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Comment 12 Feb 2016

Youth leagues down here play spring football so it'd be cool to have pro ball too to hold us over to fall football. 

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Congrats to my favorite OL ever and 4th fav player ever behind Sweetness, Lott and Farve. Farve and Pace in on same ballot... I'll be there.

I like you're point about Dungy vs Jimmie Johnson. Dungy didn't even draft his players. Bill Polian built his teams for him. Johnson drafted many HOF's and was so good at GM rule NFL had to change many of its personnel and trade rules so no one can ever pull off the heist that built his dynasty (Hershel Walker trade). Also, even thoughSwitzer one that one Super Bowl, you might as well call that one Jimmie's too. Also in an age of going against another elite dynasty that came down to who was better on the day if NFC championship and during the Bills height (seriously they had some damn good players).

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Agreed. I double checked the previous posts to make sure I was repeating. What is this world coming to?

Woody,"how would a beer feel, Mr. Peterson?"

Norm, " Pretty nervous if I was in the room, Woody."

Comment 29 Jan 2016

CHEEERS!!!!! An opening scene of George Wendt walking into a chorus of "Norm," and he following it with a zany one liner, only to roll right into the show's intro song that you couldn't help but sing. "Sometimes you wanna go...."

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I agree it depends which climate you wish to tolerate. I also agree BR food is not quite NOLA but it's still got far better foods than Madison or most anything north of 1-10. Fresh sea food, creole, Cajun, Tex Mex, Haitian, French, BBQ in Madison? 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Defense: Hubbard and Booker

offense: JT (even though he has shown greatness already for two years.), and Samuel in multiple roles

Comment 06 Jan 2016

Speaking with parent of prominent UH player last night. They're being told Allen will sit out the first year and then been promised punting position ONLY that second year. He will be given the opportunity to compete with Postma for QB position that year (Ward will have then graduated). But he has not been promised QB job. Also, talks of experimenting Ward at the Braxton/Percy Harvin position in off season and Postma taking over QB, next year. It's Ward's best opportunity in pro's. Just like Braxton

Comment 02 Jan 2016

Cool. I stayed with a host family in Asboro, NC years ago while out in the Coastal Plains league one summer (college wooden bat league) and with a host family out in Aberdeen, WA for a season of independent league ball. Those families were very generous and made us feel at home and allow us to financially be able to chase a dream. That's a great thing you're doing

Comment 02 Jan 2016

On turf he gets there a step in a half quicker and that's a pick 6. Not making an excuse same playing field for all. However I did see some growth there on that play. Although he didn't make the highlight play, he constrained himself and pulled back realizing he wasn't gonna get there and resorted to taking down the man and limiting the play rather than futilely still going for ball and giving up a score

Comment 02 Jan 2016

I dint know if some are regional but the last few days down here in TX during these bowl games Ford has flooded the commercials. That new Gt Ferrari killer is freaking sweet!!!