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How do you feel about the Kentucky game?



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Maybe I'm on crazy pills but I honestly expect a 10+ point win.

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Boy Chris I sure hope you are right.  I don't know enough about UK to know what to expect.  I just hope the hoop looks like a garbage can to Threebler and company.

Go Buckeyes!


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For no particular reason, I've seen UK play about five times since February probably. No doubt they are a legit team. I think one huge key to the game is how effectively Craft can control Knight. If Craft can turn him over and frustrate him out top, that will go a long way to securing a victory. For whatever reason, I see Craft frustrating Knight which disrupts their entire offense. Also, while Harrelson has improved over the years, I think Sully can get him in foul trouble. Considering Kentucky is probably the only team left in the field with less depth than us, foul trouble for Harrelson would be a big blow to Kentucky. I also like that UK will want to play a tempo that we are comfortable with. Finally, Kentucky's youth leads me to believe this game could play out being close for the first 20-30 minutes but their youth will lead to too many empty possessions over the final 10 minutes while Ohio State's experience produces the opposite result. Obviously, the game could unfold a totally different way but I definitely feel like OSU should win by 10+.

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Before I had tickets: confident.

After I got tickets: straight scared.

I've been joking though with a bunch of UK friends that we're favored by a touchdown. 

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If we do manage to win this game, I am going to be very upset if the OSU fans don't start an sarcastic "S-E-C" chant inside the arena.

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Based on the Sugar Bowl performance from our fans, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Too many scoring threats for OSU, look at the matchups. The only advantage is Knight/Craft for UK. If Knight has another cold start which is highly likely for a frosh, it's over yo. Kentucky doesn't have the big man depth to handle us.

I gotta agree on the 10+ point win.

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I've watched a lot of UK basketball games this year as they are always on TV.  No doubt they are talented, but I'm just not worried about this game the way others are.  Did anyone watch their first 2 rounds?  They just weren't that good and Ohio State looked better than anyone else.  The matchups are in Ohio State's favor big time.  Sullinger vs. Harrelson, honestly Sully will dominate.  I also think Craft is the best defensive point guard Knight will have faced this year.  He's going to frustrate Knight.  I'm thinking Terence Jones will be on Diebler, and Jones has had a tendancy to play with his head up his ass especially on defense.  Buford will probably be guarded by Darius Miller or Liggins.  They are athletic and good players, they could pose problems for Bufford.  The problem is, if you contain Buford, then Lighty steps up.  I think Ohio State has too many options, and they are by far the best defensive team UK has played all year.  I have to agree with Chris, this is going to be a double digit win.

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Now that I'm seeing Buckeye Nation's confidence, I'm a little nervous. I'm a bit superstitous like that.

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I don't know much about UK but I really like the mental attitude of our team.  They turn it on and play hard and smart when they know its needed, even if only for 10 minutes in some games.  They now know the danger of letting up on a good team with a great point guard (thanks Wisky), so that experience will help.  

The only time this year I thought we didn't look like the better team was at Purdue, and the guys seemed tired and a little bored that game - not that they didn't want to win, but they we're off their game and kind of knew it didn't matter much.

UK will get the guys full attention and effort.  We'll start slow and miss early shots, then adjust and get at it.  UK may win, but it will take a great game on their part.