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Well, did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

74% (385 votes)
12% (65 votes)
I don't celebrate Christmas, you insensitive clod
14% (72 votes)
Total Votes: 522


buckeyestu's picture

wanted a national title for the football team

bleedscarletpissmaize's picture

Health √
Loving family √
THETENYEARWAR down voted to hell √

Triv's picture

OSU replica bball shorts to dominate the intramural basketball league :)

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

Nkohl13's picture

Ohio State jersey
Ohio State coat
Ohio State pajama pants
Oh and a new laptop. So yeah im good.

Urbstache's picture

Some nice button downs, a new coat, and Marcelys Jones oughta do it. 

Urban Warfare

lamplighter's picture

RC copter to deal with the squirrels

lamplighter's picture

I plan to to dive at them when they go after the berries next year -

Idaho Helga's picture

I went with our Boy Scout Troup to a camp in Oregon where the squirrels were horrible getting into everybodys tents, sleeping bags, trash, our food, etc.  We were told by camp staff we couldn't trap them it's OREGON where they are cute not like here in Idaho where they're considered varmits generally.  So, I went to town and bought those squirt gun blasters, (like a pump shot gun) they do shoot accurately like 25 feet with PETA FRIENDLY water.  After a morning session and a brief encounter before dinner with me and a fellow leader nailing the rascals they found it was just easier to go terrorize some other Troop the rest of the week.
Mebbe somebody should put Boehner and Obama in a gym and pull out the squirt guns until somebody sez uncle.  'Jes sayin'.

thatlillefty's picture

Finally got that Craft jersey so hell yea... merry xmas yall.

Idaho Helga's picture

Got what I wanted.  I asked my hubby to order the 12-OH shirt from here.  AWWWWSUM Baby (see Dick Vitale voice)  Locals are going to be kinda confused about it because of the "honeymoon" reference but let them guess....
God bless all of you on this holiday.  Hug a loved one.  Donate to your local animal shelter.  They will start getting unwanted Christmas gifts otherwise known as loving pets in about a week.
Oh, and GO BUCKS!

Phillips.449's picture

Without a doubt!

  • Much needed time with my beautiful family
  • Time with my brothers too (they aren't beautiful so i categorized separately)
  • More than a week off work
  • "The Ohio State Ment 12-0" tee
  • Ohio State Dri-fit Polo
  • "Then Tress Said to Troy" Book
  • "Don't Put me in Coach" Book (Sensing a theme?)

Merry Christmas everyone!