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What miracle scenario would you most like to see play out today?

John Simon, banged up pretty badly, records five sacks
17% (151 votes)
Braxton Miller enters Troy Smith air and books a ticket to NYC
27% (243 votes)
Up big, Urban Meyer has a chance to go for two and doesn't disappoint
50% (461 votes)
Cie Grant leads the team in a rousing postgame rendition of Carmen Ohio
6% (59 votes)
Total Votes: 914


bukyze's picture

I voted for Cie, because it's the only scenario in which we are guaranteed a win.  And in the end, that's all I really care about.

painterlad's picture

As much as I would like to see Miller become the Next Michigan Killer and win a trip to NYC, he isn't going to win the Heisman (this year). But if OSU is creaming whatstheirname and Meyer could go for two and get it, that would be the best thing since the last best thing.
Go Bucks!!! Beat the Other Michigan State!!!

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OHIOST1087's picture

Too bad there's not an "all of the above" choice b/c all of these in one game would just be mind-blowing! I would also love to see Roby score a pick-6 against Gardner and outrun Robinson to the endzone.

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Seriously,this man speaks the truth

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Awesome poll!  I went with the popular "going for two" option although I'd be on cloud 9 for a year if any of the above were to happen.

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for those who haven't seen the video of Cie Grant seeing Carmen Ohio, it's truly a thing of beauty:

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Beat Michigan. All that matters.