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Is the defense built for dealing with a back like Le'Veon Bell?



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I want to see Maxwell on his back every time he even thinks about passing.


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I am confident the staff's focus was on tackling this week and containing the run. 

Let Maxwell try to make plays.

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I really hope you're right David...because the game will ride on whether they can tackle Bell as well as tackle in space too.  I'm not so sure MSU is going to try to pull a Walrus move and run right at us all day.  Seems plays in space hurt this defense more than anything and I'm sure we'll see some of this attempted on Saturday.  

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Maxwell can be intimidated, we need to get to him early and often, a couple roughing the passer calls might even be in store just to send the message that he's going down on every play. It probably won't happen, but I can dream. 

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With some of the personal foul calls we have had this year due to highly aggressive play, I would not be surprised if we get a few. At times the D has played angry.


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Maxwell is actually a pretty decent QB. His WRs have just let him down. They make him look bad. Several of his INTs have been deflections off WRs. If they start to actually catch the ball, watch out.

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Until they start tackling, this defense isnt built for stopping anyone.  I do have faith that the problem will be corrected though.  Too many good athletes and football players on that side of the ball for it not to.

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OTHER:  I think the D-line is built to stop Le'veon Bell.  I do not think the linebacking corps is...yet.  Obviously, would love to be proven wrong on Saturday.
I feel like OSU defenses of the recent past would be built for this game... but right now it seems like the current LBs have the speed to go sideline to sideline but are lacking in focus/technique. I have the eerie feeling that mental mistakes will cost OSU the game. 

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My biggest concern is that we don't have a MIKE that is really standing out.  That seems crucial to effectively stopping Bell on Saturday.

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I agree, I'd like to see Michael, or Mike for short, Thomas get some more PT. 

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True that the current LB corp has tackling issues compared to previous ones, but who on MSU will have the speed to get to the edge to exploit this against us? Bell isn't that type of player. And I don't think Maxwell has the timing/accuracy to punish us by throwing 40+ short screen passes. 

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I think so.  I mean, what has been destroying the defense are the quick passes to the WR in space on the edge.  The DBs are playing off the receivers, getting blocked upfield, and taking bad angles. Against the run, Ohio State is ranked 33rd in the, not amazing but not awful by any stretch.

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Would probably be a lot better too if they faced teams that didn't pass the ball like you described. I'm excited to see the game this weekend because I think it will truly show how bad (or not so bad) the defense actually is.

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Shut him down like they did Clay a few years back.

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Last year against wisky the defense owned montee ball.        and discuss.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I do miss Heacock...........

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I'd be happy with less personal foul calls...........

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Just like Meyer said I want an angry football team.

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I think everyone's being too negative. Yes our defense CAN be shredded, but not by this specific team which is a one trick pony on offense. We just happen to be built to stop this one trick. 
Look at the Cal game. Bigelow gashed us but nobody on MSU is a player like him. Cal's "between the tackles" every down back, Isi Sofele went 21 carries for 86 yards. That's not particularily stellar by any means. UAB, UCF, and Miami all had backs who had some success against us but were being held under 20 carries. All 3 of those teams also threw more than 44 times against us. Simply put, if Maxwell is putting up 44+ passes on us we will win. 

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 I agree. Bigelow was more lighting whereas Bell is more thunder. I think our guys thought a big hit without wrapping would put Bigelow down. I don't see anyone (anywhere) thinking that you will get Bell down without wrapping up. I think we'll see guys hanging on and tackling well. 

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I hope Hankins and Simon can wear him down before we wears our linebacking corp out. -fingers crossed-

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I'm not sure it's too negative to be worried about this game. The defense hasn't looked good stopping the run, up to this point. Yes, it was more edge attacks than power running. But it's still an unknown whether we can stop power, right? I remember in the Cal game when they didn't go for it on 4th and short we were all shocked because they'd been getting 4-5 yards a pop. And not all of that was on the edges.
We've shown no sustained ability to stop the run so far this year. This will either be the game we show that we can, or the game where we get pounded over the head with that particular shortcoming. Opinions on either side abound, I don't think they are overly negative. We're a worrisome fanbase. Until we have a more polished product, we're going to worry.

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I vehemently believe that our defense is built not only to stop backs like Bell, but offenses like MichState's. I don't believe we were built for a true spread-- this team we face on Saturday is not that... they're going to run it straight at you, not going to try some off the wall game-plan that we haven't seen all year, or beat you with trick plays-- this defense is ABSOLUTELY built for a back like Bell; he's not going to run around our defense, but attempt to run right at it. We can stop that.. We were built for that.. I personally cannot wait-- Hopefully some of you fella's (and ladies) are planning on making the trip-- if so, we'll see you there!!!

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I'm hoping our MLB steps it up this week he'll have plenty of opportunities to make plays

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I feel like this game will be his break out game; since i'm pretty sure he'll be on the field lol! For the most part, the offenses we faced the first 4 weeks have fored us to be in nickle a lot. The personnel that MSU will have on the filed will more than likely not call for us to be in this package.

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