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Comment 02 Dec 2016

Not an absurd take.  I view Michigan's style of play as "Bama lite".  Bama is probably not going to shoot themselves in the foot with 3 turnovers though.  Our defense can slow anyone down and they can keep us in the game for a while but I'd worry about the offense getting points; JT and the receivers would have to play a LOT better.  JT would have to rely on his arm to make the sort of throws that so far he's been missing all year.  The OL has to step up because they haven't faced anything like what Bama presents.  Bama front 7 is ridiculous at stopping the run and rushing the QB on passing downs.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

This class would be headed off the charts if we get him in the fold.

Still, need to see some Bama insiders start to capitulate before I get too hopeful.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Bama/OSU will get better ratings because each team represents an entirely different region.

The southern states wouldn't care as much about OSU/UM just like many of us in the midwest weren't particularly keen the Bama/LSU rematch in 2011.