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Comment 19 Jul 2016

My Dad's gonna be disappointed.  I already told him one of our vendors (oil field) wants to take me and a guest to the game (team building of course). I do have that weekend off but I'm probably gonna flip my schedule so I can instead race in the Colorado Mile a prior weekend. So it's free tickets to go to the butthole of America or ship my car out to Denver, fly out and adrenaline rush at high speeds up and down the runways of the air base? There's 12 plus of these games a year and only 4 races. My boss is an OU grad, It will/would be nice to come back from the game and be able to say I was there when we roll their soft team with our power running game and defense.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Agreed: remember the highly rated Justin Zwick? If not Troy Smith made you forget about his commitment class alum. Lot's of experience and work to be done by both between now and when they're name is called to step on the field. The one that does the work, can handle the speed of the game at next level and has the biggest stones will previel. 

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I agree with points about Texas and was going to point out the Austin silicone valley of the south, Michael Dell, and ol' what's his face that owns the Mavericks being a dot com guy also now choosing to live down here. Don't leave out Houston being the or one of the top medical hubs in the world. And of course leader in space aeronotics. Living here, don't really consider the rest of the south, Texans are single minded to think its Texas and nothing else. Will never agree South Carolina is part of the south. It was affiliated with the south during the war 150 plus years ago, but thats it. Infrastructure in South Carolina I'd associated more northern. Old, dated and worn out. A state that waits for help from Feds rather than just knuckling down and knocking out and being self sufficient. Has a coastline, but I don't think they're an international player whatsoever 

Comment 05 Jul 2016

While anything Union affiliated continues to move south to break these dated and costly bonds. I moved down here for the low cost of living high pay, the financially stable/loaded public schools,  no state taxes, and competitive oil and gas jobs and all the homes are new and compitively priced and loaded with amminities for FAR cheaper than homes decades older and very lived in back home.  Even though I work still up in OH and PA, I reside in TX. I know only a handful of northern engineers within our industry and they are new to the industry with Penn State, WVU and Marrietta getting into the drilling studies, finally.

Comment 04 Jul 2016

I agree with a lot of you that Brax in the wildcat was very predicable for that play and not overly effective, last year. However, I remind y'all of the modern game of football and how it's rules don't favor the defense. More often than not it was early in downs and we'd trot the then QB out wide (either Cardale or JT), after the play we'd go into slight hurry or see if defense tried to sub out of their run based used to stop the previous design power run play. Urban knows what he's doing and was forcing D's into personnel he wanted to exploit. Throughout the decades, we'd been accused of not adopting with the evolution of football and squandering chances. Ladies and Gents, Urban Meyer can also be accused of not adopting. But that's only because he's always ahead of the game. You have to be behind in evolution to be forced to adapt. 

Comment 04 Jul 2016

I disagree with your second point. The first point is just silly and restricting by Ohio and can be changed to allow to put pads on in fall and spring ball and play in 7 on 7 leagues in summer and winter. They can pay coaches 6 figures to bring in the best around the country too. If they don't fight drilling and offer huge tax breaks for money donated to public schools you'll eventually see kids with tremendous facilities too. But your second point, no way do I see it. Population migration backs this. 

Comment 04 Jul 2016

I apogee ahead of time as this is gonna lead a little off subject. I think and hope Braxton is gonna fit in with the Texans workout warrior culture.  He can join with John Simon and Brian Peters in their epic workouts. He can join up with JJ's 4 am marathons. He can join up with Cushing, Brooks Reed (now with Falcons) and Connor Barwin (has since been with Eagles for few years). These workout groups put in some extreme hours that these local high school kids watch and imulate. One player I hope he doesn't fall in with, a guy that has shied away from these groups either do to work ethic or doesn't thrive on compitiition like these guys do is Clowney. The only guy he was hanging with was former college teammate and second round pick/thug DJ Swearinger. Swearinger had issues from day one when Obrien got here and when spotted in hallway during last 15 minutes of meetings dedicated to special teams by alledgidly telling Obrien he doesn't need to be in those meetings and would be going home because "he's a starter and a second round pick, Dawg." Then he and Clowney were repeatedly seen at their local rec center playing pick up basketball games while Clowney was still on specific instructions recovering from micro fracture surgery, not to. Anyway, there are bad eggs and good eggs out there. Brax's willingness to except challenges will no doubt lead him to the correct group. He will thrive from the good choice and honest to goodness full on effort he'll put in. Go Brax! I may have to get another Texans jersey, after all I don't have the Battle Red one (have the Liberty White #51 Simon and yes like EVERY other Houstinian I have the Steel Blue #99 for the world's best player). A #13 Miller jersey in Battle Red for the Halliburton Red game is next.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

"The good news is Ohio is producing more blue chips than places like Alabama and Louisiana. The bad news is it's a tier below Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia. "

I should hope OH could produce more high school blue chips than LA and AL. OH has almost 5 times the population of AL and Double LA. The sad part is how close it is to TX in population and has more populous than GA. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Buckeyes by two scores, that's if Mayfield finishes the game. But if he is carted off from the swarm our young players will imply vs their horrid OL, he will finish game in the mourge or hospital (not wishing for either). If this happens, Buckeys by 20 plus

Comment 30 May 2016

I agree college baseball is awsome. High school baseball is awsome too, down here. Buckeyes may beat Wright state (I should hope so) and Louisville ( about like beating a one armed younger cousin in a fight), but man they struggle when they face anyone that recruits kids that played ball 365 days a year all their life. I remember when I left SFA in Nacodogches Texas after title 9 took our team and came up north to fulfill a dream of wearing scarlet and grey. While gaining my 6 months in state residency before enrollment I checked out the team .... Horrrrid!!! Horrid might have been an understatement to laughable. No school with that athletic budget should be that bad. There are local high schools around here in Houston with more first round picks. Bucks seriously need to redo where they recruit from. First 4 picks in the entire draft a few years ago were from Houston. You gotta recruit where kids play against other top flight talent on every pitch, not from school that may have one or two late round or just college talent per squad. Good high school squads put EVERYONE at least into college ball, unless they take the draft money

Comment 26 May 2016

But they'll need all troops on deck week one vs Tom Herman's 'Coogs and this kid may have just hurt his team's chances of winning in Houston.