Urban Meyer's 50th Birthday by the Numbers

By John Brandon on July 10, 2014 at 9:15a
Urban Meyer turned 50 today

In case you missed your invitation, today is Urban Meyer's 50th birthday. Seeing as birthdays – especially milestone birthdays like the big five-oh – are a great time to look back on accomplishments, let's spend some time looking back on Meyer's career by the numbers.

Meyer boasts a career record of 128-25 record. The 128 wins are good for 85th all-time among coaches and eighth among active coaches, behind Frank Beamer, Steve Spurrier, Bill Snyder, Gary Pinkel, Nick Saban, Bob Stoops and Tommy Tuberville. Pretty good company, especially when you consider that Meyer and Stoops are the only ones that will be younger than 60 this season. The more impressive number is Meyer's winning percentage of 83.66%, comfortably the best among active coaches (who have coached at least 10 seasons) and trailing only Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy and Barry Switzer historically.

To give us a bit more perspective and appreciation for what Meyer has done at the youthful age of 50, let's look at where some of college football's notable coaches were at the big five-o:

Coach Year Wins Win Pct. bowl wins national Titles
BARRY SWITZER 1987 140 .824 8 4
TOM OSBORNE 1987 137 .801 8 0
BO SCHEMBECHLER 1979 136 .805 0 0
BEAR BRYANT 1963 132 .688 5 1
URBAN MEYER 2014 128 .837 7 2
LOU HOLTZ 1987 122 .616 5 0
MACK BROWN 2001 107 .569 4 0
JOE PATERNO 1976 101 .808 5 0
WOODY HAYES 1963 78 .709 2 1
BOBBY BOWDEN 1979 73 .682 2 0
NICK SABAN 2001 55 .618 1 0
BILL SNYDER 1989 1 .200 0 0

Fun fact: At age 50, Urban Meyer will have more national championships than Bill Snyder had wins. Meyer's resume at 50 is second only to Barry Switzer's on this list, and better than many of college football's legends.

The other angle that instantly jumps out at me is Nick Saban's lack of early success. His historic run at Alabama has made the earlier part of his career easy to forget, but at this point in his career he was only entering his second year at LSU. Meyer has done more than Saban so far, and It will be interesting to compare the two when their careers are all said and done.

Here's a few more fun facts about Meyer's 50th birthday

  • Meyer-coached teams have scored 50 or more points 32 times (20.9% of games) and are undefeated when doing so.
  • Meyer-coached teams have never allowed 50 points in a game. Ironically, the closest any opposing team has come to scoring 50 points was... Indiana in 2012!
  • Meyer has obviously never coached a game on his birthday, but he has coached twice on his half-birthday (January 8th). Both of those games turned out to be National Championship victories.
  • Unrelated but important: Nick Saban's birthday is on October 31st, because of course it is.

Meyer, Future Wins Record-Holder?

With Meyer being so accomplished for his age, I thought I'd have some fun with trying to project his career trajectory. Now that over 100 wins have been vacated from Joe Paterno, the career coaching record of 346 wins held by Bobby Bowden isn't quite as impossible a milestone.

Given the addition of the Big Ten Championship Game and the new playoff format, let's say that Ohio State plays an average of 14 games a year. Factoring in Meyer's .840 winning percentage at BCS schools and a national championship every 4.5 years, Meyer would be on pace to win roughly 11.76 games per year. At that rate he would need to coach for 7 more seasons to have the most wins by an Ohio State coach (205), 9 seasons to surpass Bo Schembechler (234) and crack the top 10 all-time, 15 seasons to surpass Joe Paterno for the most wins by a Big Ten coach (298) and 19 more seasons to break the NCAA record (346).

It has already been a great run for Urban Meyer, and the Buckeyes are lucky to have him at the helm. I hope he enjoys his big day, or at least take the time to remember what day it is – unlike his buddy from Tuscaloosa.



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I'm just glad he coaches for the good guys now

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Happy birthday, Urban! Here's to many more years of you as our head coach.

....Many, many more years. Please. 

"Medicine is not a science" - Leo Spaceman

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Happy birthday coach!  However, I am trying to figure out why his half-birthday is January 8 and not January 10. 

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Happy Birthday! Here is to 50 more yrs as Buckeye Head Coach! A guy can dream...Can't he...lol

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Hey I'd be happy with 10 more years.

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I would just like to emphasize the 0 Bowl Wins and 0 National Championships for Bo.

And happy birthday Urban!


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I'd forgotten how terrible Schembechler's bowl record was. As Michigan coach, he started 0-7 in bowls and 2-10. 

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Now, imagine if he had even an average to decent year the year he was out of coaching. His win pct may dip a little but he'd be in the Bo range for wins before 50, and if he had had an outstanding season, would be pushing Switzer for most ever before 50. 

Regardless, he's obviously a great coach, recruiter, and motivator, and glad he's back home where he belongs! 


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I like the forecasting, but I'm just praying for 7 more years .. Anything beyond would be a blessing

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Happy Birthday Coach

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Fun fact, Urban Meyer and Phillips.449 share a birthday!  Happy Birthday UFM from BRP!

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Hey, I too was born on July 10th.  Happy Birthday Phillips.449!  Happy Birthday UFM!  And Happy Birthday to me!

Also, we share this birthday with Sofia Vergara, Nikola Tesla, Adolphus Busch, and a host of other interesting folks…pretty decent company.

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Happy Birthday to you too Estrada!  I believe it is Jessica Simpson's birthday as well. I made some "chicken" (of the sea) salad for lunch in her honor.

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Could you imagine 20 more years of Urban at the helm? That would be more than welcomed at the rate he's going.

I think this could be our year...we've got some dogs in the secondary now & reinforcements at LB. The DL & DBs will feed off of this new press scheme; definitely expecting more turnovers, 3 & Outs, and to win TOP battles as well. The offense will go as far as Braxton's arm has developed!

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Get your shine box, Gumar.

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 This is VERY NICE!

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I know there are a lot of things one could say about the Barry Switzer era, but wow. Those stats are something else.

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Apparently, Barry Switzer began his career at Oklahoma the same year, 1973, that Osborne began his career at Nebraska. Looking at the numbers those two coaches compiled during an infamous era of SWC/B12 football - 1970s through early 1980s, before the SMU Death Penalty - makes me think about looking at HR numbers from Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire during the "juiced era." 

Granted, Osborne had his greatest success in the 1990s.

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Pretty impressive, let's hope the success continues. 

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Happy birthday UFM from all of Buckeye Nation

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Happy Birthday Coach Meyer! Take a moment to reflect on the great success you have had with a good single malt.

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