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Comment 15 Aug 2016

I agree with your point you don't have to be a competitive jerk. I wouldn't lump Pete Carrol in with your mentioned group of example good guys, though. And the aforementioned good guys are from a different era so this Twitter back and forth stuff wouldn't have happened with Madeen, JT, Vermiel, JJ, Walsh, and even Dungy. I'd imagine today's pro coaches don't Twitter but rather have member of the organization that handles on their behalf.

Comment 14 Aug 2016

Hard to tell in Osweiller playing without his Pro Bowl LT, starting RT and their starting center out. 

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Not so sure he would. Latter in career Tress faced an undersized FLA front got down by two TD's and finally came out and committed to ground game. Pittman got the ball 4 straight times and resulted in an 80 yards 4 play drive. D comes out after kickoff and holds up forcing a punt and game looks to be changing. However, OSU then comes out on offense after unstoppable previous drive on the ground and Troy Smith throws 3 straight incompletions being bombarded by that athletic front againt our flat footed non athletic pass blockers. Game over

Comment 04 Aug 2016

That style of OL was close to the end of line. Especially their training methods and non expectations to be athletes. UFM latter shattered that era of linemen with what he did with his athletic Florida D front vs OSU in national title game. The '14 and '15 OSU D front with Bennett, Washington, Bosa, Lewis, Lee, McMillan and Perry were much better than even that FLA D front was. 

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Score touchdowns in the redzone
"We don’t kick field goals. We go for it on fourth down a bunch in the red zone, because the stats’ll tell you that the chance to get seven is worth the reward of just three, especially when you’ve got a good defense."

I wish Herman had been around to tell this to John Cooper when we had Orlando Pace, Eddie George, a good D and we're kicking FG's on 4th and 1 against michigan. We'd have another National Title in our trophy case.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Does JT get to finish what he started in this hypothetical game for the '14 team?  '02 defense would give Cardale fits

further yet, is Braxton available for '14 in Hypothetical game as an athlete?

Comment 03 Aug 2016

My concern is DT. What got to see a bit of these guys last year especially late. They were fine vs fitness teams, but MSU literally ran to whatever side Adolphus didn't line up on late in that game over and over and kept the chains moving for that last drive. Hill was pushed LB depth even on QB sneak

Comment 03 Aug 2016

I like Clark's fire and apprent willingness to compete. I think that will propell him to outperform Martell. There's a chance Martell is as good as he's gonna get, right now. There's that chance with every recruit. When they come from being the very most elite at their schools and conferences to THE elite of the country all in one locker room, lets see how each handles then. Something tells me Clark will flourish

Comment 31 Jul 2016

Who's the better student and will have the easiest adjustment to college level coarses? That has to be considered as we decide who to chose. If I had to choose, give me JK. I don't think he will take visits if came comes on but won't waver. The other schools he'd consider are taking backs too. If he went to a school also taking another back he'd look like he was ducking Cam. I think JK should not duck anyone and become a Buck

Comment 29 Jul 2016

Urban may not be content leaning on the run game but come Norman, OK time, those Big 12 fools (apparently never watched the great Rich Rod football) and by necessity of lost personnel are switching to a 3-3-5. OU has an extremely talented secondary. I bet Urban will be content to shove 300 plus yards on the ground down their throat on their home turf keeping their O off the field, too in what will turn into a mess of fallen Sooner bodies and a bloody OSU romp. Not to mention the end of the OU season dropping them to 1  and 2. 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

My Dad's gonna be disappointed.  I already told him one of our vendors (oil field) wants to take me and a guest to the game (team building of course). I do have that weekend off but I'm probably gonna flip my schedule so I can instead race in the Colorado Mile a prior weekend. So it's free tickets to go to the butthole of America or ship my car out to Denver, fly out and adrenaline rush at high speeds up and down the runways of the air base? There's 12 plus of these games a year and only 4 races. My boss is an OU grad, It will/would be nice to come back from the game and be able to say I was there when we roll their soft team with our power running game and defense.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Agreed: remember the highly rated Justin Zwick? If not Troy Smith made you forget about his commitment class alum. Lot's of experience and work to be done by both between now and when they're name is called to step on the field. The one that does the work, can handle the speed of the game at next level and has the biggest stones will previel. 

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I agree with points about Texas and was going to point out the Austin silicone valley of the south, Michael Dell, and ol' what's his face that owns the Mavericks being a dot com guy also now choosing to live down here. Don't leave out Houston being the or one of the top medical hubs in the world. And of course leader in space aeronotics. Living here, don't really consider the rest of the south, Texans are single minded to think its Texas and nothing else. Will never agree South Carolina is part of the south. It was affiliated with the south during the war 150 plus years ago, but thats it. Infrastructure in South Carolina I'd associated more northern. Old, dated and worn out. A state that waits for help from Feds rather than just knuckling down and knocking out and being self sufficient. Has a coastline, but I don't think they're an international player whatsoever 

Comment 05 Jul 2016

While anything Union affiliated continues to move south to break these dated and costly bonds. I moved down here for the low cost of living high pay, the financially stable/loaded public schools,  no state taxes, and competitive oil and gas jobs and all the homes are new and compitively priced and loaded with amminities for FAR cheaper than homes decades older and very lived in back home.  Even though I work still up in OH and PA, I reside in TX. I know only a handful of northern engineers within our industry and they are new to the industry with Penn State, WVU and Marrietta getting into the drilling studies, finally.