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Jordan Hall's NFL Debut with the Steelers

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August 10, 2014 at 3:17pm

Even though Jordan Hall went undrafted, he impressed the Steelers enough that they picked him up as a free agent.

According to a recent ESPN blog post, Hall is in competition for the last RB spot on the roster.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear Hall's name last night during the Giants/Steelers game.  In fact, he led all Pitt rushers with 6 carries.  (I do wish he had accumulated more than 5 yards with a longest rush of 3.)  Here's the box score:


Here's hoping that Hall continues to work hard and to get his chance to impress on Sundays the way he did on Saturdays.

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I'll root for all the Buckeyes always, but a guy like Hall is someone I'd really like to see succeed. I remember he was off to a bang up start last year & Hyde came back & that was it. He didn't complain, didn't tweet, just continued on as a team first guy. Go Jordan - Go Bucks!

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Thanks for the information and Good Luck to Jordan!  He deserved better than his injury-plagued Senior season last year.  I always root for Buckeyes even when they play on teams I don't like like Pittsburgh.

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There definitely seems to be an OSU-Steelers pipeline building.  Not a Steelers fan, but the organization knows how to find good talent, and it makes sense they are getting so many Buckeyes.  Jordan Hall grew up in the Pittsburgh area, so he has a double connection.  Hope he gets a roster spot or at least a place on the practice squad.

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I'm rooting for Jordan Hall for so many reasons, not the least of which the guy was the consummate professional while with the Buckeyes and always did whatever was asked, even if it meant less carries and sometimes none at all.   One could argue he had every right to be bitter, but never showed it if he was.  I'm hoping J. Hall kills it in the NFL.

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Good luck to Hall's career with the NFL.

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Being a buckeye and steeler fan, I love the new pipeline forming. I was kinda shocked they didn't draft a DB when Shazier was picked but I couldn't be anything but ecstatic after watching him play for the bucks. 

Keep that Columbus to Pittsburgh pipeline pumping!