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Comment 10 May 2016

Sorry but I didn't get anything out of that Tressel halftime speach. I felt no goosebumps, adrenaline, or anything. I felt kinda like those players and bystander's body language looks, "yeah yeah, you done yet." If I remember right we went out and had VERY conservative play calling in second half after dominating the first half and coached not to lose and dang near did. The DL was dominate that evening and were able to preserve this victory

Comment 03 Apr 2016

He also sat in as part of the guest panel welcoming wolverines as an inventive  on national signing day didn't he? I thought that to be weird and out of character of what I'd previously thought of Grandpa Lou's association with OSU.

Comment 27 Mar 2016

Come on Texans!! We'd love to have Braxton in the Wes Welker role of Bill Obrien's offense. 

Comment 27 Mar 2016

I haven't heard if Simon has accepted the Texans offer, yet. I hope so!! I enjoy being the only one each weekend at NRG Stadium with my #51 Simon jersey. I keep waiting for the Texas to move him inside, but looks like he'll remain at OLB. 

Comment 15 Mar 2016

I asked the question a few years ago about an OL we signed out of Ft. Worth and also with the LB who transferred to Texas Tech (he was back and forth between public and private schools), what's up with someone with this talent level playing private school ball in Texas? The better ball, compitiition and education  is actually in the rich public schools of Texas. The public schools have the facilities, 6 figure coaches and spur compitiition amongst their 4,000 plus students and compact that with another 4,000 students at rival high schools within a mile or two in any direction and in even same neighborhoods.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

We're in different industries then, Bro. No chance even when becoming the guy drilling the most feet per hour at the best cost per foot you'll eventually get out done and are not safe. It's a well to well thing and always competitive never sleeping on what you did yesterday or if no one in your company has done it better before because it's not limited to in house it's to be the best in industry and deliver results to investors now. Those that can't handle the oil field can try the gas fields, or better yet the world seems to think it needs HR people too, just not in the oilfield.

Comment 14 Mar 2016

I wish this poster was my boss. He'd allow me to be backed with absurdly more money, facilities and resources than competitors and not demand to beat them and appreciate what I've been provided.  

Comment 14 Mar 2016

Also, he benched the players early in the game that came to him demanding the other QB especially since Jefferson had been a curfew violator leading up to game. Then took it further threatening OC's job if one of those protestors in particular touched the ball, which was their version of Jalin Marshall only with more speed and even more shake, Russell Shepard. The OC basically denounced and took the firing pre game. Les called the plays that game and the team that previously beat Bama that year could not even cross mid field vs them. Dang!! Why couldn't scUM get him?? Oh well, they got coach that was previously  barely .500 power 5 conference without the Andrew Luck years.

Comment 14 Mar 2016

In my best Allen Iversin voice, "Akron? We talkin bout Akron? Seriously, Akron?" 

Afterall we do have top facilities and the top or second  highest athletic budget in the whole competitive game. Money well spent??

after awhile, if I keep having the most heavily vested race team in the race and not only am I not getting a championship, I'm getting beat by teams not so heavily vested (Sienna, Whichita St, Iowa st, ect) and now I can't even qualify for the race??? I gotta question everything: the driver, the crew, the nuts and bolts and who and why they have it better? Complacency has never brought things to THE highest level.

Comment 13 Mar 2016

Coach Tom Herman, we'll keep filling needs and getting a healthy share of the Texas kids we recruit. In the mean time, continue making roads down there, open doors and when you come back to take over when Urban retires (in 20 years) the ultimate Texas pipeline will have been completed.