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Where is OSU ranked in the 2013 preseason?



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No way we are 1 if the SEC NC streak continues.  I said 3-5, and I'm thinking 3, probably behind LSU/'Bama.

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Too many unknowns at this point.  The season isn't over, nobody knows who will will play who in the bowls and probably the biggest factor, who will get hurt by early exits for the NFL.  I did pick 6-10, simply because of having Meyer in his 2nd year and MIller isn't going anywhere.   

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I agree Oyster.  We've got 2 more tough games to play.  See how the rest of the season plays out, and then have this poll again.

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A lot depends on our last two games. Win both those and we'll be in the top five. 
If we lose one though, between the weakness of the B1G and the number of people we lose on defense (even if the replacements are improvements, they still have to adjust to the college game and OSU's system) then i could see us being toward the bottom of the top ten.
Lose both and I could see us being as low as 20.
I'm not even accounting for the variable of what happens elsewhere with other teams. 
I'm assuming Big Hank and Roby leave in this comment. Things change if one or both stay.

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I'll be shocked if Roby leaves, he's only a redshirt soph. Hankins on the other hand is most likely gone. 

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Depends. If everyone comes back, 3-7 isn't out of the question(losing Boren, Simon, Williams and Sabino will be huge). If they lose BR, and JH, 8-12.

Oregon and a SEC team will have the 1st two spots locked up.

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3-5.  No love for the Bucks nationally.  Anywhere in the top 5 will give us a chance at the MNC.
(I am assuming an undefeated season for 2012 of course, and we all know what happens when we assume.)

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I voted 3-5 mostly because we only lose a couple starters on Offense.  I know we'll lose more on Defense.  From the D Line, Simon, Williams, Goebel, and possibly Hank will be gone, but I feel like we have a lot of young talent on the D Line who will step up.  From the LBs, we lose Klein, Sabino, and Boren.  This is the position I'm most concerned about, but we have almost a year for all the young talent to develop into starters.  At CB, we lose Howard (I think Roby stays), but I think guys like Doran Grant, Armani Reeves, and Najee Murray will step up.  At Safety/Star, we lose Orhian Johnson, but, again, I'm confident a young player will step up whether it be Devan Bogard, Pitt Brown, or somebody else.  Overall, I'm optimistic this team will be better next year.

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3-5    Perfect striking position.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I always seem to perfectly predict what the majority answer is going to be.

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I choose 3-5 b/c I think the offense will be pretty darn dynamic next season. I see them averaging around 50 ppg.
If Roby comes back I'll feel much better about the secondary, but I'm confident in the talent that is on the D-line, Shazier will be All B1G, possibly AA, some of the young LB's need to step up and it would be nice if Burrows and Woodard could step in right away and add some quality depth.
Overall, by the end of next season this team might be scary good.


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I started a reply about how ridiculous it was to assume we'd average 50 points a game, and then I looked at our stats from this year and realized that it's entirely possible. We're just under 40 ppg right now, so another 25% increase might be pushing it a bit, but it's not completely unreasonable. This offense still has a lot of room to grow, so assuming they take another couple of steps forward next year...I'll say ~45ppg next year. Unless our defense it epicly bad, we should be in a position to make a mighty fine run at the title game.

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Three of the top 5 will be reserved for SEC teams. 

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Think Arkansas starts out in the top 5 again?


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USC was preseason top 3 according to ever expert out there and that was being terribly think on D.  If this team goes 12-0, with the amount of talent coming back on offense, they are going to be top 3.  I think they'll be preseason number 1, but no lower than 3. 

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Best case scenario, Buckeyes finish 12-0 and hold on to Hankins.  If so, there is no way they will be ranked lower than 3. 
Worst case scenario, Buckeyes lose either one or both of last two games and lose Hankins to draft.  If so, 6-10 is likely.
My scenario, Buckeyes finish 12-0, lose Hankins to NFL and start season ranked 3-5.

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3-5 is reasonable

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the schedule is dreadful next year.  it could hurt them trying to climb if they start out lower than 5 and other teams can keep undefeated.


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what does the schedule look like for next yr? fwiw i said 3-5. i imagine the sec will have 2 of the top 5 and i imagine oregon will be there 2 

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I hate being a dick, but let me Google that for you.

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I personally think OSU could be in the top spot or # 2 in the first poll next year.  It has little to do with schedules as far as pre-season rankings (ND wasn't even in top ten and had the toughest schedule before this season started).  I can see 2 for sure if 12-0 is attained...and seems it's going happen.  I'm not as worried as many are about Whisky or tTUN defenses.  I have a feeling if our defense plays like they have lately, then the last two games may be tough or close, but OSU will prevail.  The offense hasn't been the problem all year.  They're ranked in the top ten for scoring offense...A HUGE improvement from last year I'd say.

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I have no idea what most other teams are returning, so it's all a huge guess. 
Looks like Bama is losing 2-3 OL to the draft (Jones, Warmack and maybe Fluker), but they return pretty much all their skill starters, including McCarron, Yeldon and their WRs.  On defense, looks like they lose only three or four full-timers.  You'd have to put them #1 again.
Gotta think that one or more of Florida, LSU or Georgia will also be very high, along with Oregon.
We'll probably lose Hankins and be in that 3-5 zone if we win out.  If we lose Roby or both of our last games, we'll def be lower.

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Bama, LSU. Oregon, Suprise team, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I guessed 3-5 but I wouldn't list any team in the top 5, returning as few of starters on the defense as what we will be. Granted, I know we have a lot of projected talent but not proven talent. Spence and Washington has shown flashes of brilliance. Schutt has been decent but hasn't really stood out. Bosa will be a true Freshman and Spense spoke extensively about how big of a jump it was for him to go from High School to college. We will lose Boren and Sabino. We get Shazier back, which is a bonus, and a mildly experienced Perry. Probably losing Roby and Johnson. We keep Bryant but he has had some horrible coverage in quite a few games and is very susceptible to making mistakes and bad penalties. I think we get Howard back. He has proven to be decent this year but he is no Roby either. I see a lot of potential with next years defense but potential doesn't always translate to success.

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@USMC-   Howard is a senior.

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Oregon will be up there too. Their qb is a freshman and danthony thomas is a sophomore. 

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Bama, Oregon, Ohio State, Florida is my predition

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#1 preseason yeah that's right real homerism.  Really I have no idea but #1 sounds cool right???

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Oh wow nevermind folks I thought you were talking about basketball, just ignore the above comment completely.