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Which former Tressel assistant will finish with the best head coaching career?



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The fact that Siciliano is on here.......

Pick up your feet, turn your corners square! And DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!

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Nick Siciliano    I seriously hope this was an attempt at humor!!!!

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Isn't the last one allways humor?

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What's so funny about "other?"



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Point sir. I have been bested. Please take my up vote as a symbol of your victory

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Kind of wish it just said "best career" so Nick could win for best cameraman or best burger flopper. Those titles seem to fit him well.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Hazell's a great coach, and clearly on the upswing. He probably will do well at Purdue, but at this point I'm going with Dantonio.

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I went with Siciliano because I saw the humor and didnt take the poll serious. Wouldnt it be hilarious though, if in 15 yrs he is a HC at a major program doing great things.
Anyway, I think long term Hazell probably has the best chance. We will see whata he can do at Purdue but he did great work at Kent St. Dantonio I feel like a few more seasons like this past year and Sparty will tire of him. I dont see them changing anytime soon now that Tress isnt giving him recruiting leftovers.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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Dantonio is winning currently. I think Hazell has a good chance. I voted Siciliano because I think the universe just has that kind of sense of humor.
That and Tress must have seen *something* in him.

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If you call 6-6 (3-5 in Big Ten) winning then I guess he is doing fine. The future doesnt look bright for Sparty right now. I think it will only get worse in the seasons ahead due to Hoke recruiting better, resurgence of Notre Dame and not getting Tressels leftovers are going to take its toll on Dantonio. I wouldnt feel comfortable in the coming seasons if I was an MSU fan. Although if I was an MSU fan I would be dilusional.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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Dantonio has done about the best job anyone could do at MSU it's a regional football program always has been always will be.  As far as judging the entire regime over one rebuilding year because Cousins left that's a little ridiculous.  They had a down year but they will be back mark my words.

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I get what your saying. We differ in the fact I think this is the beginning of some tough times in East Lansing. I certainly understand MSU is a regional school, however their fanbase tends to think differently. I could easily be wrong and maybe I am nailing the coffin shut prematuraly but time will tell. Recruiting is going to be very tough for MSU the next couple of years. Even Meyer stated its tough to get momentum back once you have lost it. I think with the momemtum OSU, ND and the recruiting Hoke has done it is going to make it tough for Dantonio to rebuild. He is going to have a tough sell coming up in the recruiting game.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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Where's the Bollmanator in my choices secton?

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Um...let me be clear that including SiciLOLiano was indeed a joke.

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Yea but we need to find the people who voted for him....

Jim "DooDah" Day

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I did, for the reason above.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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for sake of conversation, why is luke fickell on here? I understand he was the interim head coach last year, but has anyone read or heard that he wants to be a head coach elsewhere in the future? Or is it just presumed? That's probably what all coaches want someday but has anyone seen something specifically? I just don't know that's why I'm asking, not trying to ruffle feathers if you will

I like football

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I think it is commonly understood that Luke Fickel will indeed coach the Buckeyes again, some time after the Urban Era has seen it's end

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What? LOL, no. Its a theory/idea that's been thrown around by a few people, and its an interesting one, but "commonly understood" as fact? C'mon guy.

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An intern head coach who coached the buckeyes has talent and will have worked under two of the Best OSU coaches in history. I think most will agree the job is his after UFM retires as long as something major doesn't happen

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Whoever voted for Beckman must not have undertsood that the question was "who will finish with the best coaching career".

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Dantonio - He's been successful, but he's a Defensive-minded coach who seems to have Offenses that struggle a bit.
Hazell - I thought he was more Offensive-minded, but his Kent State team wasn't ranked highly in Total Offense this season.  What is it about him that helps teams win?
Beckman - Uh, yeah.  He has a lot of work to do before I'll consider him successful...
Fick - He needs to spend more time learning under Urban before he moves to a head coaching job.  Then again, he could do better when he has the power to hire his own staff.

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Hmmm, your 1st sentence reminds me of a head coach we used to have. I think his name was Trusel or Trestle or something like that.
Nice avatar.

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I think these things are always so random. Who a coach used to coach under has almost zero relation to how successful they will be later on as a Head Coach. All this talk of "coaching trees" is to me, overblown. How many Belichick assistants have flamed out so far? Yet the man keeps winning games ... maybe because HE HIMSELF is just a really good coach? Also, a lot of coaches who are successful came from coaching "trees" of far worse coaches. Look at Gus Malzahn finally getting out from under clowns like Houston Nutt and Chizik (Grantland wrote about this today). 
Hell, for all the people praising Hazell as a slam-dunk Great Hire for Purdue ... we only need to look back at this time LAST year when everyone here was saying the exact same things about the Beckman hire at Illinois. Which has gone swimmingly. 
This is not to bash Hazell I know next to nothing about his Head Coaching chops and neither does anyone else. But its 50/50 at best IMO. Same case with Beckman, Fick, all these guys. We just can't say. 

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I was really surprised with what happened with Beckham at Illinois, I am rooting for him and hope he is able to turn the ship around.  While we are on the topic have you ever seen Earle Bruce's coaching tree, it would suggest he's the best coach ever.

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I hope that taking the Purdue job does not derail Hazell's career progression, but if does well there it will speak very well of his ability and future.

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Anyone else think Hazell fits really well at an SEC school in the future? 

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I think, if Hazell creates an atmosphere of continued success at Purdue, which will be difficult, we have ourselves the perfect successor to Urban Meyer.