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Which conference has the strongest claim to New York City?



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Ivy League....all those Wall Street bankers 

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I put "Other" for all the Domer fans in the area

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which big east? this is gonna confuse me for the rest of time.

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Delaney was rockin' pinstripes last night..enough said. B1G! B1G! B1G!

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I didn't see the AFC or NFC listed, so I voted other.

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Seems to me, most New Yorkers I know pledge allegiance to Syracuse, Notre Dame, or the NFL. Maybe even some UCONN fans, but they're the red-headed-step-children of the bunch.

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So the ballot was confusing...I meant to say the Big East, but couldn't remember where St. John's ended up........
Can somebody PLEASE DO A RECOUNT!!!!

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I put "other" because "none" wasn't an option. New York is not a college sports kind of city, never will be. 

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First person to guess ESPNs response to this poll gets a cookie.

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I would have to say the Big East still has the strongest claim. When I think of New York and college sports, the first thing I think of is the Big East basketball tournament at the Garden. Since the new Big East retained MSG for their conference tournament, I would say that they have the strongest claim.

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Nd has always had great tv ratings.

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I voted B1G for the alumni in the city. Seriously, though, not college sports. The pro teams have the city locked more so than any college could.

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AAC should b called Uconn and friends!!!!