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Comment 01 Jan 2017

One of the more annoying things about our staff is we don't seem to give others stafffs credit that they may actually be doing the same things such as watching tape and looking for tendencies. We refuse to break ours thinking no one will notice. The most obvious example being and I'll do this in question form:  Can anyone reading this name who's getting the ball and what play is gonna be run if JT gets up under center with his hands to take the snap and Samuel is in the slot??? 

Comment 28 Dec 2016

Last time they played, we under used Carlos Hyde and seemed to be a cultural thing in their struggles vs   Hyde when he was given the ball. No one wanted to go heads up with him. Our rushing totals, especially Brax's would appear better if Mewhort would have handled Vic Beasley. Sack yardage losses and even Beasley vs our option in space was a problem. You'd thought we'd run right at that undersized olb/de but we tried and mewhort couldn't get out of his stance fast enough to handle him

Comment 25 Dec 2016
  • I can't name a good clemson OL now or before.
  • Our front 7 will destroy them.
  • Our depth on both sides of the ball and Mariati conditioning and toughness will break them.
  • We tackle better and take on lead blockers better
  • we're TOSU, and they're not. 

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Comment 21 Dec 2016

I thought we knew what we had with Hartline early in his OSU career, but once the log jam of Holmes, Hall,  Ginn and Gonzalez were removed in front of him and Robiskie, Hartline stopped being the blue collar play to the whistle guy he was while seeing special teams work and spot duties. We win that Fiesta Bowl vs Texas if he keeps playing to the whistle on that run that Beanie Wells breaks out of the pack and is caught way down field by a guy Hartline had every opportunity to at least shield but just stood around flat footed watching the show

Comment 11 Dec 2016

I wish Braxton was running wild in the NFL. That shoulder got destroyed again, last week

Comment 09 Dec 2016

I can't remember Mewhort as a King Slob. Not after the exchange he had in the media with undersized  Vic Beasley and then That dude beat Mehort like a drum all night in the Orange Bowl with speed moves, bull rush, in space and with superior effort (motor). 

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Look at JTs freshman year later in the season when the line sorted out. He was so poised and the most discipled reader through his passing progressions I'd ever seen at OSU. He'd go through all the routes and if no one was open slide to by even more time and start reading back through them while giving himself the option to took and run. With this line, and not limited to Prince as Jordan has his moments as does even Price on a few pass plays a game, he needs to limit his progressions and just tuck and run. He can't slide because he can't rely on where that free area will be to by extra time, just tuck and get after it.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Offense looked ok last time we were in Minnesota. Wind does effect JT's ball,  no doubt.  However,  latter in season level of competition is higher, film is out on our current team, tendencies and athletes by then, but mostly when weather gets bad our play calling gets MUCH different

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Players see, Turner is one of few guys actually developed when in campus for at least a year in Thad's program. And probably due more to his own hard work.

Thad is stressing non-conference? Then why even schedule FLA Atlantic. Schedule teams with similar investment or greater in facilities, staff and recruiting. Lil ol' SFA opened with Kentucky in an attempt to get better. What paper tiger did Thad face again to pad personal stats? Even when he was at his height, I never heard his name in consideration by the NBA. That latter tells me the most.