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Comment 11 Dec 2014

Wow. Remember Derek Barnett? The DE that we could've gotten if we had room. Finished his true freshman season in the SEC w/ 10 sacks and 20.5 TFL.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

If it was ever the right time to play a #1 Bama, this is the year. I don't think they're nearly as dominant as previous years. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Sure would've. Either ways, last night was a huge WIN for Dunn. Next year he will definitely have some sort of role in this offense -- did you see how he was breaking tackles!?

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Our DBs were amazing yesterday. Apple was a BEAST in run support, had like 2 or 3 tackles for loss. Grant was a shutdown corner, 2 INTs. Tyvis was great, and we all know how Vonn played. Hell, even Conley played well. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Only flaw with FOX is that their audio volume is considerably lower than ABC's

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Also, stopping Wisky on 3rd down. Stave has turned into a 3rd down machine

Comment 05 Dec 2014
I don't buy the Wisconsin hype. IMO it really erupted as soon as Barrett went down. Who have they played?!
Comment 04 Dec 2014

Club is the easy choice. 

Most importantly, college recruiters only recruit players based on their club. You will RARELY see a recruiter come watch a High School game. They almost always go to club games. Also, the easiest way to get noticed is by going to tournaments, which only club teams participate in.

Also obviously very important is the development of your son. I guarantee you he will not develop on a JV team. Club soccer is where the development happens. 

Every one of my friends that has been recruited by a college has been recognized by their performance in club soccer. I also am being recruited (I'm still in high school), and the coaches come to my games and watch me at State Cup and other tourneys. 

Good luck to your nephew!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Cardale is... the world's most interesting man.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

We should just leave the fucking B1G, that'll show them. (Half-sarcasm)

Commented on COY
Comment 02 Dec 2014
Rivals has lost much credibility over the past few years, 247 is on top.
Comment 30 Nov 2014

Baylor is a joke. I promise you they'll choke, just like they always do, when they face a good defense. 

Comment 30 Nov 2014

I love watching all the other "recruiting analysts" immediately jump ship on their CB predictions to what Birm predicts. Just goes to show how much respect Birm gets in the recruiting world.