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Malik Jefferson top 3?

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July 9, 2014 at 8:49pm

Been away for a week and saw that Jefferson listed OSU in his top 3. Sorry if somone has already posted but could we say no to him even if Baker commits on Friday?

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You don't turn Malik Jefferson away.

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came to say this

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I don't think he has a top three. I know he did set one of his official visits to Ohio State for the game against Illinois. That's the only official set so far, with a couple others in mind.

Honestly, going to be hard to pull him from Texas I believe. But stranger things have happened.

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Does anyone have more info in regards to where we stand in his top 3, or if he's leaning toward a school?

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The article says tOSU, Stanford, UCLA are in his top 5.  He doesn't know who the other two are yet.

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Guarantee they're Texas and A&M

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Agree Hayze. I don't think he will leave Texas. Nothing to see here.

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I thought ov's to osu, ucla and Stanford were set but he's a big Texas a&m lean?

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He may have set them today or something, but yesterday the guys announcing the opening said OSU was his only one set so far with Standford and UCLA being talked about.

Idk, it's ESPN. Since none of those are SEC schools they could probably care less haha

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I think he wants to visit OSU, UCLA, and Stanford, but doesn't have the funds too so he's going on official visits.

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Recruiting and Urban Myer are Synonymous. I don't believe anything is impossible.

Ed Hopper

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Double negative alert. I'm soooo confused

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Its totally not impossible to get this kid. The only schools he has visited this year are A&M in January, Texas Tech in February, Baylor and Texas in March, and Oklahoma in June. The kid has mentioned that he wanted to visit Ohio State but funds are preventing him from doing so. I believe with a homerun visit we could steal him from the instate schools.

Why wouldn't this kid want to play with Kwon, Hilliard, Booker, Lee, Worley, Johnson, Baker (hopefully), Berger and Conner to go along with what will be one of the best defensive lines in the country again next season?

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