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Who will win the Gator Bowl? Bonus question to answer in comments: Who wins the MVP?



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I voted tOSU assuming they don't come out flat.  MVP?  I'll go with Braxton.

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OSU plus I'll go with Braxton also. Our only bowl game in two years, the Bucks should be playing lights out.

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I'm as big of a homer as there is, but I voted Florida. I know we travel well, but this is a home game for them. I think our offensive line issues will get exposed and Braxton will be running for his life. JMO. I think Florida's offense is very bad at times so we have a chance. Maybe Travis Howard can work on his arm tackling. I think he needs to spend a day with Speilman.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I picked OSU but this game does worry me. I do think we have the better team and should have motivation, but as you said: this is practically a home game for Florida. Regarding traveling well: it appears to me, based on messages from the University in my email and on Facebook, that OSU fans are not buying tickets.

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tOSU obviously wins and the MVP goes to All Flannel Tops himself, Mr. John Simon for removing Brantley's torso in a sack so brutal, the Mortal Kombat designers blush

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MVP = Dan 'Boom' Herron

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If we're trying to be original, that's a good second pick (after Braxton Miller). So, I'll go with D. Posey.  

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on a LOL note, if florida wins, then oversigning is the MVP

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Florida is actually one of the few schools in the SEC that does not oversign (along with Vandy and Georgia). Florida president Bernie Machen has actually called the practice "morally reprehensible".

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I got posey for mvp with 100+ yards and 2 tds.... maybe just wishful thinking but after watching the michigan game I think those extra practices could make brax to posey pretty lethal

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Posey on offense, and Simon on defense.

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I'm not just rooting for the Bucks; I am predicting the Bucks.  What's the injury situation on the defensive side?

My prediction for game MVP would have been Posey, but since everybody else chose him, I am going with Herron.  I don't think Florida will defend the run as well as we did.

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MVP is Joe Bauserman.


In a last attempt to troll Buckeye fans, Jim Bollman will use a wildcat package for Bauserman 80% of the plays.



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Please don't give him any ideas.

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Like the Bucks in this one.  I think Florida is too injured, and Ohio State finally got it clicking against Michigan (even though it was a loss).  I think Ohio State wins by a TD.  MVP: Devier Posey.

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I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I think The Bucks win, and I have no logical reason to make this prediction but I think it's going to be a blowout.  The seniors are playing in their last bowl and so are the Jr's.  The team doesn't want to end on a losing record, and Braxton is going to be much better from the increased reps with Posey.  Add that to the buzz around Ohio State's program right now with the new coach and great recruiting and I think this will be a terriffic win for the Buckeyes.  I also think, the whole season had a black cloud.  There was no clear verdict on what the future might hold, things were just kind of a mess all year. Also, last time Buckeyes and Gators met it wasn't pretty.   One last thing, officially Ohio State has never won a bowl against an SEC team.  I know what happened last year, but officially they are 0-fer.  

I look for Braxton to make a big step forward and Ohio State Romps.  Braxton Miller will be my pick for MVP. 

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I sure hope you are right BT. I voted Buckeyes, but am very sceptical.

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I'm not neccessarily confident it'll work out this way.  This season there was just sooooooooo much negativity around this team.  With injuries, suspensions, inexperienced players and coaches, not to mention losing your leader on the sideline and your on the field leader the team just went through so much BS this year. 

Now, there is a lot of buzz and excitement around the team and I think it will impact on field performance.  I wouldn't be totally shocked if they lose, but I can also see them blowing Florida out.  It's kind of how a felt before the Alamo bowl a few years back.  

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Buckeyes get revenge from Title game. Boom goes out big with 150 + rush yards and a few td's. 17-10 good guys


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There were many reasons OSU was 6-6, so I'm predicting OSU wins a super close contest, due to the fact that I'm a fan.

I'm going with Boom as the MVP.  Braxton wil be the most exciting player, and Bradley Robey will continue to morph into OSU's next GREAT DB. 

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see my comment below...Roby is the next GREAT DB



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Seeing as this is a crap shoot, I decided to go with Ohio State. Why not? It's my school, and no one knows what to expect. Neither team has really played consistently, and who knows who/what will be on. 

MVP: Ryan Shazier. Why? Because I'm a sucker for defense, and he's a monster.

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Roby for MVP...future 1st round pick!