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Comment 23 Apr 2017

I've lived in OH, PA and TX. It couldn't only be about adding spring ball. It's so much more. It doesn't hurt spring sports down here. Watch Olympic track and field and MLB draft. 6A HS coaches are paid 6figures and put in long hours. However for many of them the hours aren't an issue as many were hired away from college programs after they tired of picking up and moving every time a regime change occurs. A lot of ex UH, Rice, Tx Southern coaches opt for Houston high school once their staff is ousted and are forced to move away from Htown if they follow with staff to the next school

Comment 23 Apr 2017

Correct. Also, I noticed not one starter or contributor spoke out against the bullied IU athletic system. It was not said but I kinda took it as another form of disgruntled exHS stars that aren't happy with how things are turning out at the next level so they started pointing fingers. Then other meddling athletes jumped onboard with their frustrations. I wouldn't have thought this if just one star, ok IU has no stars, but if one starter would have spoke out. 

Comment 23 Apr 2017

They think it'll hurt Ohio track and field and baseball? Do the take note of the olympics and MLB draft? You can't hurt what's already dead.Limiting kids opportunities at anything is never the best senario. Ohio needs not only spring football in high school but from pee wee up like here in Texas. These pee wee up to junior high leagues are actually an additional tackle football season. Reps reps reps. Kids need to know the game and fundamentals BEFORE entering high school so coaches don't have to spend time with general basics. Then summer and winter seasons of 7 on 7 leagues. If in a metro area can play for school's 7 on 7 league and also be a member of pay to play league allowing to play for two teams at once. Reps reps reps. History shows what happened down here once kids started playing baseball on multiple teams year round. You can put the Houston area alone against the rest of the country combined minus rest of Texas and all of CA, and FLA as far as top round money MLB draft picks. A recent draft first four picks of entire draft had Htown ties. This commitment to the kids in football too is showing signs of having similar results, at least in the form of college scholarships. How is it paid for and how are the indoor practice facilities and enormous stadiums (not fields with some bleachers) built? Give oil and gas companies large tax incentives to give to state school districts. OH kids get these same commitments to their excellence and similar results will come. These large corps. Would rather have aided a $100 million high school football stadium they funded or an indoor practice facility they made come to fruition than hand funds over to Uncle Sam. OH has plenty of drilling to compete with this high cost expidtutes that help kids or at least TRY. An obstacle that will never be hurdled. TX gave enourmoud tax credits back in 70's and 80's to get ALL the oil and gas companies of the Midwest and world to move their headquarters to Houston. So they're more prone to invest in these communities as they live amongst them. The other, TX pays no federal taxes or royalties on minerals. It's the only state that OWNS all its own mineral rights. So also deterred to giving money to OH school districts after they are forced to pay taxes to Feds on anything drilled in OH. It has to start some where though. A large gap, greedy hands and years of misappropriation would have to be over come to become the best

Comment 21 Apr 2017

TP, those are not words ever used by recently retired and classy, great possible future Hall of Famer Andre Johnson. 'Dre had a career with garbage QB's, and just worked hard and never pointed fingures. I don't remember Tim Brown playing with HOF QBs or any even close. Again a guy that shut up, worked hard and everything worked out in the end for him. TP,  take note. The League is a fraternity, don't let your mouth end up limiting future destinations or you'll be like TO at the end of career,  still able to play but no one will sign you 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

If you're a starter or even get in rotation at a Texas 6A school, you are going to play ball some where. It's just a matter of where. So it's to get further noticed and get interaction with coaches. Not just the coaches putting on the clinic but those that will be there watching

Comment 18 Apr 2017

The last OSU QB to win a national title had a total of 2 starts under his belt prior to the title game. More than likely, one of these younger guys will have 5 to 6 times that total of starts in their first year as starter (after JT graduates), prior to should we make the title game. Trust, Man. Urban and new OC will get it done. Not their first rodeo.