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Everyday Buckeyes Paying Forward

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February 17, 2014 at 4:16pm

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That sounds like a great idea!  Glad I thought of it Klfeck!  j/k    Great Idea!

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Glad you liked the idea. Maybe it was covered elsewhere, but I haven't seen it. The link could be a tab or icon named paying forward which opens a page that lists charities associated with the university. I know I take a ton of pleasure away from OSU and the athletics programs. This is our chance to give back and pay forward.



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KLFeck - well timed idea and thought.

On Thursday, approximately 3,000 Alumni, Former Athletes, One current Head Football Coach, Alumni Band Members and Cheerleaders board a cruise ship (unfortunately for the 7th year in a row) to raise money for cancer research at The James.  All monies raised go to the James. This is another prime example of why I am proud to be a Buckeye alumni.

I say unfortunately as I for one would like one of the cruises to be a giant bash where The James has come up with a cure for one of the many types of cancer out there.


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I didn't hear a word you were saying because of your profile pic.



I'm sure it was nice though.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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