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Are you okay with the idea of Joe Bauserman as the starting quarterback?



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I am slightly comforted by his beard and receding hairline.

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when i went to bed last night it was 92-8 for no.... what did i miss? did he all of a sudden become become blessed with 4.4 speed?

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Joe voted anonymously last night.

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I voted 'no' with the caveat that I am more okay with Bauserman as QB than I am with Bollman as the OC and OL coach....

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If he's serviceable and the best option right now, then obviously you'd want to play him.  But if we're going to suck no matter who's taking the snaps, might as well give it to Miller so he can get some real game time under his belt.

I voted no.

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I'm a little surprised by this ratio.  The most important thing in the world to Coach Fickell right now is turnovers.  We've been inordinately blessed with Ohio State being top-5 in turnover margin the last 2 years straight.  I have a hard time thinking Braxton Miller can take care of the football like you'd need him to.  One of the reports from practice described one of Miller's throws as something that set the game of football back several decades or something...he tomahawked it.  Sorry, but I that is not acceptable.  Maybe Bauserman doesn't instill a whole lot more confidence, but I do think you have to start with Bauserman, and make a change as/if the season becomes more and more lost, and get ready for the next 2 or 3 years.

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Considering that Bauserman only completed one pass in crunch time last year (Illinois) another of his passes was an arm punt that was picked off; I have a problem with this. Our O-line is not going to gel quickly, we need a mobile QB who can escape from a collapsing pocket, and that is something that Bauserman cannot do.

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I am not OK with it, but it might be the safest bet right now. If he can get a win at Miami he will instill some confidence in everyone. I don't know that he ever gets that chance, but it could happen.

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Its Justin Zwick Troy Smith all over again

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"No, I'm not okay! This is not okay! You know when you used to tell me that without Pryor, Joe Bauserman would be quarterback? Deep down, I always thought it was a metaphor!"


/obscure Twister reference

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Yep. In Fickell I trust.

Long live the southend.

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I voted yes.  As much as I would like to see Miller on the field.  I don't think he is ready.