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Random Question about offering recruits.

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May 2, 2014 at 1:05pm

I've started following recruiting decently a few years ago before I joined 11W. The one thing I've notice is a vicious circle when offering kids. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like the top recruits get offers from about everyone. The there's that mid level talent high 3* low 4* that could be sitting around for a bit without any "big" offers from power conference teams. It seems like once a higher tier team offers everyone else who was on the fence offers the same day or shortly thereafter. Obviously Idk the answer that's why I'm polling the staff and 11W members, Do schools play like a waiting game for a "big" name school to offer before throwing their name in the pot too soon or is it just a coincidence you'll see like 5 schools offer the same kid in one day?

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The reasons for offering can vary tremendously. In terms of offering a prospect in response to another school offering, I think it does happen and is usually done as a way to 'threaten' the other school who may want the prospect more. We have seen it with Bama and OSU/Saban and Meyer. Im not sure exactly how the offering process works other than the program extending it to the prospect, but I do believe sometimes offers go out in response to another program, more likely a rival, offering.

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Certainly that is the case sometimes...I dont think there is one brush stroke to answer this question.

But I think often is that case that a recruit will attend a big event, like the opening or any big camp, and many programs who have recruiters there will see the kid in person with their own eyes (not just on tape) and make an offer.  It's all subjective obviously and there are certainly instances of gamesmanship, but often its just coaches getting to see the kid in person...often at a highly attended, high volubme event/camp.

Blue chip guys are blue chip guys and known in this day and age...so their tape will pop out and everybody offers.  Sometimes kids just have to work the circuit and build a more grassroots recruitment.

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I think it's partially due to coaches waiting to offer lower level guys until they have to. You obviously don't want to offer everyone immediately and have a class fill up with three star guys. I also think it's partially due to camps and film. If all coaches get film at the same time, some will offer at the same time. 

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Once the camp circuit gets going, the offers will start flying out and there will be a ton of movement in the rankings. Remember, last year Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Sam Hubbard and a bunch of others were all mid-3 stars until they blew everyone away in camps.

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In a lot of cases, schools do follow other bigger schools in offering prospects. Mark Pantoni talked during NSD that he knows in the back of his mind if the Alabama's or Notre Dame's are offering a prospect, Ohio State probably will be too. They are definitely aware of who has what offers. 


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MSU seems to be offering a ton of prospects that we are this year. Havent noticed it in past years as much and I think they are smart in doing so with their victory over us and Stanford last season.

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Thanks for the responses guys upvotes for everyone

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