E. Gordon Gee Recommended Jim Tressel for Youngstown State Presidency

By DJ Byrnes on May 12, 2014 at 12:08p

E. Gordon Gee and Jim Tressel are some of the most recognizable figures in the history of The Ohio State University. Although Gee is now at West Virginia and Tressel is en route to Youngstown (for reasons that need no refresher course here), it appears the friendship and respect betwixt the two legends is still hearty.

From InsideHigherEd.com:

In the middle of the Ohio State scandal, Gee somewhat notoriously joked that he hoped “the coach doesn’t dismiss me” when asked whether he would fire Tressel.

Gee said in an interview that although he never expected Tressel to move from the sidelines to a president’s office, he recommended his former coach for the job because of his leadership skills. Gee said one of Tressel’s most valuable assets would be his “substantial Rolodex” of potential donors, and added that he would tell Tressel to “look out for the politics of an institution.”

“There’s no more scrutinized role within the university than being a football coach. He has been in the crucible,” Gee said. “You have to have someone who has thick skin and gets the heat. Jim has been there.”

Time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship... 


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The 0 is silent.

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Even after Tressel fired him from OSU?

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I look forward to a rational, nuanced response to this news from the national sports media.

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If you check out the comments in this link, it appears Mike Brewster's mother feels similarly.

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Then at least three people don't know not to click on Bleacher Report.


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But Gee is embarrassing and also bow ties


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I understand Gee recommended Tress...but I imagine Gee just as eagerly sending a big FU to all his (and Tress', for that matter) critics.

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They both could. But neither would.

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You just can't trust those damn university presidents.

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