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Comment 24 Dec 2014

I don't know who'd replace him, maybe Price, but if I have to pick one from each side of ball, Boren. He struggled with a big DT or especially a nose over him. I could see younger players forcing the issue at guard and Price continually getting bigger and stronger being an asset up the middle. I don't see Jacoby getting any bigger.

As for D, I could agree with you Powell assessment. We could up grade in the speed department there with Smith.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Lol. I was wondering if 11w knew something of the Big 12's expansion plans, already.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

I have to give my two favorite bands some props.  One was part of the early grunge and I didn't prefer them over Pearl Jam and Nirvana at the time, but Soundgarden has had a longer lasting power with me.  It's hard for me to choose between Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, but I'd go Superunknown.  My other favorite band, once I saw them live just  days after 9/11, Tool. Take your pick on their albums, but I'd go with the first one, Undertow.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Urban is the master psychologist. These comments by B1G opponents are just bulletin board material for next year or years to come to help OSU stay up for games against these lesser programs in route to back to National Champs for us. You can sink to the level of those you associate with or just leave them in the dust.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I'm section 141, but that's  Bama sideline. However, my tickets were given to me by one of my vendors, so I'm not complaining.  You can google Mercedes Benz Superdome 2015 Sugar Bowl Seating Chart and it'll show you.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Agreed. I went to 2013 B1G Championship and it was misrable. I'll never take a vacation to Indy again, let alone in December. I've been to every New Orleans OSU Sugar Bowl, Alamo Bowl and Cotton Bowl and all had nice weather except that Cotton Bowl year. Many of the stadiums built back north didn't even qualify to host a Super Bowl dispite the NFL rewarding one to teams that build new stadiums up to certain standards for it and the city bringing infrastructure up to certain standards. Look how many were built said stadiums in the last 15 years and not gotten to host. Those cities should be ashamed for cheaping out and not rewarding they're fan bases. Those stadiums could then be bidding in this new modern world of college football to host some of these games, as well.  As it is, they'd get laughed at without retractable roofs, major highways and interstates that are flawless and large, improved and multiple inlarged international airports in host city, a surplus of 4plus hotels that are only X years old (don't be afraid to tear down and build new), plenty of renowned resteraunts and other set ups for game week hospitality. These are much easier, cheaper and quickly accomplished in states with no union workers. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I was each of those too. I prefer New Orleans or at least the French quarter, way more than anything Dallas/Arlington has to offer. The Food, the hospitality, the music and over all jubilant people. Dallas is so pretentous plus you have to drive every where. I swear while waiting to get a table in that city they seat you based on what you drive up in, rather than when you arrive. No where near the hospitible feeling. Dallas is only city in south like that. I take that back, Miami is like that too

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I'd be surprised if we lead that in Htown. You know how it is down here. They like local independently owned. Not the franchises. Unless of course the franchise is owned and operated in Texas. All my life I've been taught to buy "Made in America." They take it to another level here.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I hope we didn't piss Barry Alverez off with him being on the committee. After all we had to keep running our offense to get Cardale reps. 

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Cameron Johnston will use his roll out rugby style punt. Later, he will keep one of those roll outs, convert the 4th down, extend the drive, that drive is capped off by a fired up O with a TD and the team keeps their foot on Wisconsin's neck the rest of the game.

Edit: Then we'll go for 2, "because we couldn't go for 3."