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Of Sunday's three commitments, which one are you most excited to see suit up?



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The guys on the outside wiith the ball are fun to watch in Urban's offense, but you've gotta be dominant up front.  They've brought in an incredible haul for the D-Line in the last 2 classes.  O-Line must be addressed in this class as we will likely have 4 new starters in 2014.
Went with Trout.

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Agreed. Even with this electric offenseive scheme, some of the most fun plays to watch this past season were the ones where the line got Hyde a big push and he could really take off. As a lifetime Browns and Buckeyes fan, I have a soft spot for running straight up the gut.

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O-Line is definitely a huge need, but when I watch football, I don't find myself jumping out of my chair for an offensive tackle's play. On the other hand, I love seeing a QB getting blown up. I went with Marshall

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The odds of the OSU QB staying upright dramatically increase as long as we have good tackle play. Meyer's brought in some pretty good OL players, but we still lack some depth. So Trout's my personal favorite. Though I'm happy that all of them verballed! What a great Sunday for the fighting Urbans!

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I voted Trout, but all look very good.  I think it will take both Marshall and Campbell a while to make an impact due to the depth of older talent we have at both of their positions.  However, we're a little thin at OL and Trout has a good chance of playing early and making an immediate impact.  I am excited to see what he can do with a few years (hopefully more) of Ed Warriner coaching him.

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Probably Marshall, just because we stole him from tsun.  

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I voted for Trout because give Braxton, or JT time and upright behind the line and its hard to lose with that time. Also, I didn't know about the other 2 and I think for most of us they came out of no where so I want see more reports on them.

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After seeing Paris in the DIII state title game last year and his three TD performance...he's by far my fav in the 2014 class at this point...not to mention underrated already based on these voting results.  Watch him wow you very very early in his career....he's fast...elusive and very hard to tackle in space already...wait till be puts weight on;-)

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We're not gonna have enough footballs!  Good problem to have. 

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Right now Kyle Trout, because I see OL as such a glaring need.But I believe in this coaching staff and I'm positive they know more about X's and O's than I do.I always hated that aspect of football and still do, but that's another lifetime and a long story.We may not need him so badly by the time he comes to C-BUS to play.I feel like The Bucks will average 70 points a game this season,against the lousey coaching and players of Li'l eleven.Just like U.F. Meyer says they aren't even trying to keep up with him and his staff.Are we ranked as the #1 recruiting class for 2014,I doubt it, Oh it's way to soon to put a star value on most of these players.We'll talk about that after The SEC has had time to react.I'm sure sence thay all hail from northern states they are just big and slow.Hey I could wright that B.S. that these guys from the East Coast put out every year.Excuse me for going on, but I'm so angry about this season already I can't contain myself.GO BUCKS! 

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I voted Trout.  We need OL players and we need good ones.

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Being a Lancaster native, I am super happy with the Trout commitment. But I went D, "I love them all equally" because I am still feeling the euphoria of 3 gray boxes in one day.

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Anyone that Urban and staff offer and get committed, I'm excited about. In Urban & Co I trust.