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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Braxton Miller's TD pass to Devin Smith in the waning seconds versus Wisconsin.
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Comment 20 Aug 2015
It's bullshit that Michael Bennett got drafted in the 6th round. If he gets drafted 1-3, like he should have, maybe we have more success with DT recruiting
Comment 19 Aug 2015

He's going pro barring anything catastrophic. 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Oh please the "mental health" card was a bunch of BS. He sucks at football at the next level; finally realizes that a 4th string DE in the CFL that can't even record a tackle has no place in football whatsoever.

Comment 11 Aug 2015
I'm sorry but he's better than Maradona and Pele by a mile. He's able to dribble at top speed through 6 defenders all at once. He scores at ridiculous rates. But he's also the total package. He is arguably a top 5 passer in the world. Pele and Maradona aren't even known for their passing. Messi is by far the best ever. And this is coming from a Real Madrid fan.
Comment 11 Aug 2015

Messi is better at his craft than any other player at their respective sport. He was born on another planet in a laboratory just to play the beautiful game of football and plays like he's the best player in the galaxy. I've watched abundant tape of all the world's greats, and Messi is by far better than your Peles, Maradonas, or Ronaldos. There'll never be another player like him.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

I apologize for reposting this, but I feel like more people should read this:

How can he not be in contention for anyone's favorite Buckeye of all time? After the whole Tattoogate scandal, he could've chosen any school in the country, but he stuck with the Buckeyes, knowing that the next few years were going to be very difficult, because he BLEEDS scarlet & gray. He already gained tremendous respect from every Buckeye before he even stepped foot on the field. He further won us over with his tremendous playing ability. We're talking about one of the most electric playmakers of all time at OSU. Even with a questionable supporting class of receivers and O-line during his freshman and sophomore years, he continued to make unbelievable plays. He was truly the lone bright spot in 2012, and I don't know how I'd have made it through that year if it weren't for him. I mean seriously, after that Wisconsin play in '12, we knew he'd go down as a Buckeye great. 

He put his body on the line every game. He took hit after hit --  but he never gave up. The Clemson game comes to mind. After being illegally bullrushed by the son-of-a-bitch Vic Beasley, he got "the injury". But he didn't give up in that game. He went on to make several huge plays, like the lob to Carlos Hyde for the touchdown.

Braxton is the true embodiment of everything being a Buckeye stands for: heart, grit, determination, will, loyalty, etc....