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Which suspended player will you miss seeing on the field most on Saturday?



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I said Jordan Hall, because I like the guy.

That said, if you asked "which player will you most miss for the Michigan State game" my answer is entirely different.

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Wha>!<!>??!??  Mike Adams is least-missed?!  He's an NFL-calibur LT...the most important person on the field!  Because of his absence, the O-line is a patch-work.  It won't matter if you have any of these other guys could very well be a grind to get yards if we were only missing Mike Adams.

But, wtf do I know?  I thought UNLV was going to put up a bit more resistence last night.

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Agreed - I poked in here to say the same thing but you beat me to it.  He might not be most interesting guy to miss seeing but to me, the most important.  Especially now that we are down another RB and breaking in new starting QBs.

Go Bucks!


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Everbody knows LT isn't a "skill" position. ;)

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Have to agree with you on Adams, even if Norwell is an absolute stud, it would be nice having Adams protecting the QB's blindside.

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Hall? Whiting perhaps.

vacuuming sucks

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Damn, you go to sleep and wake up and all hell breaks loose.

vacuuming sucks

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I'm going with Adams. We're deep as an "It puts the lotion on the skin" pit at RB, our WR's are all young and Posey did nothing for me last year but make my beautiful hair go gray. Howard Island will hurt a bit, but for this game, it really won't be that much of a loss. Gotta go with Adams, he's one of the two best OL we have.

-The Aristocrats!

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Adams seems liks the most obvious pick since he protects the blind side, but Norwell is a former blue chip prospect himself getting high praise so you never know..

Posey is far and beyond our best Wide out, but without an adequate qb throwing the ball to might not matter.If Philly Brown gets any confidence he could be a Desean Jackson-Jeremy Macklin type player for us.

Herron is our workhorse back that we won't need versus the small schools, but will def need him in Big11 play. We should be fine with Hyde, Smith and Berry.

Howard gone for one game isn't too big of a loss. At least we'll prob have the fastest corners in the big ten starting Sat in Clarke and Robey.


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Miss as in "enjoy watching"? Boom. 

Miss as in "oh crap I really wish this person were on the field?" Posey.

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Adams, it's trench warfare,just like in the war to end all wars.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I voted Boom but it's probably Hall. We all knew Boom wasn't gonna play. Hall...oh well.

Long live the southend.