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Who will be the B1G Offensive Player of the Year?



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Nobody knows for sure, so my vote goes for Braxton, being the Homer that I am.



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agreed.   if he stays healthy, in this system, there is no reason he cant win it. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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eventually....yes.  likely not this year though.  there's a reason that most players (especially QBs) in their first year have a few struggles.  braxton, while incredibly talented, isn't that much better than any other player who ever played that he can reach his full potential in one offseason

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Ball or Robinson, no doubt.

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As much as it pains me, I have to vote for Robinson on this one. I might've voted for Ball if I were more sure that Wiscy's new QB would have similar success like their last transfer QB. New QB, new OC, and White sharing the load knocked down Ball's chances IMHO. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he won it in the end.
Robinson will have another year under what's his face's offense, he's a senior with tons of experience, and although he's lacking as a QB he is a legitimate playmaker who's a threat just about every play. Braxton, for all his potential is only going into his 2nd year starting. He's dealing with an inexperienced WR corps and a new HC and OC. He'll be great in time and I think he'll be pretty good this year. Braxton will probably be a legitimate Heisman candidate starting his Junior year. All that said, I hope he carves up Mich's D this year and Robinson gets completely shut down by the Buck's D!

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Barring a cataclysmic-interception-laden-quarterback-implosion, this is D-Rob's award to lose.

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I'm pretty much expecting Wisky's offense to give hand off to Ball every play from scrimmage, and he'll probably have 8,000 yards rushing. So having said that, I'd give the award to Burkhead.

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Ball or Braxton...I don't see Robinson having this year everyone is saying he's going to (and it will all start against Bama. Make or break if you ask me).  I don't see why 2011-20Tds and 15 Ints and 2010 18Tds and 11Ints is all that much to brag about (you stop him running and you beat him...Iowa MSU and Wisky seems to have figured that out as well as OSU in 2010).  Braxton's a better runner as well as passer if put in the right situational offense.  I can see Ball winning WAY before Robinson.  Only thing that's the difference between Braxton and De-tard is OSU gave up "39" sacks and tTUN only 13....that's what will be the difference this year as well as to who's a better "over all" QB.  I say B.Miller...but I'm definitely biased.  

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braxton is definitely a more durable runner...denard gets the nod as more of a running threat though.  he still ran well last year and they held him back last year.  3 years starting in rich rod's system and he would comfortably pass pat white as the leading rushing qb of all time.  braxton is great, don't get me wrong, but not a better runner.  maybe one day.
and seriously? de-tard? despite being from TTUN, he seems like a humble, hard working, interception prone kid.  no need to bash the guy