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OSU Alums-What was your favorite part about graduation?



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I voted "getting my diploma," but my graduation ceremony took place in St. John's Arena, so "walking into Ohio Stadium" wasn't an option.

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Eh. I'm on the "When its over" side. The graduation wasn't emotional to me. Packing up my truck and driving home for the last time was when it hit me. It was that "Wow its really over" moment. I stayed the summer after graduation but that morning in August when I came home was more emotional than the ceremony.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Congrats to the '12 class. It's rough out there right now but don't get discouraged.

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Also graduated in St John Arena.  Getting my diploma was awesome - couldn't believe we had so many graduates, and yet when I walked across the stage, there was my diploma.  But, the best thing was our speaker - Gerald Ford.  He agreed to speak before he became President, and honored his commitment after he took office despite many advising to forgo the address.  The entire experience was awesome.

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D'oh!  I just realized I typed "St. John's Arena"...

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Graduated last December. Gonna have to go with "when it was over." Standing for an hour in the auxiliary gym gave me a splitting headache, which lasted for the entire ceremony. Gee gave a good speech, though. The speaker was some cookie company CEO I'd never heard of. Unfortunately, Archie was in New York for the Heisman presentation.
The best part about graduation was the Mongolian Barbecue dinner with family afterwards. The emotion of the moment didn't really hit until the next day, when I had time to think about something other than my throbbing headache. 

The North remembers.

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I kind of glossed through graduation because at that point I was focused on a quick move for grad school (I graduated after Fall quarter '97 and was accepted to grad school for Spring semester '98).  Wish I had savored the moment a bit more.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Graduated in the Oval in 2001 so I am with all of you on not walking into the 'Shoe... My biggest regret... I had my hand on Eddie George's diploma and almost took it instead of my own. So wish I had Eddie's diploma. It would be hung on a wall as opposed to mine which is in a box in the basement.

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I had the honor of walking into Ohio Stadium two consecutive springs.  The first one I didn't really enjoy it much...concentrated on the heat only.  The second time was much more enjoyable.  Either way, I was glad I decided to walk.

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I voted other, because when I graduated spring quarter of 1997, we were the first spring quarter class to not graduate in Ohio Stadium since World War II. We all walked over to the stadium from French Field House, but the skies opened up as the class entered the stadium and it poured rain for 45 minutes. By the time we ready were for the speeches, the speaker and microphone cabling was under 2 inches of water and cutting in out out. Everyone was soaked to the bone, so they moved the whole thing back to French Field House. We all gathered into pseudo-lines and received our diplomas from a box. We eventually all received a small pin in the mail of an umbrella over '97. So for me, I remember the rain :)

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I graduated in 2001 as well. Bill Cosby was at the ceremony so I decided not to walk. Not that I have anything against him, but c'mon, Bill Cosby? My parents were so pissed because I skipped it. I was so burned out from finals and my senior project that I just wanted the whole damn thing to be over. Not to mention that I was really stressing about not having a job to go along with a ton of debt. Thankfully that didn't last long. It didnt' really hit me until the interview for my first job, which I'm still at. They asked questions about my courses, experience, etc, and they seemed impressed. I guess it all gets lost in the 4+ years of class and college life, but that degree really holds some weight. I proudly hang my diploma on my office wall.
Congratulations to the class of '12 and good luck in the real world.

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