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Any update on Drew Richmond?

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May 19, 2014 at 1:33pm

Good afternoon fellow 11W-ers!

I wanted to see if anyone had heard any updates on Drew Richmond lately? Seems like he was a Buckeye lean for a while and then things seem like they went silent on the news front for a while. Just wanted to see if anyone heard anything on his commitment date or final 3 choices. Last i remember it was down to OSU, Tenn and i want to say Clemson maybe? 


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looks like tenn to loose


Michael green

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hopefully you are wrong, but i appreciate the info! not sure why you were downvoted but i will help cancel that one out

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He is expected to decide Sept. 9. Ohio State, Tennessee and Ole Miss seem to be his top schools. Wouldn't count out Alabama

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Thanks for the info! What does your gut tell you about where he will pick? I realize that is a pretty impossible task considering these are 17-18 year old kids and their opinions change like the wind, but i am still curious to see what you think.


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Six months ago, I thought there was a chance he could commit to Ohio State early. Now, I'm probably leaning toward Tennessee. I don't think a decision has been made, so Ohio State has some time. 

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So far down the road ------------ anything can happen - go get em!!!!!!!!!!