolverines cousin before the big fight..

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Am I the only the home slate?  PSU is on probation and isn't McGloin gone?  Wisky has a new coach, no idea who their QB will be, and Montee Ball is gone.  Indiana...I mean, I guess they have an exciting offense?  The OOC is just as bad.  The night games will mix it up, but those will really only be exciting because of the time of day the game is being played.

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I voted Wisconsin.  Camp Randall is full of nasty fans, and The Shoe needs to reciprocate for those stinkin' Badgers.  

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I voted Penn State, really it's Wisconsin I'm most excited for... But I have to miss it for my sisters wedding. 

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Time to get a new sister!!

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She should understand why you skipped her wedding and if she doesn't forget her.

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Penn State. Going to 3 games this year, but the Penn State game is the one im looking forward to most. I really like what BOB is doing at PSU. If the program was ever going to crumble, it would have been seen in the immediate aftermath of the scandal. BOB is bringing in top notch athletes, knowing they will have to miss bowl games and such.


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Since I'll be down for ETB IV, I voted Wisconsin. Just seems appropriate since I'll be there for the game (although not necessarily going to the game).

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I voted Penn State. Their fans have become insufferable following last year defeat which they believe was do to no holding calls and bad reffing. I want a clean game but I want a blowout on the scale of the 94' game when they beat us. 

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My alumni tickets are for Penn State... so, yeah, that one.

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Gotta go with the Wisky Whuppin we are gonna give them Badgers this year. Plus, should be a better game than PSU, plus I have tickets!!!


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I voted Indiana for one reason only. Redemption for the way our D played last year. I really want to see the fellas put an old school beating on Indiana.

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I voted Ped state because I'm taking my buddy to his first Buckeye game and that happens to be it.

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Can't wait for the potential offensive show with Indiana.

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@Cal.  That is home game for me!

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Love beating Wisconsin!  Very sorry home schedule this year, though.