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Taylor Decker after this year

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September 2, 2014 at 6:53pm

Is it possible that we lose him to the NFL Draft after this year? He has turned into a great left tackle over the course of the past few years and has great measurables (6'7, 315 lbs). It would really suck to lose him after this year, as Left Tackle is the most important position on the offensive line and we have no one proven behind him. I know Antonio Underwood is listed as his backup, but I truly don't see him being the starter at Left Tackle next year (if Decker is to leave), as he is only 6'3 and has not really stood out so far. Perhaps Jamarco Jones takes over?

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This is an interesting question that I've also been wondering. I expect the nod to go to one of the younger guys.

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If he does leave, we will have both tackle spots to fill which bodes well for Jamarco finding a starting spot.  I agree that he was so good at the end of last year that after this year he will be a very desirable franchise tackle for some NFL team.

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Is it possible that we lose him to the NFL Draft after this year? 

Players have got to make choices based on what they perceive is best for them in the long run.  The average career in the NFL is not very long; 3.3 years according to the player's association, 6 yrs according to the NFL itself.  Those numbers alone would weigh heavily on my mind if I was faced with that dilemma. 

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I really doubt he leaves. I dont see him grading out as a 1st or 2nd round tackle just yet, especially since Mewhort wasn't. Another year in the system and he might get up there. 

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Mewhort was a 2nd round pick

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Braxton will lure him back

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I always see the comment about staying in school would be beneficial, but (and I could be wrong) I feel like most football players will be mostly finished with their degrees by the time their third year ends. They stay during the summer and don't have (for the most part), difficult majors. I have no statistics to back this up though.

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I think he goes pro. Then you look at Jamarco filling in if he figures it out.

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Let's get Jamarco to lose his black stripe first.

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Can we get past VaTech before we start worrying about losing players in the NFL next year?

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I think Jamarco needs to work on getting his black stripe off before we begin to elevate him to a discussion about starting.

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He's in his fifteenth game as a starter and has only one go at left tackle (against an undersized Navy to boot). He's not a first round pick yet.

Talk to me after the season when he's kept Joe Thomas's back clean for 15 games, and I'll probably change my tune, but he just doesn't have the experience to make the leap quite yet.

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Turned into a great LT over the years?  He's only played one game at LT.  I don't think he leaves.  He'll come back, get another year under his belt playing the LT position and perhaps be in the top 5 of LT's selected in the following years draft.

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This is exactly what I was going to say. Great left tackle?! He's played exactly ONE GAME at LT! People are unbelievable...

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Isn't it very rare for a redshirt sophomore LT to declare for the NFL draft?

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Probably, but Decker is a Junior.

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At first glance I thought this read 'Taylor Decker Out for the Year' and almost Hulk-smashed my computer. 

Although in my uneducated opinion, I don't see him leaving next year. Especially if Braxton comes back, our offense will garner a lot of attention (as it did in 2013), thus shining more of an NFL light on Decker and the rest of those soon to be O-line savages. 

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I think that depending on how this year ends Decker could be enticed to return by the loaded roster for next year. With Braxton or JT distributing to a very deep and more experienced group of playmakers behind a veterain offensive line the Buckeyes could be scary good on offense next year. Throw in a more experienced and deeper defense and the Buckeyes could be set up for huge things next season.

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Offensive linemen usually stay unless your name is Korey Stringer or Orlando Pace.

They do not always stay, but usually do stay, so lets hope Taylor Decker plays well enough  that he needs to make that decision.


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Well said Jim - Stringer was so athletic - miss him greatly on that line.