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Now that you've seen the teams in action, what remaining game are you most worried about?



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Well if it isn't my lunch link buddy... Nutty here!
Purdue defense has looked mighty stout and stymied most of their opponents. With Kawann Short on their line, their front four and defensive line has look the best I've seen in years and should keep them in most games. I hope we find a way to beat Purdue after going to West Lafayette and watching us lose last year :(
I finding it shocking Wisconsin doesn't get a pity vote... Not sure if this means people are confident in a win over the badgers or they just are no longer a threat.... Nothing like some home cooking in Madison to make one think otherwise.

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F) All of the above.

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MSU. They are the only big ten team with the defense to shut down our offense. We have to win by getting great in the passing game.

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Sparty...,because they come first.

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scUM because them winning again would signal the apocolype.



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I said Nebraska, since I'm taking my parental units to their first ever game that night and want it to be a win :)

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I went with TTUN because of who they are and we basically know who we're going up against when it comes to Denard.  Wisky and MSU seem to be struggling Offensively with their new QBs.

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It sure as hell ain't Wisconsin - they suck.

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They probably thought the same thing about us last year.  I don't trust 'em.  Yeah, they suck, but they'll be mad as hell after last year and at home.  I still voted for MSU though.

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I didn't vote.  Not my place to impose my fears on the Buckeyes.  To be honest, I think the MSU defense is the only scary thing in the conference right now.  ND's 20 points notwithstanding.  It hurts to say it about the conference's single most dirty team, but Pat Narduzzi is the best DC in the B1G.

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The only thing that has changed is that I actually fear everyone else less than I did before I saw any football this year, except Purdue.  The Boilers are a lot better than I thought they'd be.  Purdue's offense is going to shred our defense.

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Agree M Man, I think if Braxton can't get help around him MSU will shut him down. On the flip side, I'm not sure Sparty can score points. Shut down Bell and they can't do anything else. It's amazing how big of an impact losing a QB and a few WR's has on some teams. If Cousins and Cunningham were on this team, I could see them making a title run. Maxwell has a way to go before that defense can truly shine.

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Not scared of MSU b/c that's the "big" non-UM game everyone's worried about and has circled on their calendar. The guys will show up big time for that one I'm sure, as they will for UMich. More worried about one of those random fluke games against a dangerous but very flawed team that could totally explode on us if a bunch of things just happen to fall their way. So I voted Nebraska, esp once they get Burkhead back and if they get their ground game going early - we could be in trouble. 

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I voted for Nebraska as well tough team explosive runnin backs in abdullah and burkhead. I think that will be our test to protect our home turf. Its a prime time game so the shoe will be rockin it will be a crazy night hopefully we can get the ball in the air lil more. As the rest of the games really there all gonna be tough MSU,Purdue,Wisconsin,Michigan,Indiana. All could be potential losses if we cant stay consistent on offence.. Im lookin forward to conference play. Lets take down UAB and its On.. Go Bucks


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Tough call. I mean MSU just crapped in the bed & will be awful eager to prove something & tsun is.....tsun...I gotta think Nebraska is gonna be pretty tough - but we win that one on the home field & that Purdue could end up being legitimately tough this year.

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Anyone gonna be in East Lansing for the MSU game? I'm an MSU alum but lifelong Buckeyes fan (long story) and would love some help defending myself andy my younger brother against all the drunken Spartan fans.

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Has anyone heard about our nike pro combat uniforms this year? and if and when we will wear them?