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Worthington summer basketball leagues remembered.

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August 9, 2014 at 1:30pm

Does anyone remember the Worthington summer basketball leagues? Growing up they would have them every summer at Thomas Worthington High School, and or Worthington Kilbourne.  

They would form teams with current standout high school players, and current and former Buckeyes, as well as other college and professional players. Players like Jimmy Jackson, JJ Sullinger, Samaki Walker, Derek Anderson, Jamal Brown, and Nick Van Exel and many more would all play with or against each other. Often a few Buckeyes would be on the same team together.

i always wondered why the league disbanded. The competition was intense and it was a good chance to see current and former Buckeyes all compete. Hoping that someday this league would be resurrected again. I had many good memories of watching them play, and am sure others did too.

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I played my sophomore year over there. Broke a vertebrae in my back the first game I played in.

Purple Raider

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Wow BuckeyeAZ that sounds like a freak injury. Hope it doesn't give you any trouble nowadays.

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They stopped allowing current Buckeye players to play there.  It used to be a place LOADED with current/former Buckeye players, as well as other NCAA and NBA players.  Great memories, for me.

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I wonder if the NCAA had anything to do with it breaking up.  I remember there was a limit to how many current Buckeye players they could have on a roster.  They split up all the current Buckeyes and put them on different teams, so it couldn't be considered a practice for OSU.  I think they had a limit of one or two, not sure exactly.

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Here is a blast from the past. Jimmy Ratliff was always near the top in average points in the league. He would have an amazing summer, then would start the season and be awful. Not sure why he never reached his potential. Seemed like a good kid.

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Standing room only crowds, excitement through the roof, and no charge for admission. Can't remember the year, but a multiple overtime game between a team loaded with UC players vs team of TOSU players for the championship. One of the best games I've ever seen on any level. 

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I saw that game! I can't for the life of me remember which team won.  One side was stacked with former UC players, and the other with former Buckeyes. Legendary match ups.

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Unfortunately the bad guys (Nick Van Exel and crew) came out on top in that one. 

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The games were originally at the Worthington Rec Center back in the day in the mid-eighties.

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Here is a nice little Gem, speaking of Worthington Summer leagues

Columbus's own Estaban Weaver


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