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Predict the 2015 class

BengalErnst's picture
June 9, 2014 at 10:25pm

Okay, no one had the last few commits so I think it's time for all of us to re-predict our Ohio State's 2015 recruiting class.  How many kids do we take at each position?  How many kids do we take total?

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WesPatterson23's picture

I'll just do QB and RB

Qb: I think unless something crazy happens we just take Burrow

Hb: Scott, Harris, and Nyheim Hines (H-Back)

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305Buck's picture

QB- Burrow & Gibson
RB- Harris & Scott
WR- Kirk, Jefferson, & Cole
TE- Clark & Oliver
OL- Schmidt, Richmond, Daniels, Burrell
DL- Cornell, Gallimore, Wilkins, Sweat
LB- Hilliard, Conner & Baker
CB- Dean & Whitehead
S- Green & K. McFadden

There may be some names on here that are unknown, but with the way this class has been going so far, I predict we will see a lot more recruits in here that we thought we didn't have a good chance with, or recruits who's name we didn't hear until lately.

Oh and this is my dream class. I hope we take 25 this year, I know we don't have the numbers yet, but attrition and players leaving early may allow us to take 25.




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buckeyeboy31's picture

I wonder what 10 players you think are gone to accommodate 25 signees.....

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305Buck's picture

I never like to speculate on kids future but this is all a possibility.

Spence, Perry, Decker, and Washington could all leave early.

One or both of Dunn and Ball could transfer, especially since Curtis Samuel moved ahead of them on the depth chart and he's a Freshman. And Meyer is bringing in two running backs in the 2015 class.

I also see Meyer telling Bogard that it's time to hang up the cleats if god forbid he suffers another injury.

Then there's the possibility that Jones transfers if Barrett beats him out for the starting job, and I could also see Mike Thomas leaving this year if he doesn't get significant playing time this season. We all already seen that he's unhappy with not seeing the field.

Baugh is on a short leash and is on his last strike, hopefully he doesn't screw up again. Kid is very talented and I would love to see what he could do in Meyer's offense.

Then there was rumors going around that Cam Williams would transfer out if McMillan gets ahead of him on the depth chart.


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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

I love your dream class. Though i'd rather have Alex Ofodile than Cole.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Based on your list it looks like you think Conner is going to wait on a scholarship offer.  I am curious to see if the staff has any insights to what has to happen for Conner to receive an offer. 

For example:
is this a case where a certain number of players "above him on the coaches board" have to commit elsewhere before he gets his offer?
Does he need to show "something" at a camp this year and then he gets his offer regardless of what the other LBs are doing?


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I think Conner gets his offer when he camps on the 19th.

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I predict that Skid21 will whine about anyone that commits that wasn't offered by Alabama or Auburn, and that he will claim he isn't whining, just stating his opinion over and over and over again.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Freaking Internet gold my man. Can't wait to hear how the next commit does nothing for him. 

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QB: Burrow

RB: Scott, Harris

WR: Jefferson, Kirk

TE: No idea (will get 1)

OL: Schmidt, Burrell, Daniels

DL: Jones, Cornell, 2 DT Wilkins (maybe) no idea who else

LB: Hilliard, Baker

CB: Dean, Whitehead

S: Green (1 more)


EDIT: Fullwood will be in this class, I just don't see where he fits TBH (don't see the need for 3 DE's)

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Fullwood is 6-4 240, maybe he could keep bulking up and play inside like Washington is doing for us this year?

Woodshed's picture

Yes, that would be ideal but I have no idea if that is realistic. Great point.

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I think Cornell might be destined for the interior of the defensive line. At NFTC, he worked at defensive tackle. Seeing both in person, Cornell seems more likely to move inside than Fullwood. 

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I would love to add R. Roundtree safety. Hilliard, Hines, Captain Kirk, the juco tight end, TG tenn got another qb commit haha. Big boy from Canada. Sweat. I'll be happier then I already am.. 


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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I think we will have a few suprise Dline late in the process.  I think first yeah L.J and that the Dline will be elite will sway some people this way.

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Back 7 will be vastly improved

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QB: Burrow, Gibson

RB: Scott, Harris

WR: Jefferson, Kirk, Boykin

TE: David Edwards

OL: Schmidt, Richmond, Burrell, James Daniels

DL: Dre'Mont Jones, Cornell, Gallimore, Fullwood

LB: Hilliard, Baker, Conner

DB: Dean, Green, EGW, Denzel Ward

LS: Liam McCullough

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Edwards is gonna be a sleeper at TE. The coaches really liked his athletiscm at camp.

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Urban_Can_Recruit's picture

QB : Burrow

RB : Harris, Scott

H-B : Glover-Williams

WR : Kirk, Jefferson

OL : Burrell, Schmidt, Allen, Daniels

TE : Clark

DL : Sweat, Cornell, Wilkins, Jones, Fullwood

LB : Hilliard, Baker

DB : Dean, Whitehead, Green, McFadden (Kendrell) 

LS : McCullough


(23) Total Commits 

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QB: Joe Burrow

RB: Damien Harris, LJ Scott

WR: Van Jefferson, Devante Peete, Christian Kirk

TE: Chris Clark

OL: James Daniels, Matthew Burrell, Grant Schmidt, 

DE: Dre'Mont Jones, Jashon Cornell

DT: Christian Wilkins, Elijah Taylor

LB: Justin Hilliard, Jerome Baker, Nick Conner

DB: Jamel Dean, Tyler Green, Marcus Lewis, Jordan Whitehead


"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

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MikeEagleBuckeye's picture

QB: Burrow

HB: Harris, Scott

WR: Jefferson, Kirk

TE: Clark, Oliver/Pickard

OL: Schmidt, Burrell, Allen, Daniels

DL: Jones, Fullwood, Wilkins, Cornell

LB: Hilliard, Baker

DB: Dean, Green, EGW

LS: McCullough

Also has anyone heard any news on Ricky DeBerry?  I remember him being tight with LJ and high on OSU a little while back.


Hayze's picture

He's still taking visits. Supposed to take an official to OSU and maybe get back up for another unofficial. We're in the thick of it with Tennessee, Clemson, maybe Oklahoma and others.

It wouldn't surprise me if he headed back here for FNL with Matt Burrell.

Although it's possible we'll be full at his spot by the time he commits. He's a DE/OLB type and we could potentially already have Cornell, Fullwood, Hilliard and Dre'Mont Jones in the class.

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TheBadOwl's picture

QB: Burrows

RB: Harris, Scott

H: Hines

WR: JF Thomas, EGW

TE: Clark

OL: Schmidt, Burrell, Daniels

DE: Dre'Mont Jones, Darius Fullwood

DT: Jashon Cornell, Neville Gallimore

DE/LB: DeBerry

LB: Hilliard, Baker, SKL (flip)

DB: Green, Dean

LS: McCullough

Total: 21

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My class would be the exact same except switch out JF Thomas, Daniels, Gallimore, and SKL for Van Jefferson, Drew Richmond or Patrick Allen, Christian Wilkins. I'd also rather not use a scholarship on a LS and keep the class at a reasonable 19.

Nicholas l Ernst

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I'm gonna screen shot a few of these lists just to compare come NSD and see how we end up, and then share when the time comes..

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Which is the exact reason I'm not posting mine. Only ones I'd get right are the ones who already committed lmao

Michigan sucks.

DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

For the most part I still like my original list and I'm mostly going to stick to it.

QB - Gibson 

QB - Nunez Burrow

RB - Harris

RB - Scott

WR - EGW (Sooner or later, this is where he will be)

WR - Kirk

WR - Boykin

TE - Clark

OL - Richmond

OL - Daniels

OL - Gonzales Schmidt

OL - other OL Burrell

DL - Beckner Jr Cornell

DL - Settle Jones

DL - Deberry

LB - Kilby-Lane DL - Sweat

LB - Hillard

LB - Conner

LB - Baker

CB - Dean

CB - Whitehead

S - Edwards Green

Plus one more WR/CB/S/Ath - Likely a big name guy we don't even know is on the radar yet. Urbz is probably getting his spatula ready as we speak.

jaxbuckeye's picture

Hey whatever happened to that 2014 recruiting class?  JK. Thought it was funny that we haven't even seen the most recent class play yet and are already neurotic about the next one. 

With Tress, I just assumed he'd have good teams. With Urban, I obsess.  I seriously need an intervention!!!!!

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A lot of people here have removed Gibson from their QB lists. Interesting to see people come to grips with that situation. I do still wonder if the staff will pursue a second QB if Gibson doesn't commit. 

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allinosu's picture

I like many would love to get Gibson but as a Percy role or WR, not QB. He doesn't get much love for his throwing ability. Maybe with some work?

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BrooklynBuckeye's picture

QB - Whatever Birm says

RB - Whatever Birm says

et al. 

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OSU069's picture

QB: Burrow, Gibson

RB: Harris, Scott

WR: Kirk, Jefferson

TE:1 (no idea who)

OL: Burrell, Schmidt, Richmond


DL: Jones, Cornell, Fullwood, 1 more

LB: Hilliard, Baker, 1 more

DB: Dean, Green, Whitehead

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Downvote? I guess someone didnt like this class..

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RB-Harris, Scott 

WR-Jefferson, Kirk, EGW

TE-Pickard, Edwards

OL-Schmidt, Allen, Daniels, Burrell, McCullough

DL-Jones, Fullwood, Gallimore, Wilkins

LB-Baker, Hilliard, Conner 

DB-Dean, Green

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It's June Man , it's June

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KINGBUCKEYE419's picture

In addition to those we already have

HB- Damien Harris

HB- Larry "LJ" Scott

WR- Van Jefferson 

WR- Devante Peete 

LB-Jerome Baker

LB-Justin Hilliard

LB-Nick Conner

DE- Darius Fullwood 

DT- Jashon Cornell 

DE- Dre'Mont Jones 

DT- Neville Gallimore 

OT- Matthew Burrell 

OT-Drew Richmond 
I think Gibson and Gallimore are toss ups. I put Gallimore on the list opposed to Gibson for no real good reason it'd be really nice to get both. I think they're both game changers.