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Which of the top eight teams is the most overrated?

2% (44 votes)
2% (51 votes)
South Carolina
5% (100 votes)
15% (313 votes)
West Virginia
12% (257 votes)
Kansas State
18% (377 votes)
Notre Dame
34% (713 votes)
Ohio State
13% (265 votes)
Total Votes: 2120


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I had a hard time choosing between West Virginia and Notre Dame, but I eventually went with WVU since ND at least has a good defense, while WVU doesn't even seem to have a defense at all.

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Totally agree...ND and WVU seem to be the most vulnerable in the top ten (as far as schedule).  I can see one of these teams losing to one or may be two teams left on their schedules.  I can't see WVU going undefeated with the lack of defense. ND has a tough ass schedule...whether you like them or not...that's true.  

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I don't know how anyone could pick ND, they are playing great, give them credit.
My pick none of the above, they all deserve it.  Let the season play out.

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It's gotta be because this is an OSU site.  And Buckeye fans can't stand ND by-and-large.  ND is definitely playing great.  They beat Miami 40-something to 3.  Ohio State's D would be hard pressed to limit Miami's offense to 25 points.  So, the Irish have it going this year, as far as I'm concerned.

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South Carolina and Flordia by far.


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Not convinced on Notre Dame yet. Miami, MSU, Purdue, and UM are not all that good as the season has progressed. Miami is a name win only. UM will have a good record when all is said and done.
I will say this, they are playing so much better than they have in the past. Credit to them.


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West Virginia's offense will fail to click at some point this season, and they won't have the defense to bail them out. They still have to play OU, Okie State and K-State. All the other teams in the top 8 have defenses that will keep them in every game, although OSU's looks shaky sometimes.

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No way Notre Dame is overrated. Maybe their schedule isn't what it is on paper, but that is still a pretty tough row to hoe. If ND goes undefeated there is no way they don't make it to the title game. I am no fan of ND, but I have to admit they are playing good ball right now.

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I choose WVU based solely on their gross lack of anything at all resembling a defense and because there's no none of the above option. They've all been impressive this year.

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Right now, none of the above. Based on what they've done so far, all eight teams are deserving of their rankings.
On the other hand, three of the teams project to lose multiple games - WVU, KSU, and Oregon. Florida and South Carolina play each other, with the winner probably facing Alabama in the SEC CG. And even though Notre Dame is pretty good, they could definitely lose 2 out 4 against Stanford, BYU, @Oklahoma, and @USC.
Thus Bama and Ohio State are probably the most likely to lose one or less game.

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I dont neccesarily think theyre the MOST overrated team on that list (notre dame will always be my pick based only on past history), but I don't think alabama is as good as it appears. obviously theyre in the ncg if they go undefeated, and rightfully so. But really, to this point, the only "good" team they have played was a vastly overrated michigan. And for the rest of the season, the only true test i see is at LSU. nothing to scoff at certainly, but I don't think that this is neccesarily nick saban being the second coming of christ

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ND for sure.  They played a weak Purdont, a shaky Sparty and a vastly mediocre AACC.  Even with Detard hucking interceptions to every defender on ND's roster and fumbling like the ball was greased they still only lost by a td.  I'm not sold on the Domers quite yet.  They have improved for sure, but the "4Horsemen" they are not. 

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The AP ballot is a lot like the Heisman race thus far, the Tide is so far out in front of everyone.  I have to admit the Gamecocks shocked me with their performance, so maybe they could give 'Bama a shot (I really want to watch the MNC this year, so I really hope that it isn't another unwatchable SEC showdown).  After that, everyone is pretty even.  I picked UF, only because I am not at all impressed by their resume (sorry, LSU's pre-season ranking doesn't change the bleh they have shown on the field so far).

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I voted for Florida, because jorts. 
and because I watched that LSU game and it was booorrrriiinnnngggg

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Thank you for that. Sincerely.
Also, you owe me a new shirt (coffee spill resulting from the laugh/spit drink everywhere).

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Gotta be WVU. I just can't put faith into any team that has terrible defense. Notre Dame is at least being really balanced this year, not that they've faced much competition yet. I don't really see how anyone can pick ND at this point when they've been playing great, wait until they play Oklahoma and USC to make your judgement on that

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Florida. Moreso for where they are ranked than should they be ranked in the top ten, they should be like 6-7. Their season is on the back of a fragile offense and the defense hasn't done much to impress me. I might have said OSU but last Saturday changed my mind easily. Not to mention with Braxton Miller, no way are they overrated.
Maybe Bama because I don't think they have played like a #1 even though they are pretty much the best team in the nation. For that I would say they are overrated a bit.

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WVU has to be the one.  No way they can continue to win 77-63 every week.  At some point, that offense isn't going to click.  Their defense is Charmin Soft.

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I went Florida because while although a good win against LSU, it was at home and against an LSU team that literally has no offense. 
OSU would do well against this LSU team and against Florida, it would be a good matchup (better than last year's Gator Bowl sponsored by Walrusball).

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Pretty confident OSU would beat every SEC school this year. SC and Bama could get them but besides them I dont see it.  Also I think WVU can and will outscore everyone. The only team I think that could be a loss for them is Kansas State.
I would pick WVU vs Bama in the title game with Saban losing to his hometown team. 
Then again a lot can change in 6 weeks 

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To me it's Florida. Haven't seen anything overly impressive on offense from them, they were just able to beat another inept offense at home in LSU.
I fully expect Florida to lose to South Carolina. Unfortunately this will probably give Florida the inside track to the second SEC selection of a BCS game as South Carolina will probably lose in the SECCG.

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KSU, and ND.

If people are basing Florida being overrated based on their offense, ND should definitely be on that list.

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I kind of agree, but Notre Dame and KState both dropped 40+ on Miami. Miami may not have a great defense but at least they have a talented one. Florida has yet to reach the 40 point benchmark, even against Kentucky or Bowling Green.

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Oh come on. They beat Kentucky 38-0. lol They also put up 37 on Tennessee.

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KSU, and ND.

If people are basing Florida being overrated based on their offense, ND should definitely be on that list.

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Florida shouldn't be rated that high. Besides that, UF sucked yesterday. They sucked today. As sure as the sun will rise in the east, they will continue to suck tomorrow. My opinion on their ranking my be slightly biased by my pure hatred for their football program and their fans. Maybe.

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As an Ohio State alum, I'd sadly have to say OSU.  ND took down the Spartans much more comfortably than we did, and handled Miami with ease I just can't see us matching.  Michigan outplayed ND expect for those turnovers.  And the Bucks almost lost to Cal and Mich State, and even had real trouble with UCF.  Maybe we'll live up to the ranking now that the offense has had one good game, but our D still shows huge weaknesses that a top-8 team doesn't normally have.

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And Florida/Notre Dame's offenses haven't shown weaknesses? or West Virginia/Oregon's defenses? 

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As much as it pains me to admit it...  ND look pretty solid this year. 

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KS...i dont think ND is over-rated..theyve been solid so far