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Nick Conner

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April 16, 2014 at 3:41pm

He is now rated 180 in the composite rankings while SKL is 200. He is also the #5 ILB in the country.

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I'll trust urbans eval over any site not that I don't like him bec I'm a fan

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I will too, but the fact that he's being rated so highly by so many sources makes it hard to believe he hasn't been offered by OSU yet.


edit: also strange considering Raekwon is the only ILB we picked up in 2014, and we aren't going after any (hard) in 2015 yet.

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Agreed I'm def a fan of his. Must feel real good on baker n Hilliard

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They're OLB though

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One of them or smk would probably move inside if they all committed. Most likely smk bec he's more of a thumper imo

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uh, Kyle Berger is really a middle linebacker! He might be listed as outside but his game is so much an inside linebacker. Maybe more of a 3-4 ILB than a true Mike but he could play inside IMO.

not that I disagree that Conner should be offered. I do think he should no matter how many MLB OSU has.

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Just my 2 cents worth, but I think we need him in any case. Most of the great talent we are looking at seem to be OLBs. Conner would tend to be more of an ILB who would be great against the run. I think we need at least one more LB in that mold.

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While I think that he does deserve an offer, I'm not too worried yet.  He doesn't currently hold any offers from other powerhouse programs.  I think if he's offered then he'd almost be a for-sure Buckeye.

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I won't pretend to know anything about scouting or evaluating player game film but Kilby-Lane's highlights are more impressive in my opinion.


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Rankings aren't all there is to evaluating players, but I hope Conner gets an offer by the summer. It's obvious the kid wants to be a Buckeye. I would hate for him to end up at Notre Dame or MSU or UK. 

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SLK has offers from Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Florida State and others.

Nick Conner doesn't yet have an offer from Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State or any of the others listed. Why do you think that is?

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I agree. I think the offer list is a good way to compare recruits.

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Dorian Bell had offers from Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Florida State and others in 2009.

Luke Kuechly didn't have an offer from Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State or any of the other listed. I think because they missed, they all missed. Just like Ohio State is doing with Conner.


Nick Conner - 6'3 225. Grew up in Ohio, plays with a chip on his shoulder. Has offers from the likes of Cincinnati, Kentucky and Boston College.

Luke Kuechly - 6'3 220. Grew up in Ohio, played with a chip on his shoulder. Had offers from the likes of Cincinnati, Illinois and Boston College. 

Let's not make the same mistake with a guy that wants to be a Buckeye. It's great to look outside the state for talent. But if there's something cooking inside your own wall of your state, pay attention. 

But then again, I haven't won two national titles so.. 

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Is there anyone that Kentucky isn't offering?

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Luke Kuechly is the exception, not the rule.  Most guys from Ohio who go to Cincinnati or Boston College could never crack the 2-deep at Ohio State.

Not to say that is the case for Connor, he  may turn out be a great one.  But Ohio State is not obligated to offer every kid from Ohio  just because they want to be Buckeyes and get offers from some lower tier schools.

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Chris Borland could probably have cracked the 2 deep as well.. Same with Denicos Allen. And I'm not saying they need to offer every kid in Ohio, because not every kid in Ohio is an Ohio State caliber athlete, even if they want to be. But Conner seems like he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves, so it's not like I'm pleading a case for a kid no one knows about. And this situation will most likely pan out just like the past recruiting class and Brady Taylor. He will be this years Brady Taylor, hopefully. Bookmark this page because if Conner doesn't turn out to be a solid-great college linebacker, I'll eat my shoe, ala Birm the Great. But seriously, the only knock on Conner is his anger can sometimes get him into trouble. On and off the field. He has to learn to control it, not let people get in his head. But you can never question the kids motor. I hope they give him another chance because 4-6, A-B, is this kid in a nutshell.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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Borland would've seen the field for OSU for sure, but he was never gonna come to OSU. He grew up in Ohio as a Wisconsin fan. 

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Bingo!!!!  Well said Siva

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Nick Conner seems like a really good player hope we offer him, but SKL film speaks for itself. I think SKL (when/if he commits) and Ben Edwards can be the hardest hitting tandem we have signed in a long time.

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He's being slow-played by a lot of big schools, so obviously they're not sold on him yet for whatever reasons.  I trust that they know what they're doing.

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I'm guessing they're factoring in character issues and the fact that he's already committed.

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Another point of note: EGW got moved way down from where he was. Wasn't he almost top 50? Barely top 100 now.


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I like the bird in the hand.

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Already committed players don't sell insider subscriptions.

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I really like Nick Conner, and there are some Ohio St coaches that do as well.

Last years class was a epic haul, to be honest I think the whole class will go down as one of Ohio St.'s best ever.

I don't think OSU takes more than 2 LB's this year.

Conner should definitely wait if he loves the Buckeyes, he has people pulling for him, it's just not unanimous yet. imho.

I personally think he is a great recruit and like him a lot. I do think Shamar Kilby Lane is physically more able to play and with Mitchell gone, well, Florida kids are typically in sophomore form due to spring football and weight training. We don't have that in Ohio.

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Their def going to take 3 and here's hoping it's SKL, Hilliard and Baker! 

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Here we go again with the weekly Nick Connor update.  He is not a tier one recruit, merely a fall back recruit.  Baker, Hilliard, Kilby-Lane, Holland, and DeBerry as all guys we are waiting on first.


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Maybe, but Borland wasn't either.  

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Borland wasn't ever gonna come to OSU. He grew up in Ohio as a Wisconsin fan. Wisky was his dream school.

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I really want him offered. Home grown kid, good for the program. We got 3 commits and likely 1 or 2 won't stick. WTF?

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It seems like at this point we have to lose out on one between: Baker, Hillard, or SKL to offer O'Conner. He said in an interview earlier that he would be willing to camp to earn an offer. Hopefully he'll pull a Darron Lee at camp and earn the offer he wants. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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The recruiting mechanisms have changed at OSU. Coach Tressel would have offered Nick Conner a scholarship a long time ago, but coach Meyer has turned up recruiting a notch by going after the very elite national athletes.

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The last couple years Ohio State has really missed high percentage tacklers. Shazier was a freak athlete for the position but we have lacked consistent tacklers across the board. You need a mix. 

Chris Borland, Greg Jones, Jake Ryan type guys. 

Not arm tacklers who dive with their head down. 


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Last we saw Ryan, his team was getting torched by K-State.

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I am sure these coaches know what they are doing. I don't think a kid like him commits elsewhere if the coaching staff offered and I still think they may take 4 LB this class. 

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My two cents is that he is likely a camp to earn offer situation.  Like a bunch of other guys throughout Urban's tenure, they must camp so the staff can see them live against top notch competition.  Should he camp and live up to his tape and or impress the staff, I would be shocked if he didn't get an offer regardless of the situation with Hilliard, Baker, SKL, etc...  To me, the bigger question is if he waits that long to earn an offer.  The one thing in our favor is many other top regional programs are waiting to offer as well.