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Who has the worst fans in college football?



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Most annoying sounds better to me.

1. Notre Dame
2. M*chigan(I get tired of hearing about what happened back in the 40s)
3. The university of SEC

1 and 2 switch depending on the day.


Did you add Arkansauce just because of brent?

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Without a doubt.  Florida. 

This, by the way, was an amusing post:

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agree. Florida and it's not close

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Those gifs are hilarious. I wish I could dig it up, but there's a great shot of an old M*chigan hag angrily giving Beanie the middle finger after he scored the winning touchdown in the 2005 game. 

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You mean antonio pittman right? Beanie was a high school senior in during that game.

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I don't even think its Pittman. It was Anthony Gonzales that scored the game winning touchdown in 2005 against Michigan. Smith to Gonzales aka The Catch. Beanie scored the only two TD's in the 2007 game and in 2009 OSU pretty much coasted through the game thanks to turnovers by Tate. 

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It was Pittman. I saved the best picture ever published in the Dispatch. It showed the team coming over to congratulate Pittman after he scored and you can see all of the delicious butthurt on the Michigan fans faces. I love that picture so much I had it made into a poster. Gonzo went high into the air to bring down a long pass which set up the winning score but Pittman did run it in.

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Forgive me. Its early in the morning. I got so excited about about the catch, I forgot who scored the Touchdown. +1 for make me look like a fool. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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You didn't look foolish. I just happen to remember that sequence of plays with great detail. If you can google that picture, do it, because the various looks on their faces is priceless.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Just to let you know, being down voted by meat chicken fans is a badge of honor. Very similar to reading Dr. Seuss books to Alabama seniors.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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I remember a pic of Stan White burying Prescott Burgess. 

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Agreed!! I would have picked Florida had they been on the list. But since they weren't I chose LSU. On this list they are by far worse than scUM fans. I grew up in tsun and I know full well of their arrogance. But having been at both the 2007 & 2008 BCS Championship games & having lived in the south now for 8 years I am quite experienced on which fan base is the worse scUM, LSU or Florida. I also have attended 2 Bama games in Tuscaloosa vs. PSU & LSU. You may remember the LSU game was won by LSU in 2011 because Bama's kicker couldn't make all his FG's. Bama went on to beat LSU in the BCS Championship that year. LSU fans are so friggin stupid and rude it's not funny it just sad. But Florida fans take it to a whole new level of dumbazz redneck MOron actions. Sitting in the endzone seats in The University of Phoenix Stadium (the same end zone Ted Ginn scored into on the opening kick off) I had the lone Florida fan sitting directly in front of me. He was so stupid and such a classless jagov that we told him you better leave because he was getting his azz kicked if he didn't shut his mouth. He was so over the top and with no one around him that was a Florida fan he was in trouble. I also had the misfortune of working for a company here in Atlanta that is based in Gainesville Florida. Our office was mainly Florida fans. The best was the day Urban was hired. It was like a giant black cloud hung over the office with the exception of the 3 cubicles that were tOSU fans. SO Florida it is and then LSU with scUM coming in 3rd!

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Definitely, Florida. I watched 2 fans harass a 75 year old Buckeye couple at the BC game.  One dumped popcorn on the elderlty man's head, and the other dumped beer on him...because the guy was wearing his buckeye letter jacket from the 1950s and he was an easy target. The saddest part was the Florida fans were not drunk college kids--they were 40-something men (but not grown assed men) in pressed golf shirts sitting in the $1500 seats in the club section! Still pisses me off.

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Yup.  Of all the SEC Schools the fans of UF are by far the most obnoxious and rude.  I've had a few run ins with LSU fans and they were nowhere near as bad.  My Dad who was there for the MNC game against LSU said their fans were class acts but I guess there are bad apples in every fan base judging from some of the other posts on this thread.

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I voted for LSU but I agree wholeheartedly with BUCKYVSTHEWORLD on the whole most annoying vs. worst when it comes to the teams available to pick from. I loathe that team up north and their throng of brain dead zombie followers, but they are not the worst fans.  LSU fans think that they get credit for every SEC win (kinda like the other SEC chumps not named Alabama.)    

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I was in Madison, WI for the game in 2010 when we were #1 and lost. Worst I've ever been treated. Ever. Before the game and DEFINITELY after the game. 

But boy oh boy, did I get sweet revenge up there in 2012.

I can't speak to Penn State because I've never been to a game there, but I've heard stories/seen videos. Sounds like a rough place to go, although I've also heard some nice things. 


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West by God Virginia. It is amazing how bad they are with a crap team and tradition. I believe they would be worse with a good team but we will never know.

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Penn State.

Lived in central Pa...saw it up close and personal. Just absolutely unbelievable.

This may have been already seen here, sorry I can't embed (on my Android), this after the OSU win in State College in '07:

I have a dislike for the SEC, ditto for scUM and 'sconsin and live too close to WVA. But I can't believe some of the behavior I've seen from some PSU people. It sucks to say it, as my father-in-law, a very good man, is a PSU alum.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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+1. Likewise, my in-laws are PSU fans and Pennsylvania natives, and although they are reasonable people I am well familiar with the delusional nature of many PSU fans. Speaking of the most delusional fan base, it has to be a tie between PSU and ND. Went to college at a catholic school and so there were a LOT of Domers; these people honestly believed that any Notre Dame loss was the result of bad officiating or a fluke, never because the other team was better and just beat Notre Dame.
LSU is getting a lot of flack on this thread, but I actually heard that a lot of Buckeye fans had good experiences interacting with LSU fans at the 07 NGC. Anyone care to expand on what makes them so bad?
Finally, I know this might get me a few downvotes, but I actually have a begrudging respect for UM fans. During the RichRod era they had to endure a lot, so I can understand why there would be a lot of talking coming from them.

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I will give you just 1 story about an LSU fan and this is just 1 of many I can give from that weekend in NOLA for the 2008 BCS Championship game. I was sitting in the upper level of the Superdome for the game. This was a part of the stadium where the two sections of the fan base met up so it was a mix of LSU & tOSU fans. Sitting directly in front of me and my boss/tOSU alum friend was (I can't believe I had this at both BCS Championship games see my post earlier in this thread about Florida fans) an LSU fan. Now this guy couldn't have been anymore than 22-23 yrs old. But he was such a pathetic arrogant in your face MOron that it took everything my buddy & I had as well as the other tOSU fans in the area, to not kick his ass. And at the end of the game as we were getting up to leave the man sitting directly next to me said this to me and I quote... "I am so impressed with you and your fan base here tonight. I am an LSU fan and if I were you I would have kicked his azz before half time. He is a total jackazz and has an azz kicking coming to him. But it is a good thing you didn't do that because I am also an undercover New Orleans police officer and you would be spending the night in jail had you kicked his azz." Having friends who live in NOLA I know very well that the NOLA jail is one of the very worst in the country. I thanked the good Lord for having given me the patience and smarts not to engage this clown.

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I lived in Mechanicsburg, across the river from Harrisburg for over 7 years.  In 2005, when the TBDBITL got pelted, some moron threw a bottle of pee at my mailbox.  Those people are FUBAR.


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USC has some of the stupidest fans I've ever seen, I met a few a couple of weeks ago and they still acted like USC was a dominant team even when they were 7-6. Also, any fan of an SEC team is up there too. Tennessee fans never shut up. LSU fans are inbreds. Bama fans are t-baggers who worship the Tide like they're the second coming of Jesus. And Auburn fans will say your team sucks even though their team is Auburn.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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USC fans have always been stupid! Back in the late 80's I went to school at Michigan State. I grew up in tsun & out state tuition was more than I and my parents could handle at the time. When I was at MSU tOSU was in the last years of Earle & the transition into the Cooper years. So tOSU was not strong in football and those were the glory days (as they say in E. Lansing) under Perles with Lorenzo White & Andre Rison. In 87 MSU won the B1G and went to play in the Rose Bowl vs. USC. Now these two teams met earlier in the season. On Labor Day night at Spartan Stadium with Keith Jackson calling the game on ABC MSU won. MSU narrowly beat USC in Pasadena on Jan 1 1988 with Rison making a brilliant catch on the game winning TD drive.
Anyway on the way out of the Stadium we were talking smack to USC chicks since MSU beat them twice that season and their reply was "well we've got more money than you do." Like that can ever be qualified. I mean the comment was so ridiculous we didn't even know what to say to them.

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How is ND not even on the list? I could see arguments for other fan bases, but they have to at least be in the top 3

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This is great. I just ask a friend, a not so bright one from my childhood , if the crowd was rowdy in SCum stadium. He is a SCum fan. And has been to a few of their games. Once when he was young and he has been kinda slow ever since. He said it is not bad at all. That I could take my kids in. Any truth? Or is has he went full scumtarded?

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Every fan base that isn't a Buckeye.


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Florida, if by worst you mean worst to be around.
Miami (FL) if by worst you mean fans that aren't really fans and have no connection to the school. The majority of Miami fans I meet have never even been to the city of Miami, and only watch a game or two a year. They wear the hell out of that gear, though. And they know they were robbed by the ref.

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Hurricane fans can raise their asshole flag higher than most I've been around. 
Have to say, my experience in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl with Arkansas fans was pretty positive. Now that Bert is there, well who knows?

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I thought his name is Brad.

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Arkansas fans were ok based on the Sugar Bowl.  When we were leaving the crowd (OSU side) was chanting S - E - C... S - E - C
I heard a group of them saying that was rude, then I asked if they would be chanting it if they had won and there was radio silence.
THE U BABY!!!!- worst fans ever.  The only time i ever felt physically threatened at a college football game was at the OSU Miami game 2 years ago.  There were 3 of use and we're not little guys.

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I agree about Arkansas. Woo Pig Suey is the most annoying chant ever created, but the Arkansas fans I spoke to in NO were all polite. And any crowd that stayed as loud and into the game as they did in the second half after the first half butt-whooping we gave them has my respect.

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Overall, I'm going with scUM fans. As of late, Tennessee fans have been brutal. They get a new coach, land a couple if recruits, and they think they've won it all. Not to mention, a lot of them here in TN have been chanting SEC since they haven't won anything in the past 10 years. 

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scUM fans get on my last nerve because for them to have reason to celebrate to the point that it gets on my last nerve, then they were to have beaten The Ohio State University in something and that always chaps my ass! I can't stand losing to them pricks up north even if it's at tiddlywinks!
And I guess it's just because I had to deal with so many Longhorn fans when I lived in Texas that it still gets on my last nerve. They always bragged about how they beat us 2 out of three times we played and I would always have to remind them that if Tressel would have elected to have just run out the clock and then score in that Fiesta Bowl, we would not have lost that game and if Rory Nichol would have caught that  pass in the endzone against the supposed "godsend" of a quarterback, Vince Young, we would not have lost that game either. They always seem to forget the fact that Ohio State tore them a new one when they beat them the one year and it wasn't even close. Anyway, if you can't tell I have some serious disdain for the University of Texas Longhorns, then I can go into a much longer diatribe but I think I made my
One of my all time favorite videos:

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I went other:

Miami is in the conversation due to indifference.

ND is in the coversation due to being insufferable.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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scUM fans are the worst at everything that life has to offer.

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Ark, all the SEC gloating with none of the wins.

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Any poll with "worst" in the title and "*ichigan" as an option is an easy choice for me. 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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FAR above the rest in a landslide lock - the most obnoxious fan base is Notre Dame...
followed by Florida, then TSUN and close behind is PSU!
I will certainly say that I have not met all of the Notre Dame fan base but I have had the pleasure to attend all three of the last meetings between these assholes and OSU and every single person I came across donning ND gear were complete and utter arrogant douche nozzles!  There was NO bigger illustration of that asshole factor on display in Arizona during the Fiesta Bowl Game!  Wow - did we have fun sitting in their section all game long!!!  Arrogant, loud, aggressive, and obnoxious until after the opening drive - then, OSU started beating them senseless.  Needless to say they weren't all that happy that my buddy and I started getting some payback! The A.J. Hawk / Brady Quinn / Brady Quinn's sister lines were flying all over the place!!!  Even our band kicked their asses for which my buddy made sure they swallowed that down as well!  I can remember how completely silent they all were filing out of the stadium - it was a beautiful night in the desert!!!

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I would put Florida and Miami up there at the top.  I've heard some bad things about Penn St and Wisconsin though.  Living in Florida I have experienced more from the first two I listed.  That's why I always try to stay classy, but it can get tough when you are outnumbered.  Can't wait to come back to the Shoe to watch a game!

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1a. UF
1b. PSU

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Gotta go with Tennessee as of late. Their fans act like they have won 3 of the last 4 championships! They have been irrelevant for for over 5 years. Got them a new coach and a July recruiting championship and they think their the best thats ever been!

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Every fan base has its share of A-holes.  i personally witnessed a number of Texas fans being harassed at the '05 game here at the Shoe.  The alums are typically well behaved and have some perspective.  Its the students that sully the whole 'good sportsmanship' vibe.

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Come on it's not even close. The people who support The Whore Of South Bend.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Tennessee fans on twitter are pretty damn annoying. They are a bottom feeder of the sec yet they still like talking trash about tosu because of our schedule and conference

pat cozzens

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Worst I've personally encountered are 'Canes fans.
P.S. An honest and fair poll probably should have included Ohio State fans as an option... Some think we are the worst, most annoying, etc.

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Before The Sansusky Event Would Have Said Notre Dame. But Psu Fans Are Delusional And Horrible Ever Since.

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Florida its not even close. I lived in Tallahassee and experienced it. I've been to Florida Georgia and experienced it and my wife went there so I experience it every Saturday in the fall.

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I agree with most of you on here, its definitely Florida, followed by LSU. I can't stand those 2 fanbases. Alabama fans are actually not that bad by and large, surprised they were even on this list, especially in place of Florida. Alabama has been winning so much lately you would expect their fanbase to be filled with a bunch of giant tools, but they are actually much more humble than I would have expected. I don't even want to imagine what it would be like if Florida fans were having all that success, especially now that we have Meyer.

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Gotta be the golden domers. Don't know how they aren't on this list!

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Florida and the Miami Hurricanes.  

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Pretty unfair to lump in those other schools with Penn State.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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ND fans are pretty bad I have them at #2, after moving to South Carolina without a doubt the worst fans are Clemson fans. They really are horrible, and more delusional than any fan base out there. E.g. they celebrate Dabo Swinney. 

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How is that worse than celebrating Hoke?

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I live in Cincinnati and honestly, this might seem very random, UC "fans" have been quite horrible to deal with since the BK era.
The other set of fans that have been horrible are "SEC" fans. Not a fan of any particular team, just the entire conference, so they have the option of rooting for whatever team is hot that year.

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Let's go X! (Went to Xavier for undergrad). What are you studying there?
I lived in Cinci for the Kelly era at UC and, you have a point, they became pretty arrogant (the whole "Ohio's BCS team" shows that pretty well). However, in my experience, there are a whole bunch of people willing to jump on the bandwagon, and thats about it.

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I'm studying for an M.Ed in sports administration, loving the program!
Yea the Kelly era was pretty bad. If the Bucks lost in anything, I was the first to get a text or tweet about it. Bandwagon hits the nail on the head, I went to a few games when Dantonio took over the program which started the turn around and that stadium was empty. I never had to pay for a ticket, even though I didn't go there, just to put butts in the seats. 

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If teams were asked this question, the Hurricanes would raise their hands and show this pic.

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After dominating college football for years that's how there fans show appreciation sad.


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The thing about Miami fans is I have yet to met one who was not a bandwagon fan.