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How do you feel about Sunday's game, after Illinois' upset over Indiana?



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Is winning by 10 considered close?

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anything 10+ for me is not close...single digits for me is close.
That's why I chose win big..I think they could win my 10-15 points depending on how well IU shoots the 3.

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This game being at home for our boys' first crack at the Hoosiers is HUGE ... a win this weekend would give us huge momentum for the rest of the season and also for when we have to visit Bloomington in a few weeks.


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I can see this game going one of two ways depending on Indiana. If they come out playing pissed after their loss we could have problems. But if they are still shocked we will have an easy time. Either way I think this one comes down to single digits since the game is at home and I think we can pull out the win.

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If Q and Amir play with the same type of intensity and effort that they showed up in AA on Tuesday night, I feel good about the Buckeyes winning. 
Regardless, I'm excited to watch this team continue to grow and develop. March could be special.

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I like OSU to win, but I do wish Indiana had beat Illinois..

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Understand where you're coming from, but not me.
The door has been opened just a bit further for Ohio State to win another B1G conference title with IU's loss to Illinois.  If Ohio State can beat the Hoosiers on Sunday (which I think they will - Indiana is still overrated, IMO, as no NC contender should have as much difficulty winning away from home as the Hoosiers), they'll be firmly in the hunt for a conference title, and have some big-time momentum going into a very winnable 5 game stretch.

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I like OSU to win, but I do wish Indiana had beat Illinois..

Agree...I wish the Buckeyes could have played the spoiler and beat a #1




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At the beginning of the week when the poll asked how we thought the Buckeyes would do this week, I said 1-1 thinking a close loss to Michigan and a close win over Indiana. Unfortunately I have 1 right so far...I'm hoping it's 2 now...

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I think the Bucks will win. They have the bigger loss, in my opinion, and the home court.