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Do you think Ohio State could beat the Cavs?



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This is like the old could USC beat the Bengals question. As great as this Buckeye team is, the Cavaliers are still a team made entirely of pros. Sure they're not the best pros, and most of them aren't even good pros. But they are all pros and would beat any of this years college basketball teams.

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Agreed.  As good as the Buckeyes are, the Cavs would beat them like a drum.  Good thing, though, no need to play any NBA teams to win the NCAA title.  Well, unless you are playing KY, then they are really pros with smaller salaries for a year.  

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Football is a little different than hoops though...Sullinger, Lighty, Buford can all be on NBA rosters right now, while Diebler can shoot at any level.....


I say the Cavs would win 9 out of 10, but the Bucks are definitely more likely to beat them than a college to NFl football game

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It's a fun thing to speculate, but I think there is a decent sized gap between pro and college sports. 

Now, if we were talking about taking the nation's best NCAA players and putting them on a team versus the worst pros, then I could see the college team winning. 

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I'm thinking the best in the B1G maybe 7 out of ten. 

Long live the southend.

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I agree with Alex that the gap in bball is smaller than in football, just due to the nature of the two sports.  Still, Cavs probably have the edge.  I think it would be an interesting game though.

That said, I voted for option 3, because if you give me a silly option I will vote for it.  That's why I have such a hard time making up my mind in presidential elections.  Boom, roasted.

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I think that OSU could beat the Cavs, especially if they play like they did against Purdue. This is pretty much a given.

The real question IMO, is can they beat them on a regular basis? Sure Ohio State has the talent to upset the Cavs. But it would take an almost perfect storm for it to happen. I'd say they could beat them once or maybe twice in a fictional ten game series. They could also stay in some of the other games and maybe make the Cavs sweat a little and really earn their W.

Could they beat the Cavs? Sure. Would I put my car's title on one game? NO!

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The Cavs would capture a seven game series against Ohio State 10/10 times. For one game, however, who knows.

It will never happen, but would love to see basketball implement something like the FA Cup where pro teams are put into a tournament with every club team that wants in and everything in between. Of course, the Manchester Uniteds of the world get byes through the first handful of rounds, but there are still "Giant Killers".

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Lets see...If you narrow the discussion to this current Cavs team (w/ injuries) at this moment then the game will get a lot more interesting than people are making it. Im not saying the bucks would win a one game deal. The Cavs depth and playing the best night in and night out gives them an significant edge. 

However if your doing best out of 10, We would have our nights of great shooting and sneak a few wins for a few reasons.

 Consider this.

Stats and Notes

1. The Cavs stars are banged up. Look at the matchups. We would be playing a bunch of role players for the most part. Save for Hickson and Jamison.

Eyenga - Lighty

Jamison - Sully

Hickson - Thomas

Gibson - Diebler

Sessions -  Craft

Manny Harris (yup that one) & Hollins - Buford

Samuals - Lauderdale

Most of the Cavs healthy roster is made up of avg. college stars. I mean Eyenga killed the Congo basketball scene (Congo did beat Devry in an exhibition, lol). The Bucks current top 7 would be drafted higher than 60-70% of the Cavs current active roster. Alot of this Cavs team is projects and Some of these guys will be NBDL or overseas after this season. So its not like were playing the creme of the crop here.

3. Our starting lineup actually has a considerable height advantage at the guard spots. And I think we weigh more across the board.

4. The Bucks scrimmage pros every summer, all summer, so there wouldn't be a huge adjustment" period. Over they years they've played Conley, Penn, G.O., Turner etc... Craft has already logged minutes guarding NBA starter Mike Conley. So I'm sure Boobie and Sessions wouldnt cause him to lose much sleep.

5. Manny Harris is on the roster. and guess what? he logged 28 minutes the other night. He's one year removed from getting beat by this Bucks team.

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It takes time for even the best college players to make the adjustment in the pros.  Kobe wasn't Kobe right away.  Neither was Dwayne Wade or Lebron.  Even Jordan.  Maybe 1-3 years before they really start putting it together (plus, they have other pros on their team).  If any given pro team came onto the court and played any given college team they would crush said college team.  CRUSH.  It would be a 40 point beat-down or worse.

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Wade dropped 16 a game as a rookie. Bron dropped 20. Jordan doing about 28 ppg.

Kobe was the lone scrub at about 7.6 points per game. Thats mainly because he thought every play should be something sportscenter worthy and missed them all. 

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Yeah, Jordan's bulls went something like 38-44 that year, finished 4th in their division.  Compared with the 30-40 points per game, your first two selections were FAR below what they are today.

Thanks, Kasino, for proving my point.