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Comment 15 Apr 2016

Sorry to hear you're not enjoying Phoenix.  I lived in Old Town Scottsdale for a couple years and loved it.  Awesome golf, bars, restaurants.  I liked hiking.  Was at the pool or a lake almost every weekend during the summer surrounded by very attractive women everywhere, and the late fall through spring season was great.  And loved the proximity to California and Vegas.  But to each their own.  Also, the above comment is spot on, can drive a couple hours in the middle of summer and be in great weather places like Sedona or Flagstaff.  

Comment 12 Apr 2016

"The reported soon-to-be hiring of Chris Jent seemed to inject a bit of much-needed new blood into Thad Matta's program."

Umm, not how I would have phrased it, but OK!

I saw an inconsistent level of effort from the team last year, especially the way the season ended.  I used to see Jent play live, dude was an animal and all heart on the court.  Our team could use more of that. 

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Rating girls 1-10 is fun.  I keep it real though.  I work on a binary scale.  0 or 1.  And I give "stop it" girl a 1.

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Great insight.  I never knew doctors were actual human beings.  Always thought they were Gods incapable of mistakes.