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Should the Big Ten realign its divsions?

Yes, but have the changes be permanent
31% (282 votes)
Yes, but just for next season
5% (48 votes)
64% (587 votes)
Total Votes: 917


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OSU and Mich should be in the same division. I hate the idea of playing them two weeks in a row. Plus the game would take on an added significance if the winner would be headed to Indy.

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Disagree.  Our conference is very much the "Big 2, Little 8".  Competitive balance is only maintained if OSU and Michigan are in separate divisions.

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I think they should realign the divisions every six years (a recruiting class and a half worth of time) based on performance during those six years. There will never be equal divisions but that would offset some of the issue. Probably be a scheduling nightmare though.

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Not a personal attack at all, but I think this is a horrible idea.  You need long term consistency for meaningful rivalries to be established.  I realize we have some solid rivalries that might survive regardless, but for other universities it would make it hard.  Iowa and Nebraska are in the process of kindling a rivalry (might be forced, but since they are in the same division it could turn into a good one).  Cyclical imbalances ought to be ignored.
I could see getting rid of divisions for this year and just taking the teams with the top records since 2 from one division are ineligible, but long term I would leave them as is.

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Ha, not taken as a personal attack! I've been wrong many times so I can deal with people telling me I'm wrong...
i get what you're saying. Not sure if it is better to develop secondary rivalries or to try to keep the divisions balanced while maintaining only the primary rivalries. I can see benefits both ways.
what I'd really like is to ditch everybody except us, TSUN, Wisconsin, mich state, Iowa, and Nebraska, then call Texas, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame and have a legit tough 9 team conference with no champ game. Win the regular season or you're not the champ. Leaves more games for out of conference scheduling. I hate 12 team conferences. That's in my personal dreamland though and has no basis in reality.

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I didn't like the split to begin with, but I believe the alignment should stay as is. There may never be another year where Indiana can kick ass and come in 4th.

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I said "no" since there was no "I don't care option." At this point, they can do what they want. As long as we can play for a conference championship, I don't mind all that much how they slice the pie.

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They should realign, permanently, because they screwed it up the first time.  TTUN should be in the same division as OSU, move them and MSU to whatever the hell division OSU is in, boot Illinois and Wisky to the other side.

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Agreed. I'm not sold on having to potentially play tsun twice. I know some like the idea.  I would prefer they played once a year & it meant something every time.

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PSU kind of blows a whole in any good plan because if they turn out to be as bad as everyone thinks then we have 5 teams that are rarely if ever good (Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, and Northwestern are the others) so there will always be a bit of imbalance.  I get that people don't like that OSU and ttun were split up, but the original balance was pretty solid.

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Yep.  Dividing line should be the IN/IL border, East/West.

Adding ND and Texas still keeps this alive.

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Really like the idea of having those two schools in the bigten.  Their fans make me wanna puke, but the bigten would be that much better off.  
Imagine the sched: wisc, msu, texas, illinois, nd, nebraska, iowa, scum.   Add a h&h with oregon (even though the "agreement" fell through) or someone like that.  damn.  That would be cool.
*edit   scum and OSU can't ever be in the same division. imo

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I think those two schools are probably the two most likely not ever to join the B1G.



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Texas almost joined in the 90s, and ND is a natural fit.  Texas can only lord over the Big XII for so long before they have enough and take the TV rights back, and we make all the $$.  ND's TV deal will exipre in 2015 (I think), and no way a network pays that much for a devalued product again.

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They should get rid of the stinking divisions and just use the championship game as a tiebreaker based on record and head-to-head.

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Ed:  OK this posted twice, so...I will say this - if you're going to keep divisions, I'd rather have OSU/Michigan in the same division.  If they play a second time in the B1G championship game, the first meeting could be rendered meaningless if the team that lost the first meeting won the second.  No OSU/Michigan game should EVER be rendered meaningless.  Kind of like LSU beating Alabama or MSU beating Wisconsin in the regular season this past season, if you will.

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If they play a second time in the B1G championship game, the first meeting could be rendered meaningless if the team that lost the first meeting won the second.

This almost happens every time that situation plays out.

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You can't put Michigan and Ohio State in the same division, not if you want to maintain "competitive equity" as Delany puts it (just vomited a little).

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I think realignment (even a temporary one) is a bad idea. It's just unfair to Illinois and Purdue. This coming year both teams will have their best shot at going to Indianapolis. Whoever gets past Wisconsin will most likely make the trip as the Leaders Division (blech) winner. If I'm Beckman and Hope, I have my guys playing like their hair is on fire every week.
This could be a very entertaining Big Ten season.

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Putting the good teams in one division (us and UM) turns us, literally now, into the Big 12 divisions. Where whatever team won the B12 south just rolled the north representative in the champ game like 90% of the time (at least in the last decade).

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THIS. OSU and scUM should have NEVER been separated. For all the talk of the BIG 12 and the $EC especially should remember that the $EC east used to be the stronger division with Florida and Tennessee in the '90's playing scrub Arkansas in the championship game. Forget "competitive balance".

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Just made this point in another thread!

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Great minds my friend!

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personally I don't think an Iowa/ Nebraska  rivalry would ever have to be forced as they do border one and other, no? Regions and competive meaningful games make rivalries. I know this isnt college but think back to when the Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Redskins were going at it tooth and nail year after year.........not necessarily regional but man they sure were competitive intense games

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