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August 31, 2014 at 1:10am

Well let's hope MSU brings their A game next week to help make up for the embarrassing pathetic choke show Wisky put on tonight. I'm still in disbelief. They will make the entire conference look bad because they will win most of their games due to their easy schedule.

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They went on the road, with a bunch of new starters and a new quarterback (hmmm, sounds familiar), and thru the first 2 1/2 quarters, were taking it to LSU. I don't think this game was embarrassing at all, tho it is fair to say they choked the game away.

But if they go on to win most of their remaining games, I won't be surprised, and it won't make the conference look bad, I think it would make it look good. Say what you will about Wisconsin, but they're a tough team, and very rarely go down without a fight.

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Silver Bullet 10's picture

I feel sick. I can't watch ESPN or anything sports right now. I'm so ticked. Wisconsin snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Come on! It's the new Playoff Era.  OSU just needs to take care of business.  We don't need no stinking Badgers!!!  

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Well said - Just control what we can 

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Thank you. I just can't count on anyone but the Buckeyes anymore.

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VT  -  for the next 7 days is all that matters.

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right with you. If MSU wins, great, that has no impact on whether OSU beats VT or not. Bring on the hokies. 

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Amen. Got a quality opponent coming into town. Just take care of business and keep on rolling.

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I hate the piss n purple. They prove everything we suspect about winning without integrity-it's as easy as a team vote.

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The B1G needs to schedule more games, and win, against the SEC. And start wining against them in the bowl games. The SEC teams are not really any better than the B1G teams, on average, but that is the perception. The best way to change the perception into reality is to beat them. E + R = O.

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