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Torrance Gibson top 7

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May 25, 2014 at 12:32pm

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Has he made any other visits to lower schools on his list? Lower than the top 7? Cause I feel like he could just say, I've cut my list down to the top 7... 

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Maybe it will be the same top seven but in a slightly different order..

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Probably trimming his list b/c some of those schools are backing off after his recent suspension

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Wouldn't surprise me if Ohio State moves up his list. He has admitted that LSU isn't recruiting him that hard and, there are reports going around that some schools have backed off a little after his recent school incident.

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Poor Brady Hoke...

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Nothing wrong with it, but this kid loves the recruiting attention as much as any kid I can remember.  He would benefit from backing out of the spotlight for a bit and getting things in order with his school/team. 

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Can we please offer Travis Waller and Tommy Stevens and put an end to this QB fiasco? Seems like there's a lot of drama and negative behaviors following Gibson lately. We are going to regret letting Wimbush go to PSU. 

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Im all on board with Travis Waller. Gibson is a HUGE project at QB, has shown entitlement, seems to be all about the drama (top 20, top 15, top 7), and has now been suspended from school twice (once his freshman year). These are all FACTS and a recipe for a disaster. Once again, I'll say, and gladly accept all the down votes you fanboys will throw at me....NEXT!!!!


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Gibson is a HUGE project at QB,

That's a stretch.

(top 20, top 15, top 7)

Are you holding this against Hilliard too?

and has now been suspended from school twice(once his freshman year)

Suspended in high school? First. Kid. Ever.

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