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How does Ohio State finish?



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I chose option three but want option one...if that happens then they may have a chance in the dance.  If not...well...then...I'm sticking with my prediction of a second round departure.  

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I went with the majority. Indiana is a better version of Kansas, the other team we've shown pretty clearly we can't match up with.

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option 1 gives us a shot at still gaining a share of the title which would be sucks now how bad the loss at illinois and then the 3 losses in 4 game stretch to indiana, michigan, and wisconsin really hurt this would be nice to get a share of the title but this osu team hasn't shown it is capable of just flat out beating a team when it needs will take a miracle in assembly hall for us to steal a win.......and then if we do get embarrassed at indiana they might come home and lay an egg in the season closer so who knows.......hate to say it but we are a 4 or 5 seed come march madness and it would be nice to pull off a butler type run in the big dance and maybe make a nc or final 4 again....i'm hesitant to jump on board the buckeye express but still would love to see it

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I'm hoping for option 1,  but I think option 3 is the most likely to happen. I think we can compete with Indiana, but I just don't see this team beating the Hoosiers in Assembly Hall. That's a tall task for even the best teams in the country.

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I voted option 1, but believe that 3 is the best case scenario.

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i just have this weird feeling that we will beat IU tomorrow. i have no empirical evidence to support this (other than it looking like smith jr has finally pulled his head out of his nether regions, and craft and scott look like they're figuring out how to play together). i think if our focus is tight perimeter D, we could give hulls/ferrell fits. the wildcard is obviously finding a big that is at least interested enough to play on the defensive end (i.e. the amir we saw vs syracuse last year).
that said, we could easily lose to ILL this weekend too. this team is just so hard to get a read on.

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I have a feeling that OSU will at least put up a good fight tomorrow night against IU.  I chose option 3 because I don't think they'll pull it out.  Unfortunately, I think the free throw line will be the difference.  As it always is in Bloomington.  If one of our guys gets a drop of sweat on Cody Zeller, it will be a foul.  A forearm shiver to one of our guys is a 50-50 chance that it'll be called a foul.  Plus, the Buckeyes aren't exactly a great free throw shooting team.
They'll beat Illinois.  Way too embarrassed from last time, plus this team is improved since then.

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Can I wait until after tomorrow to answer? Logically, option 3 is the most likely. However, my gut says Crean's floppy ways will screw them over in Bloomington, and we win. Optimism, don't fail me now.

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I went with beating Indiana & beating Illinois because...homer. I do think it would be fairly plausible for it to happen & won't be all that surprised if it does. Well, maybe a little surprised.

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I'm usually pretty pessimistic (realistic?), but I have an unusual good feeling about the IU game. Of course I'll probably regret saying that when Zeller is making Amir/Ravanel his bitch for 40 straight minutes.

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I have that same good feeling on this one...hope we're right.

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Who are the trolls saying "Beat Indiana, lose to Illinois"?

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