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Comment 01 Jul 2015
Just imagine if he was on the team last year... Or this year. Wow.
Comment 01 Jul 2015
I'm not writing him off as a prospect, just trying to predict the coaches board.
Comment 01 Jul 2015
Tier 1 by my definition are guys that you make room for at the end of the class even if you don't believe you have room for it. I have much respect for you as a member here and I'll give you the notion that pryts may be tier 1 and that layne may still be a tier 2 but I don't agree about the first three. I don't think Farrell, Hansford or Williams are guys that we just have to make room for at the end of the day. The staff would love to add them to the class but I believe they still have a timetable to commit. Actually, I don't believe Williams is being actively recruited still.
Comment 01 Jul 2015
I debated on this and read how much interest We had in Warrior early, I left it as I did because of warrior reciprocated the appreciation then I believe we would take him ahead of pryts
Comment 01 Jul 2015

I suppose it that's the way it comes off then go ahead and lock and delete this immediately.  I obviously didn't mean that as my intentions and would never want to do that.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Predicting the finish to the 2016 class:

Nate Craig-Meyers, Luke Farrell, Nick Bosa, Aaron Hansford, Prince Sammons, Jordan Fuller, Damar Hamlin, Austin Pryts

I believe after missing out on all of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 DTs, our coaching staff finally turns their attention to Prince Sammons and accepts his commitment.

Comment 01 Jul 2015
I believe Cardale takes 85-90% of the snaps with Braxton being a wildcat weapon. I see JT basically taking a red shirt year to get stronger and healthy with two more years to start. Cardale and Braxton then are gone after this season and it's Barretts team. Everyone can be happy with that.
Comment 24 Jun 2015
Are we allowed to downvote people when they bring back old terrible memories? Lol I really want to down vote you right now