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Buckeye Fan Here

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May 15, 2014 at 5:23pm

hey fellow elevenwarriors,

I'm a long time reader, short time poster.  IT is a good site.  I'm from New Jersey (whaddup east coast warriors), i like picnics, dogs, video games, and the beach.  I also like ice cream walks with females, movies such as ted, and horse racing.  Ok well guys have fun on the site, i want introduce myself.  So hi.

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I hate to break it to you bro but Philly Brown graduated.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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We're done...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Don't bother commenting; this is probably just Ilovethebuckeyes on a new troll account.

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Buckeyesonthateasternswing's picture

No i actually apologize.  I actually thought that all the receivers were returning.  My bad dude.

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Don't you have anything better to do?

Our Honor Defend!

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Then love tosu?  No lol

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You should picnic more often, then.