Your 2014 Basketbucks Snorkeling

By 11W Staff on August 9, 2014 at 5:30p


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The Bahamas have some enormous fish (groupers) that swim quite near you if you're snorkeling alone. Clasp your fingers together and extend your hands out a foot in front of you, and you might be able to encircle the thickest part of them. But I doubt any groupers will come near a school of snorkelers this big.

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Something tells me that the entire 11 Warriors staff had to make this trip to cover these games. 

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I'm glad they stopped to enjoy life a little. Snorkeling in the Bahamas doesn't happen every day.

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Not the same as snorkeling in Columbus huh

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Come on, the Olentangy has plenty of interesting aquatic life :)

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Just got back from cabo thursday and I even have to admit that water makes me jealous

But I bet the golf courses I played are better ;)


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Good for those guys, but I would have much rather been at home watching the Browns preseason game while dozing off in my recliner. I did waste half a beer... got warm. 

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We have lived in the US Virgin islands for 5 years. The diving and snorkeling are awesome fun. While I am not a fan of hurricanes the winters up north make it all the more worth while.

So glad these guys could stop and smell the roses. Blessed.

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Better get them out in deeper water or they're knees and elbows will rub the coral!!!! Ha ha

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Trips to the Bahamas has to be great for recruiting!!

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I bet Slam Thompson can dunk wearing those flippers!

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