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Gibson vs Wimbush or...

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May 4, 2014 at 9:23pm

What happened to the Allen HS (Texas) QB mentioned on here a few times?I remember him being smallish but if I remember right he  played in 3 straight state championships in the highest level of Texas football and won the last 2. Plays in the top facility in country (over $90 million stadium) that is sold out every week , so plays in big time environments (for HS). From what I see of Texas HS football his regular season district is the toughest in state (Dontre played in it). Therefore  he may play against the best players in country. That's not the Po dunk go to a game and maybe each school has 3-4 eventual D1 players, type stuff. That is every starter on each squad WILL play college ball some where and there are eventual D1 kids still serving as back ups. My point goes back to my question, what about the QB from Allen HS (Texas)? My rant I guess was mostly based to say maybe he's not too small. Troy Smith didn't have the size most are looking for in prototypical QB, either. I don't know if he has Troy's gun though.

To possibly answer my own questioning: maybe he's surrounded by great players and we don't see him being the kind of substantial player we're seeking. Maybe he's facilitating to other great players?

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Kyler Murray, number 2 dual threat qb in composite, 5 star, Texas am lean

Trust in UFM

+1 HS
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Dang, you're fast and to the point. Appreciate it, man. I didn't know his name. 

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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Kyler Murray, OSU has offered, but has not been on a visit and Texas A&M is the favorite with Oregon being the dark horse. Not the strongest arm but is very elusive and accurate. He'd be the ideal QB for Urban's system but not likely to end up with him. 


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My bad, I typed this right after you posted and forgot to hit save. 


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TAMU is the presumed frontrunner but if Kyle Allen wins the starting job, and it's looking like he will, I think he'll look elsewhere, presumably Oregon. We could get a look, too.

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Still think Wimbush is the better QB. Gibson seems to love the spot light and have more of the Terrell Pryor hype. I like Wimbush's mechanics... I think we get the Haskins kid next year anyway Lifetime Buckeye fan and with Urban pulling the strings we get him.

+1 HS
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Gibson loves the spotlight like you said, but, he may be the leader that this class needs. People keep asking for a leader and Gibson is talking to top recruits (specifically Ohio State targets) about playing with him. If we get Wimbush, that would be awesome, as I think he could be a great QB. However, if Ohio State gets Gibson, Ohio State may be getting a lot more than just the #1 DT QB in the country. They could be getting the best HB in the country, one of the best wide outs in the country, as well as others.

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Very true and Damian Harris is a stud

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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Kyler Murray, isn't he a TAMU legacy?

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yep, his dad played there

lets go bucks!!

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Wimbush is going to PSU guys. The thing about Gibson is that he is the guy who Urban wants the most and it looks as though there is group of high profile guys who could possibly follow him like Harris, Kirk, DeBerry, etc. so I want Gibson in CBUS! If we could get a guy like Stevens as the second QB in the class that would be almost perfect IMO. Personally I like Nunez but looks like that ship has sailed. 

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It would be awesome to get wimbush. I agree and think he is PSU bound. Like I have stated before, whoever gets here will have to wait and prob redshirt the first year. Nunez boat sailed long ago. I really like Stevens. If Kirk would commit we will get a commitment sooner than later from several imo

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Personally, as others have noted, I think getting Gibson may be more important for bringing in all the other stud players than bringing him to have an elite quarterback. Getting TG greatly improves the likelihood of Hardis, Kirk and more to come. A haul of that magnitude would make up for not having as many players in this class, as some has expected it to be small. Hopefully TG's presumed only visit is enough to get him here.