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What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?



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I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the farmer commercial was badass. Definitely not your average SB commercial 

Urban Warfare

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I agree completely, as a guy who grew up working on farms with livestock (and who now works for John Deere) the farmer commercial was awesome. But the Budweiser Brotherhood one also hit home.

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I busted up laughing at the Dorito's Goats 4 Sale commercial lol. Was dying when it screamed!!

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This one was my favorite as well.

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I was mesmerized by the homage to the farmer (Ram) commercial. I think it's about time they get some respect and appreciation from the general population. Definitely the best commercial.



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uhh..Leon Sandcastle!  Hilarious!!

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Go Daddy, by far. I cracked up laughing out loud.

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The more you see it the more you can see in Bar's face just how much shes does not want to make out with the kid.  Wonder how many takes it took to get it right.  Hopefully for the kid it was around 10-20.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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He totally maxed out what he could get. Supposedly up to 45 takes for the commercial!

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The Meatloaf M&M one was pretty good I thought. 
Stain lifter one with the SF fan and the "Montana Stain" was good.
Samsung one with Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad) and Lebron James.
Though out of those I would probably say the Ram Trucks Farmer one.

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Better Call Saul!!!
It's all about who the spokespeople are.

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Ram Truck Farmer was my fav with the Taco Bell coming in second;-)
My biggest reason for the Ram Truck one was because that guy you heard's name was Paul Harvey.  He used to have a segment on 610 AM WTVN out of Columbus.  My Dad used to listen to him all the time...that's how I noticed the voice.  Good Day...

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My step dad used to listen to Paul Harvey, which in turn made me listen...His "Rest Of The Story" segments were always mesmerizing..

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R.I.P. Paul! Good day.

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Samsung or the Tide (Joe Montana stain) would be my votes

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I voted farmer but the Clydesdale thing was just as good.  I also really liked the commercial where the kid went to Prom by himself, kissed the Girl, and drove home with a black eye thinking "WORTH IT"!

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Tide gets my vote.
Although "More of everything skywaitress" was good as well.

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The funny thing to me is that I don't even remember what was being hawked in some of the ads, even though I enjoyed the commercials.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the advertisement if you can't say what the product was afterward.

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I would vote Audi as the best, Farmer/GoDaddy as the most effective as far as being memorable/targeting demographics.

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The sound accompaniment for the GoDaddy commercial almost made me throw up...for real...I'm not kidding btw.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Funny thing about the Dodge commercial: I grew up on a dairy farm, and my dad and grandpa have a Case-IH combine, the same kind used in the TV spot. My sister calls me: "Did you see that commercial? I thought it was for Case until the very end!" (Case-IH is owned by Fiat, which has a marketing relationship with Chrysler, which owns Dodge.) Also cool that they used the FFA logo, though I'm a proud 4-H alum.

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My votes goes to the Dion #SandTime, since my buddy help shoot the commercial three weeks back.

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Definitely the brotherhood commercial, that shit tears me up.

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Where's the love for Oreo? I loved that bit with all the whispering, especially when the cops showed up and plowed through the wall.

But honestly most of them were not very good. The Go Daddy one with the nerd almost made me throw up. Just flippin' disgusting. Aside from that you had:

Audi - Borderline sexual assault on the prom queen

Doritos (tea party) - crossdressing with your kid is fun!

Doritos (goat) - the goat's scream was funny but the rest of it...meh

Farmer/Dodge - Great commercial about farmers. Terrible commercial about a truck.

Clydesdale - props for using "Landslide."

Leon Sandcastle - not bad, in kind of a dumb way

M&Ms - This one I kind of liked.

Tide (Montana stain) - Pretty good, highlighted by the "stain on a stick" vendor.


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Gack, that Godaddy ad just crossed so many icky lines-and was that kid the junior clone of Pat from SNL or what? Urghhhhhh

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The Oreo one was good and it worked.  Instantly everyone in the room I was watching the game with started debating which is more important, the creme or the cookie.
Obviously the creme is more important.

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Clydesdale - props for using "Landslide."

Indeed.  Major props for using the original Fleetwood Mac version, and not the Dixie Chicks' abhorrent cover.

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Smashing Pumpkins cover is amazing, as well is Tori Amos's stab at it.

-The Aristocrats!

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MC - you must have missed the Taco Bell commercial.  By far the funniest of the night, and got my vote for the best.  "We Are Young" in spanish put it over the top, and the old guy pushing his chest on the window almost had me in tears.

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I didn't miss it, I just momentarily forgot about it. My immediate reaction was that a Spanish-language version of Fun was worse than having Pitbull in the ad. Also, I figure if you eat a lot of Taco Bell, it probably makes you look geriatric, even if you aren't.

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Understandable, I don't know if I hate pop music or Taco Bell more (living in Southern AZ can give you a taste of real Mexican food, and TB is just crap in comparison).  But a foreign language version of pop songs are usually more enjoyable to me, and nowhere near as bad as Pitbull.  Not even the same galaxy.  Pitbull is the worst.

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That Oreo commercial was so funny. I rewound it like 10 times!

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I agree. I thought the Go Daddy commercial was more disgusting Janet Jackson's left boob.



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I like the Labatt Blue commericial C-A-N-A-D-eh

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5* CB Leon Sandcastle 

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Ram Trucks - Farmer!! I saw some really good spots last night, funny ones & all - but that Ram Trucks Farmer spot was a perfect TV commercial. Gave me chills - using the Paul Harvey voice over - no music...I really liked that one.
Edit: NFL - Leon Sandcastle would be a close second...

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Impressed with BW3 and Oreo's marketing of the lighting situation...

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Agreed. Also, did not cost anywhere near $3.8 million.

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Doritos had the best commercials with the goat 4 sale and the fairy dads!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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The girl from the Axe Apollo commercial had one SERIOUS turd cutter!!!

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The Mercedes-Benz commercial with Willam Dafoe and Kate Upton gets my vote, surpised i havent seen anyone mention that one yet

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That one was SO awesome.

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Doritos Goat haha...close second: the Budweiser Clydesdale

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I loved the Oreo library fight! The best parts were the cop shouting into a megaphone and having the whisper come out and the firefighters screaming "FIRE!".

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The Budweiser commercial was so good. I grew up on a horse farm and that one hit so hard in the gut. 

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I honestly got misty-eyed when I watched that one.

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The GoDaddy one was disgusting, although that pretty much fits the terrible quality of their product

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I enjoyed the Oreo one in the library. Also the sketchers commercial where the guy runs down the cheetah

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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The best commercial was the preview for The Fast and Furious 6

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The Volkswagon one where the guys buttcrack was hanging out is still cracking me up!........LOL
Edit: crap, I got the wrong one

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The Rock's milk commercial gets my vote

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