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Who do you think are the next 2015 commits?

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March 13, 2014 at 12:31am

I'm thinking well get at least one the weekend of March 21st (hopefully Chris Clark) and then Kilby-Lane at the spring game. This is wishful thinking though,any educated guesses?

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Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Dre'Mont Jones, before any of the others.

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So you think he'll commit in the next week? Any chance of what I said?

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I'm not optimistic at the moment on Clark, I know he likes OSU a lot but they'll have to blow him away next weekend to get a commitment on the visit.

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Do you mean you're not optimistic about us getting clark at all or us getting clark this soon? I thought we had as good of a chance as anyone at getting him in the end, no?

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Such a nice pickup - Can't get here any sooner

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I think it's always a tough sell for OSU to land a top national TE because the lack of historical success at the position. Lots of negative recruiting about OSU's offense not being suited for a TE out there.

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My sources are saying it is going to be Dre'Mont Jones.... my source is Birm.

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If you hadn't revealed your secret insider source who posted right above you I would have just guessed you had one of those "contacts close to the team" and were very important. Have to play it closer to the vest man.

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Not sure who our next commit will be but I do know that it has been 108 days since UM's last commitment and that was for a 2016 kid. Turns out, losing 5 games a year is not good for recruiting.


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Ben Edwards committed a month ago...? We lost 5 games last season...? I was unaware 

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May want to re-read my post...


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I thought UM was urban meyer

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That is why you always think UM is that @$%#$&*%#@^ team and UFM is Urban F'in Meyer!

helps to look at the avatar too although in this case his is misleading. He also talks about "our" team but then talks about "that" team.

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I believe the UM in his post refers to University of Michigan rather than Urban Meyer. 

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Dre'mont Jones is my guess.

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Dre'Mont Jones, Marcus Lewis, Steven Gonzalez

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Steven Gonzalez would be a great start for the O-line, but he may wait til  the fall.


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If lane visits for spring game I think he will commit imo


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Jeremy, is it just me or is this an oddly slow start to this recruiting class? What do you make of the slow start and what do you see happening as far as momentum? Will is continue at this slow pace or do we start increasing momentum soon?


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Larry Scott.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring and say D. Jones and Van Jefferson.

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I am going with Hale Hentges, the TE out of Missouri. I know that is a long shot, but at this point why not?

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Actually got more crystal balls for him to osu


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Let's remember it's quality not quantity

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I'm just happy to be here

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