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Creating Forums Polls?

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August 17, 2014 at 9:15am

Is there a way we (the readers and non-11W staff) could create polls to see the thoughts of fellow Buckeye Nation on this site?  I'm talking something like this:


Which 2nd year player will have the biggest impact this year?

A)  Joey Bosa

B)  Dontre Wilson

C)  Vonn Bell

D)  Ezekiel Elliot


Then I would ask for us to actually see the voting result percentages while posting our answers and discussing.  Thanks

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jonping67's picture
  1. Elliot
  2. Wilson
  3. Bell
  4. Bosa
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At first glance I feel like it's a good idea but then when I think about it, a lot of meaningless/duplicate forums will be created. 


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I was throwing out an example.  Just thought it would be an interesting way to see how other readers feel about certain topics. 

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I like the idea. I don't think a poll feature will bring any more duplicates than there are regular thread duplicates.

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To quote his mother, "... it is 2 Ls and 2 Ts ...".   (Elloitt)  Sorry for the correction.  In general I am a poor speller, but I feel bad when I spell someone's name incorrectly.

I think we leave the polls to the staff.   But we could do it the Miles' way, let the members vote on it.

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To quote his mother, "... it is 2 Ls and 2 Ts ...".   (Elloitt)  Sorry for the correction.

It's also "I" before"o". XD

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Damn it, happens to me everytime.  Thanks for the correction.  My name is mis-spelled all the time, so I feel bad right now.  Plus I am always hitting the wrong letters on this damn touch screen key pad.  If I have an important text to send I have one of my kids type it. 

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If Braxton doesn't get healthy and stay healthy it could be JT Barrett!!! ( 2Rs, 2Ts ).

1. Bosa, 2. Tyvis Powell, 3. Elliott, 4. Pat Elflein

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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Ahhh, here's the right spot...

It will turn into:

Does my fart smell like ______

1) Eggs

2) Cabbage

3) Burnt vasaline

4) All of the above

So yes, count me in for allowing user polls in forums. 

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I will go: 

1.Joey Bosa

2.Dontre Wilson 

3. Ezekiel Elliot 

4. Vonn Bell

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All irreplaceable 

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