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Which freshman will be the first to score a touchdown?



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What an amazing poll question. Apparently at media days Christian Bryant said he called his pops after practice to talk about how skilled these cats are. Wow

I like football

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Brax talked up Dontre Wilson and how well he's running routes.

If he's that adept already, with that speed.....look out.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Which one is returning the opening kickoff on August 31?

ONE Not Done!

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Comment of the day.  You win.

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I was going to say who touches it first! You sumabitch

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With 8:53 left in the first quarter and OSU up 7-0, Braxton takes the snap at the Ohio State 48 and runs the read option, giving the ball to Wilson, who subsequently runs 52 yards untouched to the endzone. Calling it.

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And the Ann Arbor crowd drops back in their seats.....

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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If this ends up being 100% right, I'll mail you a (one) skittle of your choosing. 

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Shit just got real. I really hope I'm right now.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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I'm cool with any flavor, as long as it's scotch.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Now I want booze candy. And none of that horrible Kaluha flavored-filled chocolate crap that sits on gas station shelves for ~8 months prior to purchase. 

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Scotch-flavored skittles?

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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I'm calling a pick 6 from Eli Apple.

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Here is my bold prediction. Not only will he be the first freshman to score, but Dontre Wilson will score the first Buckeye TD this season. A simple 5 yard slant from the slot position - he flies past the linebacker, makes one cut to go untouched past the safety, and gracefully burns the grass on his way to the house.

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

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After Brax, I have to say Dontre. Always been a Wilson fan before he was highly ranked.

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All great suggestions, but I am going to go in a little different direction. On the opening kick off of the season, Mike Mitchell (with uncanny blazing speed) will blow up the Buffalo return man just as he receives the ball.  Mitchell (without missing a beat) scoops up the loose ball and walks in for 6.  As the crowning jewel of his achievement, Mike then spots Grant Reed in the stands and hands him the ball.  Class all the way!

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Whenever your heisman caliber QB signals out a player it's hard to ignore. Dontre I'm looking at you

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Joey Bosa on a monster sack and picks up the fumble and runs it in doing backflips.

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It's pretty tough for a 5-star Ohio kid to fly under the radar, but that is exactly what Jalin Marshall is doing.  I am not saying Marshall is better than Wilson or Wilson is better than Matshall, but I find myself wondering why Wilson gets notably more attention than an 5-Star Ohio kid.  Maybe it's deserved because of the summer workouts Wilson has had or because he flipped from Oregon.  Either way I find it interesting.
That being said, I can't wait to see what they can do.  August 31st can't come soon enough.    

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In Braxton I trust.


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Butler County's finest: Jalin Marshall.

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It seems we first see freshman on special teams and that's where I think the first score will come from. I don't think Clark will have the most impact but I think he'll score on a kick return. I know we compare someone to Ginn all the time but he does look like Ginn running. He's about all legs and that long stride that disguises his speed.

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A ton of majority opinion here, which I share. With the unrelenting praise for Wilson from the representatives @ B1G Media Days (not to mention being given the coveted #1), I think this is more of a which freshman will be second.

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I picked Dontre mostly because I think he'll the most early touches. It may very well be a special teams score too. 

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The crazy thing, again like I have mentioned in several other forum posts, is that there are truly so many elite, dynamic playmakers in this freshmen class. 
Wilson seems to be an easy pick here because of him playing the hybrid position, with it already being a position he is familiar with.  But it could just as easily be Jalin Marshall from that same position, or Elliott running it in off a handoff or after a catch and run, Clark on a 9 route...  This group is going to do some major damage in the next four years in Columbus and I can't wait!

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Based on what Braxton sad I also went with Wilson

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Marshall with an 80 yard TD bomb from Braxton!  60 of which comes as YAC yards and we see his speed and elusiveness! 
Go Bucks!

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I picked Wilson with Clark and Jalin being the ones that might have a chance of proving me wrong. I'm still waiting for M. Thomas to score since i played his high school team back in 2002 when they had Steve Smith former USC Trojan former giant. I remember going up against him in a Jr high all star basketball game. He went for 31 and i had 30 we became rivals after that game. #goodtimes


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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I'll be rooting for Tracy Sprinkle on this one, somehow, some way...
But I pushed the Marshall button.

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