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Comment 15 Aug 2016

to anyone entering this thread:

TL;DR   A long conversation of the same repeated jokes, then OP gets upset.  Followed by a different type of high school hating and more juvenile comments.  Never talk about high school no matter the context.   You welcome.

Comment 07 Aug 2016

I'll go outside of physically challenging jobs and name one that mentally crushed me.  Telemarketing.  Worked a "special" Reader's Digest promotion where half of my calls were dead.  I didn't last long with that job.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I find it crazy too.  What's more crazy is the silly person that gave a downvote to BlockO330.  Since you obviously broke the commenting policy.  There's been some ridiculous downvoting lately.  I know Fatpants has stalking downvoter on his tail.  I wish we could see who gives us upvotes and downvotes.  I have nothing to hide.  My downvotes are usually deserved.  Usually.

Comment 31 Jul 2016

If you're picking a DT as the spot to fill, has to be Big Daddy.  I loved Simon and everything he brought to the table including his leadership.  But that doesn't make up for the talent gap between those two.  Agree with everything else you said and +1