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What remaining game is the biggest threat to derail the Buckeyes?

At Wisconsin
62% (1016 votes)
Michigan at home
38% (618 votes)
Total Votes: 1634


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Wiscy lost their starting QB, deemed by big Bret to be their best chance to win, with the broken collarbone. They are down to their transfer that is no where near Russell Wilson. All they have is a running game that will not work against our problem there. The ttun game would be the biggest threat just because they could have Robinson to run the ball. Really do not see an issue getting to 12-0. Any issue at all.

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I choose Wisky since it is away. I suppose Michigan is the better team, but really, the way they played this last weekend their terribleness is kind of a wash.

I probably would have chosen Illinois if they had been up there since we have played down to the level of a lot of tread this year. We shouldn't get caught looking ahead since we have a bye before the last two games. Please help my confidence with a brutalization of Illinois!

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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I'm voting for Illinois, given the way we handled the tougher games with ease and struggled with teams like Purdue. Coming off a big win and preceding the last lap of the schedule including Wisconsin and Michigan, this is a trap game all the way.  
And honestly, Wisky and Michigan don't worry me at all. 

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While Wisconsin and Michig*n Games worry me plenty (I voted for Michig*n), OSU this season is like that Jason Statham movie "Crank".  They play up to the level of their opponent, and seem to need some sort of adversity stimulous in game to play well.  Illinois could provide that adversity, due to playing an underdog in the cornfields of Central Illinois in the cold. 

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I voted Wisky, just because of Camp Randall.  Those cheese curds are nuts up there and will be well lubed before the game.  It won't be PSU loud, but the marshmallows will have extra batteries.

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I went with Wisconsin because they are much better on paper, it's an away game, and scUM is kind of terrible.  But all things being equal, it's a toss up.  This team is road-tested, so that shouldn't be a huge factor, and Wisc's starting QB appears to be out, so those numbers are out the window, too.   sc UM does suck but that hasn't stopped them from beating us in the past.  I worry more about us beating ourselves than either of these two teams. 

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Flip - if I could upvote your comment 100 times - I would! I worry about the "easy" ones a lot more than the ones that are supposed to be a tough.

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Its Michigan.  Its always Michigan.  Then again, if Denard is hurt...nope, its still Michigan.

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I wanna see him standing on the sidelines, with a hand that can't even hold an invisible spoon as OSU throttles tsun, absolutely throttles them without mercy.

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How many times has either Ohio State or Michigan taken away a perfect season or a national championship from the other? History scares me: Michigan is our biggest chance to lose.

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Pssst, Cooper aint the coach anymore.

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If Denard is full strength and plays the whole game, it should be close.
If Devin Gardner is the QB...well, it is The Game, and he could pull out a victory
If Russell Bellomy is the QB I won't want to watch.
If O'Brian is the QB, does OSU see the Wisconsin that lost to Oregon St, and should've lost to Utah State, or will they be pumped enough at home to keep it interesting?

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"If Devin Gardner is the QB...well, it is The Game, and he could pull out a victory"

^^^^^^^^^This is comical...please, please tell me you're kidding?
There's a reason why Hoke has him playing WR...not to mention that back up of yours went 3/16....I'd say even with're living a dream if you actually think he'll win at the shoe.  It's OSU vs your team, but it's not the same game as last year.  You guys have a 1-10 chance at winning this year.  Kinda of like we did last year...good luck Hail...good luck for sure sir!

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
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Hoke had him playing WR because he's a good athlete and it would be a waste of talent to leave him on the bench, like Keith Nichol at Michigan State a couple years back.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I upvoted this, simply because there is no reason to downvote it.  Don't downvote a guy just because he roots for an awful team.  I thought it was a reasonable comment.

"What do you need water for, Sunshine?!" - Coach Coombs, if you don't love this man, you have no soul.

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That's a good point Ethos. I believe his self-inflicted punishment, rooting for TTUN, is enough. No need to downvote that, IMO.



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Step away from that Sun and Blue Kool Aid. You're dangerously close to a "Jones' town" situation. 

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I don't want to sound overly confident, but OSU goes undefeated with ease IMHO.  Wisky isn't what they were last year and without their "freshman" QB, I'd tend to say this one may get ugly (even though it's in Camp Randall...can you say oops for Brett's recruiting comments last year...I'd say Meyer hasn't forgotten those).  
As far as this weekend Illini game and then tTUN, I think it will be tougher than some think, but will still result in wins.  Illinois will be close for a while but will end up a blow out.  As for tTUN...if Denard is healthy, then it will be a good game.  If not, we kill em...I'd love to hear their idiot fans that come here try and tell all of us that they actually have a back up for Denard...I'd say we saw what we'll see for the next few years at Nebraska after #16 went down.  
This team seems focused more now after a close win at home against Purdue.  Brax360 is fine, I'd say definitely is after literally going Xbox on PSU inside the 5 yard line for that option read TD.  Still in ah of that to be really looked like something off Xbox for real.  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Um you failed at not sounding overly confident

I don't want to sound overly confident, but OSU goes undefeated with ease IMHO.

What is the one thing OSU has been this season? Consistently inconsistent. Nothing that they have earned this season has been easy, minus the offensive explosion against Nebraska's sieve defense. Our special teams are hugely volatile, our offense routinely shuts down for quarters at a time, and our defense struggles in space. Yes, it looks a lot better on paper for us getting to 12-0 than it did with 3 minutes left in the Purdue game, but it won't be easy. The game is always intense (minus the R2 years where the talent gap was immense, and the Cooper years where you could hear us choking from across state lines). I think we do win out, but taking it for a granted is asking for a loss to Illinois. Better hope the players aren't having the same conversation about how easy the road to 12-0 is.

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I went with Wisky because we always seem to struggle in their stadium, but it's difficult to say scUM isn't always a threat.  I guess we'll have to wait and see about both teams starting QB situation.

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It has to be Michigan. It always has to be Michigan. The rivalry factor cannot be stressed enough. Ever. 

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Wisconsin because it's away. Besides, I would never admit to worrying about Michigan.

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I also picked wisky because the Buckeyes have to go there

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I'm going with Illinois, but since htat isn't a choice, wiscy.  I don't suppose anyone remembers Nov 10th 2007 huh?  Understand that it isn't the same team (not even close) but still, we've been playing down to teams all year.

"What do you need water for, Sunshine?!" - Coach Coombs, if you don't love this man, you have no soul.

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Comparing this years' Illini squad and 2007's team is a big big big stretch. Juice Williams, Auroraborealis Benn and Rashard Mendenhall are not on that sideline any more. Not even close. 

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Neither is American Hero, J Lehman.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Now he's stalking the sidelines for BTN.

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I hate Wisconsin, the fans and coach. The Bucks will be fired up and take care of Wisky.
We always have to respect the greatest rivalry in sports. I don't want that to ever end. We recruit the same players, and both are the top programs in the B1G. It is not a war as when Woody and Bo coached, but the game means too much to both states and to the fans all over the world.

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Coming off the bye week has some concerns.  Will the team be able to pick up the groove or will they come out sluggish.  Cp Randal is not the place to be rusty.

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When I think about the bye week, I guess I focus more on the positives.  This team has been pretty dinged up, and I think the extra time to heal will help many players.  Still, there is always concern about coming out rusty, but I trust the staff to have these guys motivated and ready to go.

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I totally agree on the time to heal, and lord knows OSU needs it.  The disruption to the routine this late in the season and having arguably the two biggest games left makes me nervous.  But that is what the coaches are paid to deal with and the fans can just commiserate about playing the what if scenario.  Aint life grand?

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I'm curious about this too. I always thought Tressel's teams were horrible coming out of the bye week (does someone know? I don't have facts to back that up, just remember thinking it multiple times); wonder what Urban's career record is the week after a bye. Being the master motivator and stellar game planner that he is, I'm betting he does pretty well coming off a bye.

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Tressel's OSU teams really didn't have any bye weeks until 2008 besides bowl layoffs. Remember that the Big Ten used to go the entire season with no bye weeks. Looking back, it looks like the only two games his teams had after bye weeks were a 45-10 win over Northwestern in 2008, and a 38-14 win over Penn State in 2010.
EDIT: My bad. He also had a 33-27 loss to Northwestern in 2004, and a 17-10 loss to Penn State in 2005. I forgot about those 11-game regular seasons.

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I voted for Wisonsin, but if I coudl take my vote back I'd pick TTUN. Wisconsin's QB situation was dreadful before Rico Stave got hurt, and is even worse now. Plus they run a traditional B1G power runnign game, which the defense has faired pretty well against.

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I voted Wisky. Reasoning is a mix of Camp Randall and revenge. I think it's setting up to where Wisky plays above their current level.

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I voted Wiskey, because it seems it always takes some magic to win in that stadium.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I don't think the situation has really changed much simply because the Bucks handled Penn State.  You'd think Wiscy is less a threat because of their QB being out for the year.  But those of us who are a little older will quickly remind you of 2003, when we choke-buttoned Sorgi out of the game, and the backup came in and threw a game-winning TD pass over Chris Gamble.  The Wisconsin running game is still potent and worrisome.
Michigan is Michigan.  They're deadly if they're rolling.  The way our defense has played this year, we're almost daring Denard to go off in his finale.
I don't think we lose any of the last 3, but probably Wiscy on the road at 10-0 with the sun going down and a bullseye on our backs isn't exactly the optimum situation.

buckeyedude's picture

Not too worried about Michelin this year. The boys will be up for that game. Wisconsin's crowd noise will be a factor, like it was in the first half in Creepy Valley.



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Really, the only reason I picked wiscy is because they come beore scUM.

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